Billionaire In Love

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Confident, persistent, and charming Axel martin was something Alex never wanted. but after a date, Alex's daughter thinks Axel is her father. Join the journey of, love and loss as the truth unravels.

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“Bye Maddie,” I say to my assistant . After a long day at work, I drive to pick up my daughter Zara from my best friend’s home. After 5 minutes. I reach Alissa’s house and ring the doorbell. Soon Alissa opens the door with Zara. “Hey mommy,” Zara says, hugging me. I pick her up and place a kiss on her cheek.

“thank you for looking after her “I thank Alissa.

" What is the best friend for, “she says “and be ready on Sunday evening, I have set a blind date for you,” she says

" Really, stop it,” I say, annoyed “last time you set me on a blind date with the most annoying and the biggest jerk. ” I complain.

she gives me a guilty look and says “Sorry” catching her ears ” this is the last time I am going to date a blind date for you then no more dates “.

" Fine ” I groan

“Can you give me a ride to the airport?” she asks

" sure, Enzo is coming back for a week today “I say as she locks her door and we walk towards my car.

we all get in the car and Zara starts to tell me how she spends her day.

we reach my penthouse and I change into sweatpants and crop sweatshirt and slide on. I remove my makeup and just put on lip balm hoping not to bump into paparazzi.

" come on Alex hurry up ” Alissa calls me

" I will be out soon” I shout back. After some time I get out and lock the door. we drive towards the airport when aliya talks to me.

" so Enzo is coming right,” she asked dragging to O

“yes ” I pause” I was thinking maybe we can go out sometime, like before he went to California ”

“sure and Axel can babysit Zara,” she says excitedly

" you’re brother” I repeat confuse

" yeah he is coming for my birthday,” she says” and don’t worry he knows how to take care of a child ”

“ok,” I say I say dragging the K.

We reach the airport, Alissa already went in search of her brother. I and Zara are currently waiting for Enzo and his boyfriend Josh to arrive. After some minutes they walk out of the airport.

As soon as Zara saw Enzo she runs towards him. I walk toward Josh and hug him as he kisses my cheek. After that, I was towards Enzo and, hug him.

" Hey Lil sis, ” he says

" hug me back idiot, ” I say as he chuckles and hugs me back.

“Now let’s go I am tired “josh whine .we got in the car .” how are you guys, how is your new project going ?” I ask

" well stressing,” he says” how can you do it ?” he says making me confuse.

“you have a child and own an automotive company with 2 hotels in New York and 3 in LA, how can you. I don’t have a child if you don’t count Enzo ” he says; Enzo refuses.” I am not a child .” he says. And here they go arguing till we reach my penthouse.

“ok lovebirds,” I say as they both look at me” we are here “.


Thank you, for reading my story.

hope you like it

stay safe


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