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Operation D-Virus

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The state of Hyacinth is famous for its least criminal rates in the world. What could have happened when the zombie Apocalypse invades the country.

Romance / Scifi
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The car was jerking on the hilly road with hoarse voice of radio chimed in my ear playing old town song crunching of dry leaves under the tires added melody to it. birds were twittering tunes. The delicate smell of wildflowers and decayed soil wafted in the air. I remember how I used to come here with Mom and Daniel I miss them this place is nostalgic with so many memories. I come here sometimes to my Mom's and Brother graves I wish they could live more with me I turned the volume dimmer to low.
"You should come here more often Sweetie." Dad ruffled my hair. His old wrinkly face and green eyes just like me, grey hairs covering his forehead and flat line of pale lips he is not old as he looks Mom's death made him look like this.

"Dad, I don't want to leave you alone." I saw a frown crept on his face but soon he forced a smile for me showing his laughing lines.
"I am not alone, I have Minnie and Lola." He thinks my puppies can take care of him. I placed my hand on his shoulders.

"But Dad..."

"No buts, Claire I believe in you! You will be the best investigator in Hyacinth"

"But who will babysit me, I am still a child, please, please I can't live without you," I whined
He chuckled and then pulled my ear.


"You nasty Chubs!"

"Ah! Don't call me that, I am not fat!" I gave him my signature dimpled smile.

"I am not worried about you because I know Simon and Aiden will take good care of you."
A part of me missed Aiden AKA my soulmate, my crime partner, my childhood bestie. we bid our goodbyes 5 years ago and he gave me the soulmate pendant I still have it dangling on my neck it was a Star with our names written on it.
"Y-yes Dad"
"Are you daydreaming?"
"Nope." I tucked my hair beside my ear forest was gone far away I peeked through the window tall skyscrapers piercing through the clouds the city was bustling with honks of cars and murmurs of peoples passing by I roamed my hand around my pocket and took out my Key Card.
"We are almost here, you will never get bored here HDSI has its tales and mysteries." Dad winked at me and I was dumbfounded. What he is talking about?
The car jerk-braked in front of a huge skyscraper made of tinted glass and HDSI (Hyacinth Department Of Security and Intelligence) was calligraphed on the top. glass reflecting sunlight made my eyes squint.
I glanced at my key card and then to the dad he was giving me his proud gummy smile before I could talk he embraced me in a tight hug.
"Even though I know Aiden will take good care of you. You will call me every day okay? And come to visit me regularly Minnie and Lola will be sad without you."
"I will, I promise" I pulled off the hug waved my hand as his car faded away in colours and traffic lights and cars of the busy city I took a deep breath and swiped my key card on the scanner attached to the entrance.
"Welcome to HDSI" A robotic voice echoed in my ear.
I entered the building and got amused by the interior the glass walls roused up to the ceiling glossy white tiles reception made of black glass block with a silver lining, blue circular lifts with people floating inside so many things to see, so many things to explore.
"Welcome to HDSI Claire, I am your robotic assistance. Aiden sent me here to show you around the department." A robotic voice came out of a human-like robot His blonde bangs with rainbow highlights falling off his forehead A perfect nose with a perfectly proportioned lip the lower one was slightly plumper his eyes was a mixture of blue and grey this robot can be a good distraction in the working environment the only difference is a circular blue orb illuminating on the left side of his forehead.
"What's this? I poked the light and it turned red with the robot glaring at me.
" Hey! What are you doing?"
"What's this?"
"It's my mood light, indicates my mood blue means I am normal green indicates happiness and red is for anger." The light turned to blue.
"Hehe... Sorry for scaring you" I laughed awkwardly.

"You don't have to apologise, I have worst experiences here" The robot walked forward gripping my hand. It was like a caring and dad-like robot.

My eyes travelled to the weird machine delivering smoking hot pizzas.
"Oh my God!!!!! Is that a pizza vending machine" I squealed in happiness jumping up and down

"Ah! My hearing sensors! You want me to get deaf" The robot pouted covering his ears.

"Sorry." I looked down fiddling my fingers.

"I will forgive you since you're not one of them"

"One of them?" It pointed at the black-haired robot with a bunch of girls kissing on the robot's cheek and the robot looked pissed with pink light turned on his orb.

"Your fellow got bitches around him" I winked at the robot.

"I hate when human flirts with us it's harassment it's against robot rights." I chuckled at its statement.

