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My Fighter

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Hunter thought he had everything. He had Addison, the fame, friends, and money. That is until one by one, everything is taken away. Leaving Hunter with no one to blame, but himself.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

"Panther! Panther! Panther!" the crowd chanted my name waiting for my appearance. I walked through the tunnel to the ring. The chanting got louder the closer I got. As I neared I climbed into the ring, then doing a slow jog around it. The crowd then erupted into chaos. As the cheers died down I walked to my corner of the ring, bouncing on my toes in anticipation. My opponent made his way towards the ring as I was doing so. The man was huge. There was nothing else to describe him, he was anything but small. He looked as if he were on steroids. I studied him as he climbed into the ring with the anouncer right behind him. The man made a slow circle around the ring, while the announcer made his way to the middle of the ring. When the giant was back in his corner the announcer spoke. "In the right corner is our favorite fighter. The man of the hour. The preditor of this jungle. Panther!" the crowd broke into cheers. "Now over here we have the Greek god of war himself. The one and only. Aries." the crowd booed at him with distain, making it easy to tell who the crowd favored. The announcer then left the ring and rang the bell, signaling that the fight had officially begun. We started to circle each other, each studying how the other moved. Aries had a stiff, powerful stride, while mine was more graceful and slinky. Aries was the first to strike, attempting a blow to my jugular. I quickly deflected it and aimed a hit for his exposed side. We danced around each other, each trying to block and land blows. Aries finally took up a defence, which left me to play offence. I landed hit after hit on him, slowly wearing him down. We fought for a good thirty minutes, before I flipped Aries on his back and had him yielding. I looked down at him seeing that his face was bruised and that he had a cut on his lip. I carefully got off of him, then helped him to his feet. When he was on his feet we shook hands and he congratulated me. The crowd erupted into applause, cheering both his name and mine. The announcer climbed into the ring as Aries climbed out. My arm was taken and held in the air. I was handed the money I had earned from the fight and was then guided out of the ring. As I passed the crowd people kept trying to grab ahold of me. I politely escaped the grasps of the crowd. Once I'm cleared of the people I quickly make my way to my changing room. Upon entering I change clothes as fast as possible. After I'm finished I leave to go to my private booth to watch the next fight. By the time I get to my booth the bets are finished. I sit down in my booth and wait for the fight to begin. The lights dim as the first fighter emerges through the same tunnel I went through. The girl was about basic height, but was thin. I watch as she strided to the ring. She then glances at me and winks. I felt a smile creep on to my face. My smile grew as I watched the other girl come through the tunnel, glaring between me and her opponent. If only the first girl had any idea of the fact that she had signed her death wish for looking at me the way she did. I watched as she made her way to her corner on the right side of the ring. "In the left corner, we have the queen high on her tower. The woman with the plan. Boss!" there were a few cheers in the crowd, which caused Boss to frown. "And in the right corner we have our reigning champion. The woman who can't be tamed. Who's also got deadly aim. Yours truly, Archer." I found myself out of my seat cheer her on. I could feel pride bubbling in my chest. I sat back down when I heard the bell for the match ring. As they circled each other Boss sneered insults at Archer. "He's not going to want you once I destroy you." she said glancing my way. "He'll come to his senses when he realises what a total, pathetic loser you are." her words fell on to deaf ears as it seemed that Archer was unaffected by her words. "I'll make him pay for ever dating you. I'll take everything from the both of you." I could feel myself getting angrier by the second. Anger flashed through Archer's eyes as she responded, "I'll make sure beating you will hurt. But don't worry, I promise to you a mark on your face as a parting gift." she gave the other girl a dangerous grin. After those words the fight quickly ended with Boss knocked out on the ground. The announcer handed Archer the money she had won and sent her on her way. Medics made their way over to Boss to remove her from the ring. I exited my booth and made my way over to Archer. "Hey, babe." I greeted her with a kiss on her cheek. "Are you okay? Does anything hurt?" she gave me a devious smile before she responded
"Babe. I'm fine. She only got to land one hit before I had her knocked out cold." she smiled at me. We were at eye level with each other. I intertwinded our hands together and guided us to her changing room. I closed the door behind us and went to the couch. She walked behind a divider to get changed as I sat down.
