The Prince and His Prisoner

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TP&HP 4: His Duties

“I suggest you ask Prince Aldridge. You may call me Freya, preferably Mrs Wright and I am the Majordomo of the seventh prince, Prince Aldridge’s estate. Our Prince has prepared a gift for you that will arrive shortly, a bath is being prepared for you and your clothes are already in your wardrobe, you are free to choose what to wear - casual wear is best. Dinner will be served once Prince Aldridge is up, in the meantime I will have the attendants serve you tea in the garden,” Mrs Wright stated.

“No need, I am up already Freya,” Aldridge said as he walked into view while he flipped his hair over his head making it settle out of his face.

Shawn turned to look at him then quickly looked away and closed his eyes.

Mrs Wright smiled when she saw Aldridge but berated him, “My Lord, are you really going to make me repeat myself?”

Aldridge rolled his eyes and closed his robe that was open. He folded his arms over his chest and went to sit on one of the couches crafted by the Persian craftsmen and crossed his left leg over his right.

Mrs Wright shook her head amused and said, “Now you know that walking around the estate naked can get you ill and you make many of the attendants uncomfortable.”

Aldridge sighed and rested his hand on his closed fist as he said, “This is my estate and the attendants were all hired by me, they knew what they were getting themselves into so why are they still uncomfortable? Should I fire you all then?”

“That is not what I meant,” Mrs Wright said and looked at Shawn with a smile.

Aldridge understood her meaning and looked at him too. Sucking in a deep breath he said, “Please prepare our baths separately and have breakfast served after, if his gift arrives before we are done, have it wait in the guest room.”

“Yes, my Lord,” she curtsied and left.

“Please have a seat,” Aldridge said to Shawn who was looking at the painting on the wall.

Shawn turned to look at him to make sure he was the one being spoken too then went to sit on the couch furthest away from Aldridge.

Seeing Shawn’s actions made Aldridge sigh, he glared at Shawn and said, “Next to me, I will have to scream if you are seated so far away.”

Shawn grit his teeth and did as he was told; he sat down beside Aldridge with his guard up and rubbed his hands over his thighs and knees.

Aldridge could tell that Shawn was uncomfortable and did not care in the least. He took Shawn’s left hand in his and pulled it over and placed it on his thigh. Shawn’s breathing hitched as Aldridge guided his hand to his inner thigh between his uncrossed legs and rubbed it up and down against the tender skin.

Shawn’s rough hands made Aldridge grow in size along with his arousal but it did not last long as Shawn pulled his hand away and frowned at him. Aldridge returned his frown with a displeased look then closed his legs with his robe and crossed them again.

Aldridge ran his hand through his red locks and said, “I do not think I should explain why you are here because you should have figured that out already but if you are as dullard as you look then I shall; you were released from prison under my command so that I can do with you as I please. I do not care if you do not fancy men and prefer women. You are to be my personal guard, be ready to kill anyone and if I command it, you will die when I say so. Besides all those gruesome ideals, your prime objective here is to please me and fulfil my every sexual desire.”

Aldridge looked at his nails as he continued, “If I desire sexual congress at dawn, publically, during our travels, in front of my father and quick sessions, you will and do not think that I will not punish you -- remember I freed you and I can easily kill you which I do not want to do.”

Aldridge turned to look at Shawn and saw that his face was distorted. He sat up straight and said staring straight into Shawn’s eyes, “Be aware that when I say, you need to hurry - you need to hurry. When I say you should send me into a world of bliss - that is what I expect of you. Now, I do not expect you to be ready right away and that is why I arranged for separate chambers for us but, if you find me sleeping in your bed, do not get up before me.”

Mrs Wright walked in and cleared her throat, “Your bath is ready my Lord and Lord Seghatchian’s bath will be ready shortly.”

Aldridge turned to look at her and nodded, “Leave us.”

Mrs Wright curtsied and walked away returning to her duties.

Aldridge turned his attention to Shawn and said less domineering, “I do not wish to return you to the place I freed you from but I too do not wish for someone to serve me that will be disloyal. I searched many cities until I found you for the past three months. I hope you do not disappoint me, Shawn.”

Aldridge sighed and got up, he walked a few steps then stopped and turned to look at Shawn. Shawn looked like he was fighting with himself while he looked at the Persian carpet.

Aldridge opened his mouth and said, “Remember this, it will not be promiscuity or immoral acts but sharing oneself with another for companionship and to share desires that one would not with others - I may be the one forcing you into this relationship but it is you who decides your happiness and future. I will give you a sennight to think about my demands. I am willing to teach you to pleasure me but only if you are willing to learn from me. Also, your guard duty starts tomorrow, I will not be seeing you today nor will we have breakfast, lunch and dinner together.”

Aldridge turned away and started walking again when he reached the doorway Shawn asked, “Why will you not be having breakfast, lunch and dinner with me?”

Aldridge stopped and turned to look at him as he answered, “I will be dining in my study as I have work to do and I will be giving you space since... I particularly do not like the gift you will be receiving.”

“The gift?” Shawn thought. He wanted to ask Aldridge what it was but Aldridge already left.

Shawn rubbed a frustrated hand over his face and got up. He made his way back to his chamber and to the bathing room ensuite to his chamber. Two female attendants were in there, one had blond locks and the other had red locks. When they saw him they curtsied and smiled at him.

“Do you need us to help scrub your Lord Seghatchian?” The red-haired attendant asked.

Shawn shook his head, it felt inappropriate to have women touch him, especially after the Prince made such demands.

The attendants curtsied and excused themselves. Shawn looked at the closed door after they left and thought of something, he quickly rushed to the door and opened it, “Wait!” He called them.

The attendants stopped and looked at him curiously, “Do you know what gift Prince Aldridge has prepared for me?” He asked them.

The attendants glanced at each other then looked back at him, the blond-haired attendant answered, “Forgive us Lord Seghatchian, the Prince has ordered us not to inform you about your gift until it arrives.”

“Oh…” Shawn said then closed the door.

He walked up to the bath and stripped out of his clothes, he climbed into the bathtub and rested against it. He looked at his legs that were bent at the knees and sticking out of the warm water.

His head lulled in a one hundred and eighty-degree angle then dropped into the water. He opened his eyes and looked at his body from his hair-less chest to his manhood between his thighs.

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