Kissed by the Moon

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Love or Lust

***Spicy Chapter...if you know what I mean...Sex Scene...***


I had my eyes fixated on Daphne. She danced in front of me in slow motion and moved her body to the slow music towards me. I began to feel sweaty, I can see her skin glistening in the red light causing my chest rising and falling as I tried to control my breathing. I quickly unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my already hard dick.

Daphne pushed me down onto the velvet couch and slowly danced to her knees and without hesitation she licked my entire shaft and twirled her tongue on my tip. She gripped me firmly and I cupped the back of her head as she bobbed up and down, her hand stroking my shaft as her tongue continued to danced around my tip.

I let out a moan, grabbing her hair, forcing her to go deeper. Then she lifted her head and turned away. I pushed her head to the floor and dropped to my knees, teasing her entrance before I thrust myself all the way in her in. Daphne moaned as I buried myself deeper and deeper inside of her, thrusting harder and faster. She turned her head and moaned in pleasure and that turned me on even harder.

I pulled her hair so that her upper body was now against me while he still thrust inside her. She wasn't my mate, but I was definitely considering making her my chosen mate. I kissed her cheek and made my way to her neck and kissed to where the neck and collar bone met. The moment I kissed her there, she tightened her wet pussy around my dick, it felt so amazing, I was ready to cum. I bit down on her neck, marking her. Daphne let out a yell in pleasure and I let out a low growl as both have found their release.

“I love you Xaryous” Daphne said, cuddling to my chest. She reached up to kiss me and I rolled over instead, avoiding her. I laid back, sweating and heaving in and out. I heard her words but could not say it back. Damn, I think I fucked up. She and I have been together for over a year and I still could not say it. Damn it. Well, if shit really hit the fan, at least my mark will fade, She hadn't marked me back to complete the bond, so the mark I placed on her is temporary.

“I know you love me, Daphne” I smiled and kissed her forehead. I got up to take a shower before having to meet my parents and tell them the news. I want to marry Daphne. Though I can not say that I love her, it would be good to not have the distraction of a destined mate and still get good pussy when I wanted it. Daphne wasted no time to join me in the shower, she was ready for round two.


He marked me. I wish I would have known he planned to mark me. I was so overwhelmed from the amazing feeling. After I came, I reached up to kiss him and mark him in return, to complete our bond, and he rolled over and laid back. Damn. Maby he needed to rest.

I told him I loved him and he didn't say it back. Did he feel he made a mistake? Does he not love me like I love him? He quickly put my doubts away in the shower.

"Xaryous, do you love me?" I asked as he dressed, getting ready to head back to the castle.

"I am going home to tell my parents we are to marry," He replied and left. That was it. Well...he wants to marry me, so he must love me...right?

After getting dressed myself, I stepped outside on the front porch. My mother sat there in her rocking chair, drinking a cool drink. She eyed me as I sat in the rocking chair next to her.

"I see the Lycan Prince has left," She stated and I nodded. Her eyes grew wide as she noticed his mark on my neck. "He has claimed you as his mate!"

"Yes he did and he is going to the castle to inform his parents we are to wed," I smiled and my mother laughed.

"Perfect, just as we planned." My mother smiled and continued to sip her cool drink.


Excitedly, I walked the halls of the castle of Caramaya, in route to the conference room where I expected my parents to be. I opened the large doors and entered the room. My mother smiled at me and my father nodded in approval for my entrance. I closed the doors behind me and happily spun around to my parents on my heels.

“Mother,” I acknowledge and with a quick bow “Father. I have some news. I have decided not to wait for my destined mate and marry a chosen one instead-”

“As do we, son” Deacon, my father, stated. Deacon is the Alpha to the Caramaya Lycan clan which is located within Great Thane. Deacon sat next to his Luna, my mother, Janet in the conference room. My father's beta, Nathan also sat in the conference room. They had just finished a teleconference with the Royal Beta of Great Thane, Marcus. “Glad to hear you would be willing to marry a chosen mate. Tomorrow, we will all be traveling to the Topaz Palace where you will be introduced to your betrothed.”

