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Ray of hope

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I don't know were life is taking me. The only thing I know is that I'm doing this for my dad. I'm still alive because of my dad. I don't want to disappoint him. He have done a lot for me and I won't let him down. **** Freya have gone through a lot. She is still alive only because of her dad. She loves her dad so much that she would do anything for him. **** Ashton black isn't someone who can be controlled. But he is someone who loves to control everything. He doesn't care if his decisions hurt or destroy someone. He only care about his gains. He is so handsome that every women wants to taste him. But none can have him. **** What will happen when the two unexpected people meets?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

I'm so exhausted. Tired of the life I'm living.i want a new beginning. A chance to right my mistakes, a chance to be happy....
But inside I knew, I never had a chance, even to choose my path, even to be happy.
Why can't I get out of this pain, this misery?

I wasn't able to meet my dad for a week since I have been working my ass off on my new project. I'm going to meet him today so that I could stay with him this weekend. I live with my roommate who is also my best friend. We met when we were in highschool.
Andre wasn't there when I went to my apartment to get fresh before leaving. So I sent him a message saying that I would be staying with my dad this weekend. I left without taking any cloths with me since I have some at home.

Dad was watching game, sitting on the couch when I came.
"Hey kid, how was your day?"
"It was fine dad" I jumped on the couch and lied down placing my head over his lap. He slowly moved his hand on my hair making me relax.
" What is it kid? What's going on?"
"Nothing dad. I'm just tired. It's been a long week."
"Hmm. You should stop frustrating yourself. Give yourself some rest. Don't be a workaholic."
"Yeah... I will try. But you know I can't just rest knowing there is work to complete."
"Yeah I get that. I have been just like you when I had cases to solve."
My dad was a cop before he retired. And he loved his job. He had some kind of addiction in the risk he always took. And I really admired it. Everyone who knew him loved him and respected him.
" Know get your ass out of the couch and get some sleep. You look creepy with those bags under your eyes."
I groaned when he pushed me out of the couch. Sometimes he acted like child. But I loved it.
" I hate you" I said as I sat on the floor.
" Ohhh... I love you too. now go get some sleep. I don't want any ghost walking around the house."
" I'm not a ghost!"
" Shu...Shu" he 'shu-ed' me out of the living room. I laughed lightly as I walked back to my room. I fell on my bed as I felt my comfy bed calling me. I slept fast like it have been waiting to come over.

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