Kissed by the Moon

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Moon Kissed


Lightning flashed across the sky. A night storm was brewing. I knew I was in trouble as I watched Robyn drive off in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. Just forest and darkness.

What in the Hell! I checked my phone to see if I had a signal. Why the hell would Robyn just leave? Robyn and I were supposed to see a midnight movie. While leaving campus, Robyn pulled the car over and yelled at me to get out.

“Get out Alyssa, I have to leave you here,” Robyn said.

“You got to be fucking kidding me, I’m not getting out here,” I said looking around. I turned to Robyn and what I saw was fucking insane.

Robyn’s eyes went from blue to black and her teeth were like fangs. Fuck that! I jumped out of the car and she sped off. What just happened?

What the hell! There was no signal to my phone either. I held it up to the other street light on this road. They way it buzzed, I prayed that the light bulb wouldn't go out out.

Thankfully I remembered to bring my jacket, the smell of rain was in the air tonight. Seriously, what happened to Robyn and why did she have to drop me off here...was it because she was freaking turning into a monster. Holy shit, Robin is a monster! What the hell is going on?

Suddenly, a tall, muscular, man with with messy jet black hair stood before me. I jumped and took a step back. I swear he appeared out of nowhere. He crossed his arms and starred down at me. His nostrils flared as he took in a deep sniff. I swallowed a lump in her throat.

“Shit” I said, it was the only word I could think of at the moment. The man smirked as if he was agreeing with me. “Ok, umm…Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome…. Look, my friend dropped me off and…uh...yeah, she will be right back, she just over there.” I pointed off into the darkness where Robyn drove off. He opened his black leather jacket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes.

“She is not coming back,” He stated and starred in the direction that I had pointed to. “At least not tonight, anyway....I am Xaryous.” He introduced himself, pulling out a cigarette and replacing the pack in his jacket.

The way Xaryous was looking at me was as if he was searching for something. Strange. Anyone else would have felt frightened by this man and his odd behavior but I felt at ease with him. Weird as fuck.

“What…what do you mean she’s not coming back tonight? What… I mean, yeah, what the hell is going on?” I asked, pulling my curly hair into a ponytail. I mean if this big guy wanted a fight, who was I to deny him? I have always been a fighter.

“My name is Xaryous,” he repeated.

“Yeah, I get that,” I answered. “X”

“X...Something like that” he smirked. “And you are?”

“None of your business!” I shouted. Xaryous dropped his arms and took a step forward and I took a step back. “My name is Alyssa, some call me Ally” He stopped and nodded.

“A-lys-sa,” He smiled. Damn why did he have to say my name like that, sexy as hell! “I am sure you have a lot of questions, and hopefully by the end of the night, all your questions would have been answered.”

Xaryous jumped onto a small concrete barrier, animal like and sat down. Something about him...I feel so drawn to him. I am so curious about him which is weird. I watched as he lit his cigarette.

“Ugh, those are bad for you, you know” I said, and he chuckled.

“Bad yes, for a human, cigarettes are quit deadly”, Xaryous replied.

Did he just say for a human? What does that supposed to mean? I walked over to him and in the back of my mind, all I can think of is how curiosity killed the cat.

“We have been looking for you for years. If it wasn’t for the Corteza Chronicles, we would have never found you. I was found in a different world than you were, when they were looking for me” Xavier said. His eyes, so beautiful. They were a strong blue...oh wow! His eyes swirl in color, like a blue, green ocean.

“A different world? Who found me? Who found you?” I asked.

I looked into his eyes and noticed they were illuminating. Swirls of blue and green danced in his eyes before they balanced out into a beautiful jade color. His eyes are so mesmerizing with the smoke rising from the cigarettes. Damn those eyes.

“I am not human,” Xaryous stated and I burst out laughing. Hilarious, this guy. “I am not human, and neither are you Alyssa” Xavier finished. I continued to laugh, and Xaryous stood tall on his feet on top of the barrier.

“I am sorry X, but this is a joke though, right. I mean, here is Robyn who invites me out to a midnight movie...used some props obviously from the drama department... and kicks me out of her car, to have you… what her big cousin or something… tell me that you are not human and neither am I. Hilarious, I want to go home now.”

Xaryous looked to the sky and then appeared down at his watch. half past midnight. Its time. Lightning flashed and was followed by a loud thunder. The moon illuminated brighter than ever.

A sharp pain pierced through my stomach and climbed up my spine and into my head. I fell to the ground in agony. I can hear my heart beating loudly like the sound of a drum in a hollow cave. My heart was racing. I gasped for air, but it was difficult with the pain.

I screamed out but all that was there was Xaryous and his beautiful sea like eyes. He held onto my hand and allowed me to lean on his muscular body for support. Then, something strange happened. I felt like I was weightless in a swimming pool.

The pain lessened, and I began to float into the night sky. I glanced down where Xaryous stood watching me, still holding onto my hand. He flicked his cigarette away and the colors of his eyes appeared to move like the waves of the ocean, swirling blue and green jades. Damn those beautiful eyes.

“What is happening to me?” I asked. “Why aren’t you as freaked out as I am? Help!”

“You are transitioning, Alyssa,” Xaryous answered. “It took us years to find you. Desalique was sure it was you and so, here...we...are.”

Light from the moon was directed toward me and I could feel the moons cool air massaging my skin. The moon was singing my name. What is this? Am I like a freaking werewolf now? Xaryous released my hand and I began to spin slowly in the air.

Well, I am not howling, and I don’t see any tail so that can’t be it. As the clouds crossed the moon, I was no longer floating, I was falling. My instincts kicked in and I landed on the ground on all fours. Xaryous walked over to me and smiled. He has an amazing smile to go with those eyes. Damn those eyes.

“Kissed by the Moon. Do you remember?” He whispered. “Who you are, what you are, and why we are here?”

I looked Xaryous in his beautiful sea like eyes and he looked into mine with love and hope.

“Hell No!” I answered his question. Xavier face fell.

“Shit!” he mumbled and and reached for his cigarettes. Next thing I know, all I felt a sharp pain as if someone hit me on the head and then there was darkness.


"I must say Morgan, this is quit interesting." I said and Morgan nodded in agreement. "So her friend leaves her in the middle of no where to meet Xaryous and she transitions, is kissed by the moon, and still doesnt regain her memories of her former life?"

"That is correct," Morgan said,

"Must have been hard for Xaryous.." I thought out loud. "That is assuming that he had his memories intacted already."

"Yes, Xaryous at the time knew Alyssa from the past. But they both had their own lives in this lifetime, so things can be a bit tricky, I suppose." Morgan said with a smile.

" I know I asked to start from when they met in this life time, but there are so many questions I have about their past."

"Then I shall tell you from the beginning," Morgan laughed. I poured us another drink. I have a feeling, this story was going to be a great addition to the Corteza Chronicles Library.

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