“My…what?!” I questioned with a low growl. “No need father…I have come to ask for permission to wed- “

“Son, if you are asking your father for permission to wed that red head girl, Daphne, you are wasting your time,” Janet interrupted. “I know what you are thinking, why should it matter because you are the youngest of seven brothers? And it is simple, Xaryous, you are the best choice for the crowned princess Alyssa, who will be Luna Queen of all Great Thane. Your marriage will introduce the Caramaya Lycan bloodline to the Great Throne of Great Thane. She is born from the most powerful Alpha Wolf and a Witch-Wolf Luna. Alyssa is kissed by the moon goddess and you are the most powerful Lycan of your brothers, the future ruling pups of Great Thane will be remarkable! Hybrid!”

“My marriage to her? Mother, Dy’nelle is the oldest, he is next in line to be Alpha, why not him?” I asked.

“Traditionally, it is the oldest son of the Caramaya clan who is to be next in line for the Caramaya throne and we will continue that tradition.” Deacon stated. “In time, Dy’nelle will make a great Lycan Alpha for Caramaya.”

“In her majesty’s visit for the spring equinox, the Luna Queen favored you most of all Xaryous” said Nathan. “Your brothers are not born of two Alpha Lycan lines as you are. Their mother, the late Luna Lei, was actually a human who phased into wolf after your father marked her. Your mother, Luna Janet, is the daughter of an Alpha, which makes you pure born of two Alphas. Now, the Alpha King has demanded an audience. Alpha, Luna, we must prepare.” Nathan said and left the conference room.

“Xaryous, the Luna Queen noticed that all the sons of the Alpha of Caramaya are equally beautiful and compliment that she would love to see a union between the families. In the festivities it was your warrior skills in the competition against your brothers and sportsmanship that further her interest in you. She began to inquire about your studies and was impressed. She said to me that the Caramaya Alpha sons show great leadership potential, the oldest showing the most, but the youngest does not show potential-”

“Ha! Well, there you have it." I interrupted my mother. Both my parents growled but I didn't cower. “So, no need to try to convince this match if I have no potential to her. I want to marry Daphne, less distractions-” I exclaimed and took the seat Nathan left opened.

“Do not interrupt me son!” Janet growled louder. She closed her eyes and let out an exhale to calm her wolf. “Luna Queen Azaria said the youngest does not show potential to become a great leader,” Janet continued, “because it seems he is be a born to be a great leader. Plus her vision saw you seated next to Alyssa when the Sun and Moon kiss the sky” Xaryous shook his head in disbelief.

“But I…. I…Daphne” I couldn't get the words out, just feeling fustrated with this arranged marriage all of a sudden. “Father…Mother…I have already taken what is virtuous from Daphne…I already asked her to be my mate, I marked her--”

“You lust for Daphne; you don’t know her heart. She could be just interested in you for recognition and riches. She craves attention and is found hanging around the bars and clubs dancing all the time. When you meet your mate, you form a connection so powerful that two become one. You may have marked her, but she has not marked you and that could be because she is hiding something, she is not willing to share with you.” Janet said.

"She didn't mark me because I did not let her, not because she is hiding something," I said. "She told me she loved me but I can not say it back, I am fine with that and she seemed to be as well."

"You would rob her at a chance of true happiness, son? She should meet her destined mate then decide if she wants to leave him for you. Don't take that decision from her because you found her to compliant to your wants. That is not love, son, it is just lust." Deacon said.

“Alyssa may or may not be your mate as well but meet Alyssa and get to know her. Understand, I am not pushing you towards Alyssa because of her status, son. We truly believe...whole heartily that there could be connection, just meet her.” Janet continued softly. “I am sure you can find room in your heart for Alyssa as well. And I agree with your father, you must reject Daphne so that she may find her destined mate. True mates are something remarkable.”

Deacon held Janet's hand and she looked at him. Both smiled as her words seem to have some deep meaning to their relationship.

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