The Prince and His Prisoner

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TP&HP 2: His Curiosity

Shawn was shoved into a room where seven women were ready to see him. He was stripped naked of the rags he had on his body and thrown wet with water.

They scrubbed him down removing all the dirt collected over the years, making sure that even his ears and asshole was clean of the dirt while the room danced with steam.

They drenched him in bathing oils and dunked him into a bubble bath with herbs and all sorts of fragrances that made the smell of dirt on him disappear but did not clash with each other.

The grime was scrubbed out of his hair and the hair on his body was shaved off from his legs, armpits, face and pubic area by request of the prince. This bareness alone made Shawn feel refreshed but embarrassed at the same time.

Shawn was given another bath that he soaked in and his feet were rubbed with salt to clean all the possible diseases off as well as his body, the women made sure to scrub the dead skin off his heels too.

His untamed hair was cut to shoulder length and his mouth was cleaned with a brush and mint paste.

After his second bath, they gave him towels to wipe himself off with and gave him regular clothes to wear.

Shawn sat on the bed dressing as he wondered what this was all about? Especially since all of this happened right after he was visited by that young man who the magistrate referred to as the prince. The prince of what? This kingdom?

Dinner was prepared and he was given the best to eat. Things he had never eaten or seen before was on his plate and for some reason, he was not sure if he should eat it but he did in the end due to his hunger.

He rested in the finest bed that was the most uncomfortable for him but he slept peacefully that night and did not even dream.

The next morning he was woken up early and given a bath yet again, it was gentle this time, unlike yesterday where he felt as though he was going to die from his skin being ripped off.

He received breakfast then brushed his teeth.

Shawn had muscles from working out every other day when he was freed from the cells so he was not skinny. The clothes they gave him this time were made of the finest cloth and the boots were made of the finest leather.

He was told by the innkeeper that he had to meet with someone and a carriage was waiting for him outside.

When he walked out of the inn, he saw that there was a woman directing the coach and she wore the finest livery. She raised her hat and nodded her head as she saw him confusing Shawn but he returned the greeting.

He got in after thanking the innkeeper and attendant and sat there silently while he was taken somewhere far from the place he lived in for the past ten years.

The carriage stopped after a short drive but the door did not open. A moment later, a familiar voice entered his ears that was very sweet to the ear, but was not speaking to him as the owner asked, “Is he in there?”

“Yes, my lord,” Joan coachman answered respectfully.

The door of the carriage opened and in climbed the young man from yesterday. He sat down opposite Shawn and gave him a once over and said with a smile, “I see you are out.”

“Thanks to you… my lord,” Shawn said stiffly.

Aldridge chuckled and said as he knocked on the wooden frame of the carriage and it rode off, “Please, do not call me that, I am tired of being respected. Please call me Aldridge or if you would like, you can call me whatever you wish.”

“Why did you get me released… Aldridge?” Shawn asked, he was very curious to know this although it did not show on his face.

Aldridge looked at him as though he could read what he was thinking. After a moment he answered, “No reason in particular but I do have my own selfish reasons for releasing you.”

The carriage ride was silent after their brief talk.

Aldridge looked out the window at the passing view behind the curtain until the carriage came to a stop. During their ride, Shawn stared holes into Aldridge’s figure trying to figure out why this young man was kind to him and why he released him, what were his selfish reasons?

He was imprisoned and forgotten for so many years and now, he was released?

The carriage came to a stop and they got out.

Shawn followed Aldridge into a tailor. They were shown to the private room and Shawn’s body was measured.

Aldridge ordered the tailor to make a set of seven outfits with shoes to match and for it to be sent to his private home. He paid the tailor half telling him that he would receive the rest of the money when they deliver the clothes.

When they got back into the carriage, Aldridge turned to Shawn who was already looking at him and said, “Tomorrow, we will be heading to my private home where you will stay with me. The ride there will be long so mentally prepare yourself for the journey.”

Shawn nodded his head and remained silent. They stopped at a restaurant to have brunch.

Brunch was delicious and filling. They went shopping afterwards and returned to the Garden inn where Aldridge was staying for his visit.

Shawn put all the boxes down and looked around the room. He found that the room had only one bed.

Aldridge walked over to him and said, “You will be sleeping on the bed.”

Soon a knock was heard coming from the door.

Aldridge yelled for them to come in and a bath was brought in along with the bathwater. It was placed on the side of the room and after the men and women left, he undressed in front of Shawn and got into the bath.

“Come tie my hair up,” he ordered Shawn.

Shawn hesitantly walked over to the dresser and grabbed the purple ribbon that was laying on it. He walked over to the bathtub and tied up Aldridge’s hair in a loose bun. He was thanked by Aldridge and walked away.

Shawn sat down by the window and looked out at the beautiful scenery before his eyes, the last time he saw a vast plane land of greenery like this was years ago.

His body was buzzing slightly after seeing Aldridge naked and this helped him get distracted.

He knew Aldridge was a man but he did not see him from the front, he saw him from behind and Aldridge had a curvy figure with a round butt, nice thick thighs and that neck of his looked delicious enough to bite and mark with his teeth.

It has been years since he had seen someone naked and it never crossed his mind once in his ten years of being imprisoned and now, the first one he saw naked was a petite and curvy man that sparked something he once desired long ago.

Aldridge started humming and his tune entered Shawn’s ears pulling him from his thoughts.

He turned to look at Aldridge and saw that he had not moved an inch from when he had left him.

He was facing the other way and he could not see his face but his legs were up in the air dancing to the tune he hummed.

He saw Aldridge suddenly move and it led him to quickly look away. Aldridge washed and got out of the bathtub.

Aldridge dried himself with the towel and walked towards the bed. He threw himself down while saying, “Get rid of the water and get them to fill it up so you can take a bath.”

“Okay,” Shawn said simply and got up.

He called the downstairs servants and they quickly emptied the bath and brought up water for him.

Shawn looked over at Aldridge and saw that he was lying face down on the bed. He turned around and started taking off his clothes not knowing that Aldridge was watching his each and every move.

He stripped out of the last of his clothes and climbed into the warm bath.

He did not want to be in the water for too long and started washing. Aldridge slid his hand up his side and pulled the ribbon off his hair. Climbing off the bed, he threw the towel one side and put on a silk robe.

He returned to the place where he dropped the towel and picked it up. He walked over to the bath and sat the towel on a stool for Shawn who stared at him as he walked past. The silk robe was slightly translucent and Aldridge was shameless dressing like that.

Shawn got out completely surprising Aldridge. He took the towel and dried himself off then took the robe Aldridge held towards him and draped it over his shoulders. Closing it, he saw that Aldridge had turned a shade of pink and was looking away while swaying on his feet.

The water was taken away and the room was silent. They had tartlets and tea while they waited for supper.

After supper, the lights were blown out and Shawn got into bed.

After he closed his eyes and tried to sleep, he felt Aldridge climb into bed.

He wanted to ask why Aldridge was climbing into bed but then he remembered that there was only one bed in this room.

Aldridge caressed Shawn’s legs with his making the other grow goosebumps.

Shawn held himself in not saying a word as he felt Aldridge’s touch. Aldridge was fully aware that he was making the other uncomfortable, but why else was he here?

Aldridge’s hands gilded all over Shawn’s body caressing it. His hand reached Shawn’s neck and stopped.

Aldridge cuddled closer to him and rested his face against Shawn’s shoulder blade and mumbled, “Good night.”

“Good night,” Shawn mumbled as he felt Aldridge’s eyelashes brush against his back.

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