Billionaire In Love

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" where are you guys,” I say to Enzo through the phone,” and where is my daughter”?

“I proposed josh. ”

“I said where is Zara?”

" chill, sis my car is punctured, so we are at a hotel; Zara is sleeping “I let out a breath of relief knowing she is safe ” ok, bye take care. ” I hang up.

“I made pasta ” Axel comes in setting the plate down

" you cook,” I say surprised.

“yeah,” he says ” by the way do you have wine ”

" third cabinet top self ”

" why there?” he asks taking out the wine while I take out the wine glass,

" for safety purposes. ”

" so your father trains you? ”

" yeah, he was to train only me, but he now trains all my team members.”

" Tell me about you?”

“I don’t have anything to tell you,” she says nervously

" Tell me about your hobbies ?”

" iI” she shuddered, “I like to paint and bake .”

" you paint “I ask amazed.

She stands and says, ” follow me. ” I follow her it a door that was behind a self . ” wow,” I say in amazement as she chuckles and opens the door; I let out a loud ” fan fucking tastic .”

It was a cream color room with a lot of canvas and a huge window. I walk to a small desk and pick up a canvas. It was a beautiful painting.

" do you like it,” she asked, coming from behind

" of course, it’s beautiful. ”

Blushing, she brushes her hair behind the ear.

“I should go now,” I say, walking out the door while she puts the self back in place.

" no, don’t .” she immediately speaks ” I mean, ” she again blushes, “I don’t have anyone here today, and I don’t want to stay alone. ”

" ok,” I say casually,” can I something comfortable ?”

" Yeah, in my room,”

she says, pointing to the end of the hall. We enter the room; I sit in her bed as she walks toward her closet . after some time, she comes out with male clothing.

" Why do you have male clothing with you ?” I ask

“it’s comfortable,” but I am not sure if it will fit you,” she says, handing over the clothing.

“I am sure it will fit me,” I say, taking it and standing “where do I sleep ?”

" on the floor .”

" what,” I turn toward her .she starts to laugh, cause me to smile.” your reaction was priceless,” she says, trying to calm herself down.

" where do I sleep ?” I again ask

“I have spare room ints the room next door.“; I nod and walk out of the room ” good night, blackbird .”

" good night ”


I squint my eve as the bright sunlight hits my face. I get out the bed and go to the bathroom to see a note there.

Good morning, Martinez

Hope you slept well and don’t mind me sneaking into your room. I have left a pack of toothbrushes and paste on the first drawer and some cloth on the second one. I have an important job to do, so will you pick up Zara from her school .text me your answer.



( at 2 pm)

" Hello ” I greet the teacher

" Hello,” she says little confuse ” how can I help you, Mr. Martinez ?”

“I am here to pick up Zara .”

" isn’t miss miller supposed to come ?”

" she is a little busy; Now, where is Zara?” as soon as I as that, Zara comes out running and hugging me.

" daddy”

I squat down to her level and hug her ” how was your day baby girl .l”

" It was great, but where is mommy ?”

" we will go to her office now, “I say, picking her nose and standing.


" hey blackbird,” I say, opening her office door . she is not here

" Hey Maddie,” I ask her PA ” have you seen Alex?”

" miss miller left an hour ago . she left.

" so here is the result. ” my doctor Azul says as she puts my result on a small table in front.

“Alex,” she says, disappointed and with a hint of sadness .” think about Zara and Enzo’s getting married, you have a lot of life ahead of you .”

a tear fall from my eye,

“I am saying this as a friend, not as your doctor, but you should tell someone about this, you only have a 75 percent chance of survival, give me a call and tell me your answer .”

Should I tell them or not, is the only thing on my mind? I take out my phone and text Axel to meet me at the beach.

After half an hour Axel came.

" hi,” I say, nervous since he is the first human being I am sharing this with.

" hi,” he says sitting, ” why did you call me? ”

“I need to talk to you I say as tears start to roll down my cheeks. He looks at me like, he feels my pain and hugs me.

" i-” I star,t “I wasn’t at the office because I was at the doctor’s. ”

" doctors?”

" yeah, I am at the last stage of heart failure .”

" what?”

" let me tell you my story” I sigh

" I was born in Chicago my father was an army and my mother was a baker . my mother was pregnant with a boy when she died .after she died my father left the army sold the shop and we moved to Texas when I was 5. I met Enzo there we immediately clicked and were inseparable .one evening my father was returning formwork met with a car accident and he died” I say wiping away my tear” soon I got adopted by a gambler he used to beat me and punish me, only Enzo knew about it, he made a plan, he was 10, I was 8 .we ran away and moved came to new york, after few areas I was 20 I starting feeling hard to breathe, I secretly went to a doctor and found I had heart failure it was genetic my mother had it

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