Billionaire In Love

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" go get the door ” Enzo commands me

“no, you get it,” I say to him

" I am cooking for us,” he says as I put a spoon full of ice cream in my mouth.

“putting a frozen pizza on the microwave doesn’t mean cooking,” I say

" Hun, I think you bruised his ego,” Josh says as he enters the room with Zara ” I will get the door,” he says as he walks toward the door.

" thank you,” I say as I stuff my mouth with marshmallows.

“Alex ” josh calls me; I get up and walk to the door.

“Alissa,” I say. She jumps on me, hugging me.

“you didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend; am I not your best friend,” she says

“nononononono” I stop her before going further” he is Enzo’s boyfriend ”

“OH, “she says hugging him” by the way, I am Alissa, Enzo’s sister from another mister ”

josh smiles awkwardly at me as I mimic his action as Enzo comes in “hey bitc” I slap him before he could finish his sentence

“what the fuc” I slap him again” my room now, “I command and walk toward my room.

After 15 minutes of scolding Enzo, .we walk to the living room to see Josh and Alissa laughing and eating my ice cream.

My fucking ice cream” how dare you” I snatch my ice cream from Alissa. she gives me a sad look and says” we were talking and this ice cream gave me a sad look so I shared with him “. I look at Josh as he gives me a puppy eye

“you have a date, remember?” Alissa says in excitement.” yeah, I do “I say awkwardly.


In reality, I didn’t remember shit. I had many more important things to remember than go on a blind date. I just want to spend time with my daughter, brother, and soon-to-be brother-in-law.

" your going on a date and didn’t tell us,” Josh says

“blind date ” I correct him

" what are we waiting for let’s go get ready,” Josh says pulling me.

" Wait ” I stop them with a mischievous grin on my face as Alissa and Enzo give me ‘please don’t look ’” Zara is also coming with me .”

“Zara, why “Enzo and Josh say at the same time. But before I could answer Alissa answers ” for Zara to know her future father ” she says in an obvious tone.

“what? when did we get into the father part?” I say as Joshua takes Zara to get ready as Alissa drags me to my room. So fun to be ignored.

I don’t know why but my sister has set me on a blind date and now I am going to pick the girl. I am sure she is from a rich family because I am standing in front of a penthouse. I take a deep breath and ring the doorbell.

“Hi” a guy opens the door “I am Enzo, come in,” he says before I could answer.

“thank you,” I say awkwardly “I am Axel”.

" I know, my boyfriend is your huge fan let me call him,” Enzo says, I smile” babe come here for a minute ” he calls.

“I am coming, “a guy says. After some time a man comes with a small girl .he sets her down and say “here is you’re date but before that can I take a picture with you “.I smile and say “sure”. We take some pictures.

“what’s your name baby girl,” I ask her.

" Zara ” she answers .she had a big blue eye and long blond hair and wore a pink dress if she is my date, then I don’t regret my decision.

“is he here yet ” I hear Alissa’s voice. She was also talking to someone.

“Ali, I really don’t want to go on a date ” another voice speaks, that was the most angelic voice “I have a meeting tomorrow “.

Then they appear. Alissa introduces us. I must say Alex was the most gorgeous girl she wasn’t tall neither short, she has blue eyes like Zara but black hair.

“now go get out,” Alissa says as she pushes three of us out of the door ” bye, has a great night,” she says as we walk into an elevator with Zara between us holding our hand.


Thank you, for reading my story.

hope you like it

stay safe


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