The Prince and His Prisoner

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TP&HP 5: His Surprise

When the air in his lungs emptied out, he brought his drenched head out of the water then ran his hand up his face and over his head. A deep sigh escaped as he recalled Aldridge’s words, ‘It is you who decides your happiness and future.’

‘On one hand, I have to sleep with a man and do his bidding to stay out of that hell hole and if I do not, there is an unknown punishment and prison, maybe. I have never indulged in a man nor can I remember how copulation felt with that woman from the bar from before,’ he thought.

Shawn’s mind revolved around Aldridge’s words without cessation while he scrubbed his body.

A knock on the door removed Shawn from his thoughts that were followed by words, “Lord Seghatchian, breakfast has been served.”

“Alright, I will be out shortly,” Shawn answered and climbed out of the bathtub. He took the towel with his hands and saw that his fingers were wrinkled.

He quickly got ready and cleaned his mouth out too. He took Mrs Wright’s advice and dressed in casual wear then made his way through the estate to the dining room but was stopped in the hallways by Aldridge who was walking towards him.

Shawn stepped to the side to let Aldridge pass but instead of passing Aldridge stopped in front of him. He turned to look at him and Shawn looked at Aldridge’s forehead instead of looking into his eyes.

On the other hand, Aldridge was staring at Shawn’s lips and licked his own; his eyes trailed up to Shawn’s eyes followed by his hand reaching up and caressing Shawn’s right cheek. He ran his thumb across Shawn’s bottom lip which Shawn followed by licking his lips accidentally touching Aldridge’s thumb that had a sweet taste to it.

Aldridge smiled and said, “Your lips are parched.”

Shawn frowned and looked down into Aldridge’s eyes then quickly looked away as he answered, “I know.”

“I will prepare a rub that will fix the cracks in your lips,” Aldridge stated as he continued rubbing his thumb across Shawn’s lips.

“Thank you, my Lord,” Shawn answered him respectfully as he tried to hide the awkwardness and strange yet confusing feeling, he was developing inside.

Aldridge could not resist the temptation and licked his tongue across Shawn’s lips while he looked into his eyes.

Shawn clenched his hands at his sides resisting the urge to push Aldridge away while he felt electrifying shocks coming from their lips. Aldridge could feel that Shawn was tense so he moved his hand from Shawn’s cheek and covered Shawn’s eyes with it.

He then forced his tongue between Shawn’s lips catching him off guard and slipped it between his teeth.

Shawn’s body tensed harder in surprise and grabbed onto Aldridge’s waist to hold on to surprising Aldridge but Aldridge could feel that it was more of a grip that was warning him to let go but the Prince was stubborn.

He forced his way deeper into Shawn’s mouth and explored every inch of the minty tasting moist opening that was very well his, slobbering all over it.

He ransacked Shawn’s mouth until they both were out of air, panting and pulled back, removing his hand too that covered Shawn’s eyes.

Shawn had his eyes closed as Aldridge stepped back after forcing open his hands off of him. Previously he closed them because he did not want Aldridge’s fingers to get into his eyes but that was a mistake on his part that he should have been wary of.

After he closed his eyes, the sweet mellow undefined taste that occupied Aldridge’s mouth confused him, making him curious. With his eyes closed and the eagerness to figure out what the taste was, intensified this intimate moment that made him recall what it felt like to kiss another human.

Shawn felt a cloth pat against his mouth and slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was Aldridge’s lips and had this tiny desire that wanted those lips against his once again.

He raised his left hand and cupped Aldridge’s face.

Aldridge who was wiping the saliva off of Shawn’s mouth was taken aback. He looked at Shawn and saw that his eyes were droopy and focused on something.

Aldridge took a step back and was followed by Shawn and led him across the hallway to the other end of the wall. Aldridge’s back pressed against the wall and Shawn’s lips came crashing down on him eager to find that flavour again.

This time, Shawn led the kiss and devoured Aldridge’s mouth and did not stop even when the prince whimpered for release from the assault but once Shawn was out of breath he pulled away and looked at Aldridge who was panting as though he had just run a race and had tears in his eyes.

Shawn’s eyes widened when it all hit him. He quickly stepped back and looked away embarrassed and baffled that he did what he just did.

Aldridge scoffed and wiped his mouth while he caught his breath. He grabbed Shawn by his shirt grabbing his attention. When Shawn looked into Aldridge’s eyes he said, “Remember this from here on out, no one but me can kiss you. If you break this command I will punish you harshly.”

Shawn looked away conflicted, his mind was still foggy and here Aldridge was making impossible demands.

“Do you understand me?!” Aldridge asked again with a yell.

“Yes!” Shawn answered quickly, shocked that he was yelled at.

Aldridge blushed and grinned at him, he kissed Shawn on the nose and said, “Good, you can go have breakfast now handsome.”

Shawn watched Aldridge walk away and disappear around the corner then went to the dining area where he had a delicious breakfast.

Aldridge stepped into his office and closed the door behind him, he pulled his shirt up and held onto it between his teeth and screeched in joy. He spun around his office as happy as a girl who tasted a cake for the very first time in her life -- maybe there was hope for the prisoner after all.

Shawn sat at the dining table awkwardly as he ate his food with six servants lining the walls of the room. The dining table was set for two but only one occupied; Shawn was in an unfamiliar environment, given an ultimatum and expecting a gift that no one was willing to tell him about.

“Is the food not to your liking Lord Shawn?” Mrs Wright suddenly asked him.

Shawn snapped out of thoughts and looked at the Majordomo who stood not too far from him with her head lowered and eyes on the ground.

Shawn smiled with a light chuckle and said, “No, it is perfect.”

“But you are not eating?” Mrs Wright questioned.

Shawn looked down at the plate and poked his fork into a mushroom then ate it, he sighed deeply and said, “I don’t know what to think.”

“Why try not thinking, for now, Prince Aldridge has given you a sennight to think about his proposal,” Mrs Wright said.

Shawn looked over at her suspiciously and asked, “You know what he wants from me?”

“We are well aware of the prince’s needs,” Mrs Wright said with a slight smile on her face.

“It is not normal, he is a prince and yet chooses to do this?” Shawn questioned.

“You will have to speak to the prince to get your answer, my Lord,” Mrs Wright answered.

One of the servants walked in, curtsied to Shawn who just looked at her. She whispered into Mrs Wright’s ear.

Mrs Write nodded her head and watched the servant as she disappeared then looked at Shawn and said, “Prince Aldridge’s gift for you has arrived and is waiting in your chamber.”

Shawn took in a deep breath and started eating. Mrs Wright raised a brow as she looked at him and thought, ‘Prince Aldridge will have his hands full with this one.’


Shawn arrived at his chamber and pushed the doors open. His eyes widened in disbelief, before him was five naked women standing at the foot of his bed with their heads lowered.

“Wha, what’s happening here?” Shawn asked.

The servant on standby curtsied and said with a bow of her head, “Master Aldridge has bought these women from the brothel. None of them have been touched by another.”

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