Endless Love

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Eighteen-year-old Janet Wool set sail on a cruise ship with her parents and siblings from Southampton to New York. Their ship collided with an iceberg and sent the unsinkable ship into a chaos. The once vibrant young teenager became a guardian and entrepreneur overnight. Can Janet raise her two siblings alone in a society that frowns upon single parenting? Janet relies on her father’s marketing partner, Colin, to advise her on the clothing business she inherited. Can she improve the business and make it more profitable? Peter, her father's best friend, and Janet’s secret crush, weaves his way into her life as her fiancé. Can they handle the burdens of raising her siblings together? An accident sends Janet on a long hospital stay. Can she over-come the misfortune life throws at her? Endless Love is about learning to live again after you think life is over. It is about love, faith, and finding one’s way in life. Enjoy Tina M. Manka’s new Romance with a Twist!

Romance / Mystery
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It was a crisp April day in Southampton, England. Fog set in over the icy North Atlantic waters that made travel on the ocean waters difficult. The forecast called for brisk and windy conditions, but no snow in the immediate forecast.

Tonya and Rich Wools dreamed of a family vacation. They jumped at the chance when a cruise line offered them a reasonable price for a family package. It included five nights and an endless buffet. Only prestigious families could afford to buy a ticket on the elite cruise line. The ship was on its first voyage to New York with over thirteen hundred passengers.

Some of the finest chefs along the England borders prepared the sumptuous meals as their finest china laid upon the tables. Crab legs, sword, and steak listed on the stylized menus along with delicacies the wealthy enjoyed.

An elegant hand-built ship made for the higher society carried entrepreneurs, investors, and film stars on a journey across the Atlantic waters. The eleven-story ship, the biggest ship ever built, deemed unsinkable.

Janet admired the ship’s beauty. It amazed her how the crystal chandelier hung in the middle of the ceiling as its rays of light showed throughout the room. The floors carpeted to match the beautiful brown walls and draperies. Red velvet chairs lined parts of the hallway to invite their guests to sit and enjoy other’s company.

Guests scattered throughout the halls in search of their cabins as the ship’s deck became hectic. Employees welcomed their guests with a smile and a wave as they lined the deck and handed out brochures of the ship’s layout.

“I cannot believe we are on the ship and on our path to New York,” Janet told her mother, Tonya.

“It is so unreal,” replied Tonya, “you will meet my sister in New York.”

“We need to shop after we meet your sister, Debbie,” said Janet as she raised her hand to her mouth to cover her cough.

“We can buy you a new hat for church.” Tonya smiled at her grown up eighteen-year-old daughter. Janet assisted her mother with her two siblings, Max and Emily, when her mother ran errands. Her father ran a small clothing store chain in Southampton that he inherited from his own father when he passed away five years ago. The hours were long and tedious at the store, and it left her father away from the house unto the late hours of the night. Rich’s hard work and devotion to the store made him an entrepreneur of four thriving stores five years later.

Rich hired a gentleman named Colin Hoover to help take the store to the top of the economic market. Colin had a brilliant mind for business, and he worked hand in hand with Rich to promote new products to the public. After five years of loyalty, Colin became part of the family instead of just an employee. He came to their parties and to all the holiday dinners her parents put on.

“It is time for bed,” said Tonya. “Father and I will be back soon from our date.” Tonya stretched her arm towards the coat rack and grabbed her jacket and placed it over her shoulders.

The hectic schedule of Rich’s left no romantic nights for her parent’s. The cruise meant romantic walks under the moonlight and elegant dinners by candlelight for her parents. A time to rekindle their romance and bring them closer in their perfect marriage.

“Yes Mother,” replied Janet as she saw her mother take her father’s hand into hers, “Go have fun and do not worry about the little ones.”

“What would we do without you?” Asked Rich as he bent and kissed the top of her head.

Ever since Janet’s younger days, she wanted to get married and have children. She idolized her parents’ marriage. Her father always opened the doors for her mother and treated her like a queen. He bought her fur coats and surprised her with diamonds and roses whenever he got a chance. In return, her mother made breakfast in bed on his days off and pampered him at night with compliments. Her mother would even stay awake until the break of dawn, until her father came home from the store. Janet considered it a marriage made in Heaven.

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