Billionaire In Love

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" Do you have any plans tonight ?” Axel asks me

“I don’t have any, Josh and Enzo are taking Zara shopping after were back from the orphanage “. he nods and say “I have a match tonight and Alissa has works to do, so would you come,” he asked

I never liked to watch boxing but this time I don’t know what came to me I said” of course, where to “, he smiles ” to Church Street Boxing Gym at 7 pm ”

" oh ok,” I reply, taking a bit off my red velvet cake, confused about what happened just now.

After boxing match

I won the match. I have never won someone so easily. I search the crowd for Alex but couldn’t see her, maybe she didn’t come; Maybe she said yes because she didn’t want to sound rude, but as I was scanning through the crowd, I saw her. I immediately got off the ring and went towards her, not caring about the paparazzi around.

" Alex”

she turns around and says,” congrats ” side hugging me.

" thank you,” I say not to try to hide the fact I am happy ” do you wanna get out,” I ask.

" sure ”

" wait for a bit; I will change and come .”

" ok, but I think you should shower,” she says as I act as I’ve never heard that ” you know, it’s fun being ignored,” she shouts as I enter the locker room.

" where do you wanna go ?”

" stop at the convenient store .” she instructs; We reach the store and get out of the car “let’s buy some chips, chocolate, and ice cream,” she says.

" ok”

we got everything, had a little argument about who is going to pay, I paid obviously. we drive to her home.

" let’s watch a movie .” I suggest plopping on her couch like it’s mine

" sure,” she says, tossing a lays bag toward me as I catch the bag. ” nice catch .”

" So what’s the answer. ”

" what answer,” she says, facing me

“let’s watch a movie.”

" can I choose? ” she asked excitedly.

I chuckle lightly “sure” she is so cute and precious.

“I chose ′ a dog’s purpose’ ”

" ok, I have never seen the movie,” I say as Alex gasps dramatically, making me laugh.

( halfway through the movie )

Alex starts crying putting a spoon full of Nutella in her mouth.” why are you crying ?” I ask passing her a box of tissue. She snuggles closer to me and grabs the tissue. So cute.



" died”


" How can you not cry? ”


" you’re a cold-hearted person,” she says again stuffing her mouth with a spoon full of Nutella.

HEY, lovely souls

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