Billionaire In Love

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let me drive, “Alex says as we walk towards my car

“Are you sure? “I ask

“Yeah, haven’t driven a sports car in ages,” she says, staring at the car in awe.

“Zara,” she says” get in “. I give her the key and get in; I give direction to the place as we drive to the hotel .after 15 minutes or so. we reach the restaurant, she parks the car and gets out of the car.

She looks at the exterior as a smirk forms on her face. We walk in with Zara by my side .few employees in the hotel greet Alex. Their actions made me curious. We take a seat at a table.

A waitress comes in with the menu “hello miss Miller” she greets

Alex nods and looks at the menu choices for her and Zara

“I will have Lemon, Asparagus, & Chicken Pasta, and chicken alfredo,” she says looking toward me.

“I will also have Lemon, Asparagus, & Chicken Pasta,” I say returning the menu back, She smiles and leaves.

" so where is Zara’s father ” ask trying to start a conversation.

“I don’t know,” she says as I give her a confused look “she is adopted ”

" When did you adopted her? “I ask

" few weeks before I finished college” she pauses “she was about 11 months “.

“if you don’t mind me asking “I pause “what do you do ?”

she looks at me surprised “oh I ” she first hesitates, she then takes a deep breath, ” I own a company and few hotels”

I am really impressed by her now ” where are you’re hotels ?”

" look I really don’t want to sound rude but are we in an interview” she looks at me and smiles “let’s just say in own 25 percent of this restaurant “.

Again how rich is she? Soon our dinner arrives. We eat then I talk with Zara .she talks about her school friend and her best friend and her favorite Disney princess. After an hour of getting to know each other; we finally leave the place. Zara was already asleep, So I helped Alex carry her. We reach the parking lot and get in the car. I lay Zara in the back seat.

Alex takes a deep breath and says “I hope no paparazzi saw us; I can’t deal with dramas ”

“me too ”

I dropped her off at her apartment and helped her take Zara to her room, now I am currently driving back home. After meeting Alex, I was curious to know more about her, so I did what every human being does .search on google.

" Baby, wake up, ” I say to Zara shaking her slightly” good morning ”

" good morning mommy,” she says, rubbing her eye . “where is daddy? that word took me by surprise ” what ”

" we went to dinner with him yesterday” Axel, now how do I respond to her.

" he is at work but you will meet him tonight ok,” I say, placing a kiss on her forehead ” now let’s get ready ”

" good morning,” I say to Enzo and Josh.

“good morning,” they both say at the same time” how was your date? ”

“It was ok, but now Zara thinks Axel is her ‘daddy’,” I say taking a bit out of my apple. They both, grin like a Cheshire cat, making me groan in annoyance.

" Zara” let’s go, baby,” I say grabbing my purse. I carry her and walk out of the door. Today I will be taking her to my office and to visit the orphanage.

After 30 minutes we reach my office .” good morning, miss Miller” my assistant greets us” meeting is about to start. ” she informs, as we enter the meeting room only to see Axel; but before I could even blink Zara ran toward Axel saying” daddy”, Axel picked her up and placed her in his lap kissing her cheek. While another look at me and me in confusion.

" shall we begin?” I ask sitting on my usual spot

" Sure miss Miller” one of my business partners answers.

After an hour and a half of discussion .my company had to make a custom car for Axel. He wants the exterior to be like a sports car but wants new things instilled in the interior. I am now in my office with Zara when I heard a knock on my door.

“come in”

" blackbird ” Axel comes in and falls down on one of my sofas.

" First, never call me that, ” I say looking toward him,” and who told you you can sit ?”

" would you like to have lunch with me?” he asked ignoring my previous question. I nod as I get off my chair grabbing my coat and my key.


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