"Hey, uh, babe?" her voice floated from behind the divider, " Do you mind handing me a shirt to wear, please?" I smile and her shyness, before I took my shirt off and handed it to her. "Thanks." she said sarcastically taking the shirt from me. Even though we were the same height she was still smaller than me, therefore when she came out the shirt was a little big on her. I smiled at her, leaning back on the couch. She made her way over to me and curled up against me. I wrapped my arms tightly around her, bringing her closer to me. "So. What do you want to do, babe?" I asked her. She was quiet for a minute before she answered. "I honestly have no idea, what so ever." she then gradually let out a soft yawn.
"Okay babe." I said as I got up with her in my arms. "Let's get you home."
"Put me down." she frowned, " I'm too heavy for you to be carrying me around." her bottom lip was sticking out slightly, showing her displeasure. I laughed at her, before planting a kiss on her pouted lips.
"You're not heavy. And I'll carry you if I want to." her only response was her sticking her tongue at me. I laughed at her childishness, before carrying her out of the room. I made my way down the hall, grunting every so oftsn to annoy her.
"Hunter, you can put me down now."
"Aw. But babe, I like carrying you."
"Fine. Don't put me down, since it makes you happy." she sighed in defeat. We went through a set of double doors before making it to the back parking lot. I made my way over to my car, unlocking it when I was next to it. I opened the passenger door and carefully place her inside. I then made my way over to the driver's side and got in. After the car was started I linked our hands together. "Addison?"
"Yeah babe?"
"Is your dad home?" that question had been bugging me for a while.
"No. He's away on a business trip." she smiled at me knowingly. "Ooo. Someone's afraid of my dad." she mocked. I glanced over at.
"Babe, you know he doesn't want you dating. Especially, me. You know what he will do if he finds out we're dating." the grin was gone from face and was replaced with a grim look. "Oh, babe I didn't mean to upset you." I reached our linked hands up so I could carass her cheek.
"It's okay, babe." her smile returning to her face. The rest of the drive to her house was silent. I pulled into her drive-way and killed the engine. I quickly got out and raced over to her side to open the door for her. The look of annoyance is painted all over her face, when I pick her up bridal carrying her to the house. My grip on her tightens as she tries to slide from my arms.
"Hunter." she wined. "I have to unlock the doors and security." she looked down at me exspectantly. I grin back at as I steal her keys from her grasp, ignoring her protests. When I have the door unlocked I slide through and quickly type a code into the side pannel.
"Oh dear Lord. That was a close call." I breathed out an exaggerated sigh. She smacked me playfully in the arm. I lead us through the house to her bedroom. I sat down on her bed with Addison craddled in my lap. She resituated herself, so that she was facing me with her legs wrapped around my torso. She looked down at me patiently. I stared between her eyes and mouth, before I made my move. I grazed my lips against her and heard her intake of breath. "Hunter." she whined before grabbing the back of my head to keep me in for a full kiss. Her lips were soft again mine. The kiss started out sweet and timeless. Then I flipped her over and deepened the kiss. Each of out tongues fought for control, but in the end she gave up and let me take the lead. Her finger became intangled in my hair, while mine were snaked around her waist pulling her impossibly closer. A moan escaped my lips as she shifted her hips slightly. God only know what this girl could do to me. Our once soft kiss turn into a more dangerous and demanding on. I finally broke away to give her a chance to breath. I took this as an opportunity to pepper kisses all over her neck. Her nails bit into my back bringing with it a pleasurable pain. I kissed my way to where her neck and shoulder met and layed a kiss there. Gasps slipped through her lips as I did so. I grazed my teeth against her soft tissue as a moan escaped her lips. I left a love bite on her sensitive spot. Breathy moans left her and floated to my ears. I raised my head and captured her lips once more. How could I ever get tired of this. She slowed down the kiss to it make more sweet. We pulled away and stared at each other with our foreheads laying against each others. I looked into her eyes and saw nothing but pure love in her eyes. I could feel her love radiating off her in waves. With each wave I felt my pride in her grow. How could this amazing girl be mine? A tiny yawn slipped through her lips. I let out a body shaking laugh. "I guess it's past someones bed time." she rubbed at her eyes tiredly. I gently eased us under the bed covers and pulled her to my chest. She curled into my chest with her hands resting on my chest. I layed my head on top of hers.
"I love you, Hunter." her voice was barely above a whisper. Her breathing slowed to a steady pace as she drifted into sleep. I started drifting as well. My mind being filled with images of Addison.
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