Born To Wed

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Damien, the ruler of the Underworld tried to find his mate for thousands of years. He never found her because she was never born. One day her scent overtook him when her mother walked into the building where he worked. There he discovered his mate was still in her mother’s womb, waiting to be born. Her mother, Jackie, neglected Damien’s mate growing up. Damien stepped in and took care of Mystic while her mother laid in her bedroom high from drugs. The Fallen Angel, Devil, and ruler of the Underworld visited her after school and cared for her until she turned seventeen. He taught her how to drive, sent her to school and became her sole caretaker. The Fallen Angel, Damien, casted into Hell to rule the Underworld by his father. The two never see eye to eye, but this time Damien approves of his Father’s meddling. Mystic is exactly what he needed to keep himself grounded. The two become lovers a month before Mystic’s eighteenth birthday, when she moved in with Damien. Mystic discovers why the Fallen Angel was cast into Hell to become the Devil. She learns he has siblings that are still living with his father and mother. Can Mystic understand the torment Damien faced with his father? Can she live in the Underworld with the man she loves?

Romance / Erotica
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Damien drank the blood Frank gave him in the wineglass. He sipped it until he finished the glass and poured himself another. Thank goodness he owned the business, or they would have been unemployed by now. He had no desire to work today. His secretary moved his appointments to next week. It left him free to have a few Bloody Mary’s with his head assistant. Besides, the court case they worked on for the last four weeks was now finished. They deserved a break from the hassle of being an attorney.

His right-hand man, Frank, kept him in-line as well. They worked together now for a hundred years. Damien ruled the vampires for several decades, and Frank and he enforced the vampire laws and tried the ones who broke them. Other vampires liked them, but they feared them as well. Their lives depended on Frank and his verdicts on whether they lived or died. Everyone took it seriously.

The vampire kingdom filled New York City with millions of people. Many turned years ago into vampires by their sires. Humans never knew they lived among them. The laws kept them from killing innocent people and getting exposed. It was his job as the leader of the Under World to enforce those laws. Frank hired vampire employees to find those who broke the laws and bring them to a secluded area. They would stay secluded from the world until they met his requirements.

Today, he feared, the world meant nothing to him. Even vampires needed a day off. Besides, he had enough men working for him that they could take over his affairs until tomorrow. He tipped his glass towards his mouth and stopped. The stench was back. Not strong but getting stronger.

Frank noticed the cringe of Damien’s nose turned upward. His eyes rolled. “Do you smell it again?” Asked Frank.

Damien nodded. He stood and followed the rose petal smell. For weeks, he smelled the odor and did not know who it belonged to. The addictive smell swelled his manhood each time he crossed paths with it. The smell confused him at first, but he had an idea of what it meant.

A woman stood outside his office by the elevator doors. The rose petal scent excited him the closer he got to her. His loins ached as he stood behind the blonde. He stepped into the elevator with her. Her scent drove him crazy for a month now. She had to work for him or else she wouldn’t be in the building. They didn’t even allow his clients in the building; it was for their own safety. Vampires worked for him, not humans. Occasionally, a human got hired to write a story on them. He was a billionaire attorney who put away criminals for a living; people loved reading about his firm. They were a mystery to the world because they met clients in restaurants. Trials took place early in the morning, before the sun rose and late at night after it set. Damien spent his own money and built his own prison. They housed the men he prosecuted. No one knew those criminals were vampires but Frank and him.

The woman turned and glanced his way. He smiled at her. He thought the rose scent was hers. It was not, though. He peered at her stomach. His eyes scanned the small bulge. She was with child. The rose scent came from the child. Fear invaded his body. It could not be happening to him, not now, of all times.

“It is a girl,” said the woman.

“Excuse me,” said Damien. Did this woman just read his mind? Vampires could not get pregnant. What just happened?

“You’re looking at my stomach,” said the woman, “we are having a girl.”

He smiled at her. “How far along are you?” Asked Damien.

She placed her hand on her stomach and rubbed. “I am three months pregnant. The baby is due in December.”

His hand raised in the air. “May I touch your stomach?” Asked Damien. He needed to know the truth.

“Sure.” said the woman, nodding.

The baby kicked when he placed his hand upon her stomach. It stopped within seconds; its ‘coo’ reached his ears moments before he lifted his hand. He smiled at the unborn child as he asked, “You work here in the office?”

