Kissed by the Moon

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Alyssa was just your average girl attending college. She had her friends, her boyfriend, and her family. But all that was about to change when her best friend leaves her in the middle of no where to meet Xavier, a Lycan King. Alyssa soon learns that she is not human and she is needed in her world to save her people. With the help of her Lycan King Mate, her wolf friends, her human friend, Alyssa embarks on a adventure of a life time while dealing with the hottest love triangle in history,...oh did I say triangle, I mean square...or maybe circle....

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As I walked out of the McCarran International Airport, I took a look at the sky. The evening sun began to cast long shadows on the ground. The slanting rays of the setting sun gave a warm dark red and orange tinge to the sky. Pretty soon the silvery crescent moon will shine like a silvery claw in the night sky which will then aglow from the bright city lights of Vegas.

Las Vegas is one of 12 portal locations on Earth to the other worlds that existed. People tend to think that things that go bump in the night are only in the stories, in the movies, or some weirdo doing strange everything that you were told in fairy tales, in these so called myths and legends are real.

Since I was a little girl, I was able to see such creatures that no one else could see. I have visited places that no one believed exist. My parents took me all sorts of doctors for medical attention who either claimed I had an active imagination, sleep disorders, …Fuck them!

My Uber just arrived and I walked over to the sporty looking Honda Civic.

"Desalique Corteza?" The Uber drive asked as I entered her car.

"Yes" I replied and climbed into the car. She drove to me to my destination. The Waldof Astoria hotel. This was where I was to meet my next appointment with Morgan. Morgan and I have worked together for years. I assisted him and his team of wolves with the location of Moon Kissed Queen and her Lycan King. Now it is time to record it for records and file them in the notorious library, the Corteza Chronicles.

Oh yes, the Corteza Chronicles is a library between worlds that I have established and maintained the records, the stories, the spells, the artifacts. I meet with different beings such as Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Humans, Celestials, Deities, you name it and they tell me their story for record.

I entered the hotel lobby and used the kiosk to check in to my room and receive the room key. I always reserve the penthouse room for my visits. Its large and private, with amazing views of whatever city I am located in. Morgan was already outside of my room door waiting for me.

"Right on time as always, Ms. Corteza." He smiled.

"Good to see you, Morgan," We hugged. I then unlocked the door into the penthouse. We sat on the couch, which faced the large windows, giving us an excellent view of the city. "Morgan, all is well in Great Thane now?" I reached over to the cocktail table and poured Morgan and I a drink.

"It is. Alyssa and Xavier have assumed their rightful place. They created a peace treaty amongst the new Vampire Queen. I want to thank you for all your help. You allowed us to utilize your library and it was very resourceful. Without your records, Ms. Corteza, we may have been at a lost. Our world and the Human world could have been destroyed." Morgan said.

I nodded in agreement. I pulled out my iPhone and used the voice memo app to record our conversation. It is time. Time for a tale of betrayal, lost, romance, and adventure. The tale of girl who was Kissed by the Moon.

"Right, so where do we start, Ms. Corteza," Morgan began.

"Tell me how Alyssa and Xavier met," I said.

"The first time or in this life time?" Morgan said raising his drink,

"So they met across time, interesting...romantic...and slightly impossible. I am intrigued. Hmm well, I am curious about the initial meeting in this lifetime, in this world. Tell me how that went, then tell me about the first time." I said.

"A bit out of order, but to be expected coming from you. Ahh so I will tell you. I will tell you how they met in this world in this lifetime."

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