The Prince and His Prisoner

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TP&HP 3: His Status

When morning came, Shawn opened his eyes and found the space on the bed beside him empty and cold. Sitting up, he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and heard a humming tune and looked around.

He found Aldridge sitting on a chair by the window drinking tea.

Getting up and stretching his body he heard, “You are up? Did you sleep well?”

Shawn walked over to Aldridge, “Good morning, Aldridge, yes I did. Did you sleep well?”

Aldridge looked up at him and shook his head, “I am a little stiff, mind rubbing my shoulders for me?”

Shawn walked over to him and placed his hands on Aldridge’s shoulders, pressing gently, he started massaging Aldridge’s tensed shoulders but surprisingly the skin under his hands was soft, almost as that of a woman but when last did he touch the skin of a woman?

Pleasurable moans echoed out of Aldridge’s mouth showing his enjoyment but this did not sit too well with Shawn because Aldridge’s voice alone was something out of the ordinary to him.

“Ah!” Aldridge exclaimed and Shawn saw something fly into the air and land on the table.

Shawn looked at it closely then his eyes widened in surprise, just as he realized what it was, Aldridge’s hand reached up to touch him and pulled him down.

Leaning over him, he watched as Aldridge placed his hand on his erect member, saying beside his ear, “Look what you did, you better take responsibility for your actions.”

Shawn stared into Aldridge’s eyes in disbelief. Just as he was about to question Aldridge, a knock came from the door, followed by a voice, “My lord, breakfast is here.”

Aldridge sighed disappointed and fixed his robe, standing up, he looked behind Shawn at the wall embarrassed, he was so in the moment of pleasure that he forgot that he ordered breakfast to be served and said, “Open the door for them so that they can bring the food in.”

He looked at Shawn briefly then turned around while pushing his hair behind his right ear then all the way over his left shoulder and combed his fingers through his semi-curled locks as he said, “You can freshen up before we eat.”

“Okay…” Shawn trailed as he stared at the tint covering Aldridge’s ears. Shawn pressed his lips together and walked over to the door, after opening it, he went to a bathing room and used it then returned to their room where he found Aldridge sipping on a glass of orange juice.

When Shawn walked in Aldridge turned to look at him and smiled. Shawn nodded briefly then sat down opposite him.

They were served water, orange juice, bowls of fruit, bacon, cheese, eggs, milk, oatmeal, bread and potatoes with in-seasoned vegetables.

Shawn waited for Aldridge to start eating before he did and although they were quiet, Shawn suddenly choked on his food.

“Are you okay?” Aldridge asked.

Shawn looked down between his legs and saw that it was not his imagination. Aldridge’s right foot was on his crotch massaging it. Placing his hand on Aldridge’s foot, he looked over at him and saw that he had no other expression on his face other than that with which he asked him the question.

“What are you doing my lord?” Shawn asked confused and winced when he felt Aldridge place his foot harder against his crotch and massage it eliciting a reaction.

Aldridge continued eating the eggs and bacon as he answered listlessly, “We will be leaving in an hour, so eat up, the journey is long and tedious but we will arrive at night.”

Aldridge’s foot continued to massage his organ and before he knew it, he bent over while gritting his teeth, he could feel that he soiled his pants and Aldridge’s foot left his organ.

“Do not forget to clean yourself up,” Aldridge reminded him.

Shawn looked over at Aldridge but did not say anything. As he continued eating he thought, ‘I was just released and the magistrate said that I would be serving him, was he talking about Aldridge’s personal needs? Before breakfast, I just gave him a massage and he ejaculated, did he like it that much?’


After breakfast, things went silent between the two. The silence made Shawn feel very uncomfortable but this silence was a norm in Aldridge’s life.

The two of them got into the carriage that rode for seven hours to the outskirts where Aldridge’s private home was.

On their ride, Aldridge had his nose in a book while Shawn sat opposite him playing with his fingers as he tried his best to not tense up. And after an hour, Aldridge chucked the book on to the floor of the carriage at Shawn’s feet complaining, “That was a waste of my time.”

Shawn stared at the prince for a moment as he thought, ‘What were you going to do if not read the book?’

As if Aldridge read his mind, he looked at Shawn and yawned, “Are you not tired? We have been seated for about an hour already.”

Shawn shook his head as he avoided Aldridge’s gaze, “No, I am familiar with being seated for long periods of time.”

Pressing his lips together, Aldridge thought of something then got up and squeezed himself into the space between Shawn and the carriage. Shawn moved slightly up so that the prince was comfortable but then his body started shivering when Aldridge rubbed his hand over his crotch.

Shawn’s right hand clenched into a fist as he bit down onto his molars and asked through gritted teeth, “What are you doing, my lord?”

Aldridge raised his hand that was fondling Shawn and cupped Shawn’s right cheek. Forcing Shawn to look at him, Aldridge stared into Shawn’s eyes and for that split second when their eyes connected, Shawn could tell that this person was not someone who he could defy.

“I was feeling how gifted you are in this area. I have prepared a gift for you that will make you feel very happy tomorrow so look forward to it,” Aldridge said then rested his head on Shawn’s shoulder while he hugged his arm and closed his eyes.

While Aldridge was asleep, his warm breath, released between his parted lips continuously brushed against Shawn’s neck making him feel very uncomfortable but eventually he too fell asleep due to the boredom that overtook him, especially because he was not ready to accept that he was freed from the dungeon.

When they finally arrived at his private home, Aldridge was exhausted just from sleeping and Shawn felt the same.

They were shown to their chambers and deep within the night, Aldridge woke up, left his room and crawled into Shawn’s bed who did not feel or hear him at all.

When morning arrived, Shawn woke up to the sound of a bird chirping on a tree beside the window. He opened his eyes and looked up at the beautiful redwood canopy above the bed.

It took him merely a few seconds to register where he was. Shawn made to turn over but he could not because something was blocking his way. Turning his head, Shawn saw that it was a lock of hair that he was not familiar with.

He turned his body around and froze when he saw that it was Aldridge, ‘Why is he here?’ Shawn asked himself. He bit onto his bottom lip and slowly lifted the sheets to make an escape. As he was fully off the bed, he got dressed and made his way out of the room.

When he walked past the servants through the halls he made sure to memorize yesterday; they bowed to him and quickly ran away avoiding him. Shawn was perplexed; he did not know any of them and trying to ask a simple question was hard because they were avoiding him.

As he was about to reach the front door, he passed the gathering room. The Majordomo was busy dusting and saw him passing by and called to him, “Good morning Lord Seghatchian.”

Shawn paused in his steps and turned to look at her; the Majordomo was your average, middle-aged woman who was prim and proper and looked like she knew what she was doing and who also dressed accordingly, with her waist held firmly by a corset.

“Lord?” Shawn repeated.

The Majordomo curtsied, then looked at him, “Yes, you have been appointed the title of Lord and Master by Prince Aldridge and you will be serving as his personal guard for the rest of your life.”

“Me? Why?” Shawn asked utterly dumbfounded.

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