"You have emotions?" I asked in confusion
"We do have emotion Claire we are more emotional than humans and you know why we have emotions? So that we can sympathise with human or the other way we could have killed them without feeling bad because we are stronger and when humans can't open up to their fellows they open up to us Aiden do the same."

"Aiden is your friend?"

"Yes, he likes you." It blurted out of the blue made me stunned.


"He still has your picture in his wallet"

"No way! You are lying!"

"Robots don't lie"

"Can we be friends Robo?"

"Call me Zozo" I amazed at the familiar name.

"Your name is Zozo?"

"Yeah! That brat named me after your puppy"

"Hehe... Suits you" I giggled.
I gazed at the strange metallic winged creatures flying above my head.

"What the hell is this?" My eyes not leaving it until the weird creature glared at me showing red laser eyes.

"Its Hawk-750 updated version. It's a security scanner If they spot any unusual activity It will carry you up in the sky and then plunge your ass from the building."

"Are you kidding?"

"Try them" Robot rolled his eyes

"No, I am okay this way"

I glance at the red glass door with a caution sign. I can't see inside as the door was the darkest shade of red only thing visible is long cylinders with pipes attached to them.

"What's in here?" I asked

"Don't even go near here unless you want to suicide."

"Will you explain please?" I gazed at his eyes.

"I am not allowed"

"Why?" I whined

"We have our secrets."

"Ah, you nasty brat!"

"Follow me!" He dragged me to the elevator and suddenly my feet are not feeling the floor anymore I was floating in a big blue cylinder I panicked. Serfdom

"Ah! What's happening!" I panicked tightly grabbing Zozo's arm. And he gave me What the F**k look.

"What are you doing? It's an anti-gravity elevator Don't panic!"

I closed my eyes hoping to feel the floor hugging Zozo's torso I found myself on the floor I slowly opened my eyes with a whole new view I guess it's a second floor.

"What was that!" I was still trembling in fear with my heart was racing faster than a bullet train.
"We are saving power, I guess" He dragged me again I saw weird looking chairs with a neon sign above the wall saying "refuelling Station". Zozo went and sat on the chair like other robots and gestured to me to not come closer.
" Claire can you give me a moment, I have to refuel myself or maybe you can explore the floor and don't go far away okay stay near" I nodded giving him my brightest smile.
I looked around and found the black see-through glass door with strange monitors I swiped my card and the door opened.
I shoved my hands deep down in my pockets chill black tiles and walls. The only light in the rooms was black screens with green codes glistening in the room I felt the heavy hand on my shoulder.
I turn around and gazed at the man his eyes covered in a hood a scar on the bridge of his nose was visible and deep, he took off his hood and his intimidating dark eyes shown up.
"I am Claire, I was exploring the department," I said fiddling with my fingers he seems to notice my nervousness.

"You are Claire Hilton, right? Those green eyes can't be mistaken."He sees through right in my eyes A shiver raced down my spine.

"H-how do you know my name?"I stuttered.
"Everyone knows you here. I am Dan by the way" He waved at me showing me his heart smile. Now he doesn't look scary maybe he should smile more frequently.
"Hi Dan"
"If you need any help Claire you can tell me. Your brother was a nice person he helped me a lot, I owe him." On the mention of him, a tear rolled down my cheek which made Dan frown.
"Hey! Don't cry or they will think I did something to you." He wiped my tears

"I am Hacker and these are hacking monitors. We are white hat hackers. We don't harm anyone unless they cross us."

"O-okay I should get going" I frowned and he gave me apologetic smile I left the door and my eyes wandered to the press room I can see inside because of glass walls one of the walls had a screen with live news illustrating on it.

"Hyacinth has been ranked as number 1 country with least crime rates the president of Porsienne will pay a visit tomorrow attending a dinner party in Hyacinth"

We are on good terms with neighbour countries that's a good thing. I entered the department It was my first time watching how news gets recorded I always watched it on TV.

Suddenly I bumped into a heavy rock and fall to the ground I looked up to see the man wearing a brown coat he looked already pissed his black hairs are hidden in a black cap he had squishy cheeks and small eyes with Cyan orbs glinting under white light I stood up with a slight pain in my lower back.
"Sorry" I apologised

"Watch where you going" he walked past me, rude!

"What's wrong with this guy?" I glared at his back he was slight limping blood dripping down his pants a drop of it fell on the whitewashed tile crawling through his ankle I wonder what happened?

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