She shook her head. “I just finished a story on the company.”

“You’re a reporter for the newspaper?” Asked Damien. He stepped closer to the woman. She had blue eyes that sparkled back at him.

She nodded. “Guilty as charged for my misdemeanor.”

There seemed to be a mistake. This was not be happening to him. Why now?

“I will have my car stationed outside to take you home. No woman in your condition needs to ride the subway,” said Damien. The doors to the elevator opened and he walked out. He watched the doors close behind him before he walked to the private staircase. Within seconds, he walked back into his office.

“What happened?” Asked Frank.

He sat behind his desk. His eyes turned red with rage. “Call two guards in here,” ordered Damien. So many events happened in his life, but none worse than this. The woman’s life would be sacred until the birth and then he would decide on the mother’s future. Time would tell him if it was the right decision or not.

Two guards entered the office. Their eyes glared red. They stood with their hands crossed in front of them, waiting for their orders. Damien stood behind his desk. “Follow this woman at this address. Her name is Nicole Hodges. She is married and pregnant. I want to know her entire day; what she eats, where she visits, her friends, relatives, and her doctors. You will know every step she makes until I say otherwise. No one will leave her alone for one second. Get an army together of guards for seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.” Damien waved his hand, dismissing them.

Frank sat on the chair in front of the desk. “What happened in the elevator?”

Damien sighed. “The universe feels I need a mate. Her rose scent sends my emotions out of control.”

“The universe picked a thirty-year-old as your bride?” Asked Frank.

“It picked an unborn child. Her unborn child. I waited two hundred years to find a mate. Someone who could give me the pleasures of life. For years, I hunted for her. Flew everywhere in the world to find her. Never found a scent of her until today. This woman never existed this whole time. In the next few months, I will get to meet her. I spared her mother’s life for now. Not sure about later, though. Time will tell us.”

“Did you feel a connection towards the unborn child?” Asked Frank.

He sighed. “I am a leader of the vampires, and an unborn child makes my libido do things it never experienced. She has control of me now, think of how much power she will have after she arrives.”

“It is a pleasurable control, though,” said Frank, grinning.

“I have no time for pleasurable control. This unborn cannot have a hold on me in this way.”

“You have eighteen years before she comes of age. Things may change by then,” said Frank.

His expression showed his concern, and he knew it. Frank could be right. The ecstasy his mate would give him could make him lose control and end his life. Life changed when he got turned. There was no one in charge of the vampires to direct them. He learned the hard way, innocent people died. For years, he tried to stop it, but it never worked. Two decades ago, when he became a leader, he controlled it. Blood for his thirst, comes from criminals, not innocent people. It was one of his accomplishments as a leader. Vampires had a right to live among the living. However, they could not expose themselves to the living.

“We will see soon. My libido has been going crazy for a month now. Her scent is addictive. It drives me towards her like gasoline to a fire. Years from now when she leaves me, I will die. Vampires cannot live without their life mate. We end up crazy, before death takes us. Do you want me to experience this?”

Frank laughed. He opened the office door. “We are the longest living vampires on earth. I have seen my children die, my grandchildren, and now my great grandchildren. You have seen no one. Go have a life and enjoy it. The way you are going, you will die soon. There is nothing keeping you grounded.”

If only he knew how close death parked behind its leader. Everything came at a price. Other leaders took whatever they wanted for their own desired needs. He stayed single and became the highest leader in the world. Women flocked after him for centuries. They broke into his home for years until he got them under control. Sex with them satisfied him. But sex with your life mate met every vampire need. Nothing compared to it. Now he could have sex with any woman of his choice, later he could not. His life mate would make him unsatisfied with anyone but her. Her steel eyes breaking him in two, her body calling out to him day and night, and her scent calling to him from afar. No one should live like this.

An hour later, Frank showed him the house where the woman lived. Her name was Nicole Hodges. Her husband, Greg, and she married five years ago in a small wedding. She worked as a reporter for the newspaper and he at a factory. They lived a modest life compared to him. The two-bedroom house looked cozy from the outside. Well-kept, with the bushes trimmed and flowers throughout the flower beds. His mate may not have a lavish life, but she would have a financially secure life.

Ten minutes later, he walked into his own home. The rose scent stirred his emotions throughout the day. At least they lived ten minutes from him instead of next door.

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