Operation D-Virus

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Chapter 10

I woke up because of my scary alarm I walked to my mirror and stared at my reflection my eyes were puffy reminded me I stayed late last night I grabbed my casual tee and white pants and took a warm shower. After that, I put on the olive oil-skinned coat and went downstairs I was already late for my shift I have so many things to investigate I went straight to the lab seized my key card I found Ava and Aiden discussing something in a serious tone.

"What happened?"

"You were right! They both are poisoned the dagger was poisoned."

"What! It means the murders are connected."

"Yes! The murderer never aimed for vital organs."

"The reports will ready till tomorrow."

"Where are Aiden and Ryan?"

"You have not heard?"


"Another murder happened the dead body found from a junkyard."

"What is happening? I thought crime rates are low."

"Yeah! But 3 murders in a week it's too questionable It happened first time in five years."

"Is Mr Rowan here?"

"Yep! He is in his office he also had some new clues you can collect details from him." I rushed to his office finally I will be having my answer. I flew to the fifth floor I am used to it now and then knocked on his door.

"Come in!" He was looking at some pictures.

"Hello, Mr Rowan I heard you are looking Into a Doctors case."

"Yes, that's true."

"Can you give me some details?"

"Okay, sure."

"Her name is Jerry she is orthopaedic. She was murdered during her night shift when there was less staff she found dead in staff room they have CCTV cameras in the staff room but the murderer planned it so well the cameras went off the exact time. She lived alone in an apartment with no family or friends because she was introverted she was divorced and her ex-husband is not in the country at a moment he is in Lavinth for business I have to investigate him once he comes back."

"Can I ask few questions?"


"Where were you yesterday."

"Oh! I that sorry I didn't informed before leaving my wife gave birth so I was in the hospital. We had a daughter."

"Oh! Congrats on that."

"Did you investigated the staff?"

"Yes, I investigated staff members and all of them think she was rude so no one talked to her one of them mentioned that she caught her chugging anti-depressants."

"She might have a psychiatrist appointment."

"Yep, she visited a psychiatrist, He said she was dealing with depression because of her divorce nothing much."

"Anything else?"

"Yep, some of the neighbours near their house said she was beaten by her ex-husband."

"The dagger was poisoned."

"Yeah I got the news I can't understand why they choose a poisonous dagger while they could kill her just with multiple attacks."

"Hm..... I was also wondering the same thing.

" Any history of the victim."

"No, She was born in Porsienne and then shifted to Hyacinth completed her studies here she got married here in Hyacinth and divorced after 6 months of the marriage."

"Her husband any info you have."

"Her husband was a nice guy as we heard him from his co-workers and they said he was so nice that can't even hurt a fly he truly loved Jerry and their love story was famous."

"It's so confusing!"

"Yeah! I have to wait for his ex-husband we can't find anything before I investigate him."

"Any clues?"

"Clues we're removed no fingerprints were found CCTV went off it was a preplanned murder."

"Do you know Mary's case, who is leading it?"

"Alice was leading the case but she had an accident so she will be leaving for a month team has decided to give this case to Ryan."


"I should go now thanks for the help." I went outside with so many thoughts and then my phone starts ringing. With caller ID Ryan.


"Claire! Aiden wants you to go for an investigation to the junkyard new body found take Ian with you and yeah use company assigned car okay."

"Okay!" I called for a car and now Ian and I was sitting in a back seat Ian had a bag with him for getting clues and samples. We met Aiden outside the junkyard.

"Aiden! Let's go." We entered inside the circle of people outside the junkyard murmuring and peeking inside her lifeless body was lying on the side of the junkyard mouse squirming over her biting her flesh her body was white paled and skinny with black rims under eyes flies and insect all over her body Aiden kneeled to take a look at her.

"Aiden! Back off don't touch her!." Ian shouted which made Aiden startled.

"What's the wrong doctor. I am just looking at her."

"Stay away.! I have a bad feeling about this" he took out his mask and hand gloves took a deep breath and examined her body frozen blood patched on her torso.

"The same case, the ring is missing again."


"Claire please stay away! This body is toxic, you might get sick."

"Aiden call someone to pack her body in a body bag right away! And please inform them to wear masks and gloves." Aiden immediately called helpers and now we are reaching the department. Aiden is sitting beside me.

"Aiden! What's happening?"

"I hope it's not what I am thinking."

"Is it bad?"

"I had never witnessed this kind of body."

"This body was so weird She was turning into a shade of green after we put her in a body bag I witnessed her body she changed the colour."

"Everything will be fine Aiden! I am with you"

"Promise me! You will not leave me."

"You are just overthinking it! And Why would I leave you."

"Claire I am not overthinking it, third murder in a week It never happened in years. Hyacinth has always secured no one dared to murder in here but now things are getting changed it's been a year past and it's too late to look back."

"What are you saying year past."

"Claire, I can't tell you that, your life will be at risk."

"Please tell me I want to help we can solve it together."

"No one can it's worst now." We stood in front of the building the body was already shifted in the laboratory our best forensic technologists were examining her corpse. Aiden's statement made me scared I don't know when it happened without realizing a teardrop traced down my cheek and Aiden embraced me in a tight hug stroking my hairs lightly his hand moved to my back rubbing it lightly.

"Why are you crying?"

"Did I scare you?"


"You don't have to be scared I am with you." I pulled off the hug and gazed at the hazel orbs he was giving me his warm smile
I remember the time in high school when I was bullied by kids and Aiden used to confront them when he used to walk with me no one dared to touch me and I liked him being overprotective of me when I had a fever he used to stay over at our house and cheer me up even though he also ended up with a fever next day he always been by my side I don't know maybe he feels the way I feel for him it was not just an infatuation it was a connection with two souls.

"Claire? Where are you lost" I was shocked by his action he pecked my forehead I was flustered my cheeks turned into a tint of red.

"I-I...Uh...Let's investigate." I rushed to the laboratory still blushing the staff made me wear a mask and gloves before entering the gate.

"What's the situation doctor?"

"We are taking samples Claire please stay at safe distance." I backed off a bit I found my handheld in a big it was Ryan.

"Let's go, Claire! It's not safe here, let them do their work."

"I want to stay here I want to help."

"Please Claire! You can get sick I care about you."

"Why do you care?"

"Because you are Daniel's sister and don't want to lose you I promised him to protect you." I gave up at the mention of Daniel we went back to the penthouse and settled on the sofa I can't understand what's happening?

"The body was bitten by a dog you know what that means..."


"It means Dog that bit her might be toxic and it can spread... That's why everyone is scared."

"What are you saying?"

"It's a Virus, Claire and It will spread and we have to stop before it gets worse."

"So you are saying it was preplanned and...someone did it intentionally to ruin Hyacinth."

"Yes! Her flesh was also consumed by a mouse it will get worse I am telling you."

"Ryan! I am scared..." Before I could proceed I was in a circle of warm embrace his scent was a mix of coffee and dark chocolate.

"We will do something okay, don't be scared." We pull off the hug and Ryan dialled someone. And pressed the speaker.

"Hello, Frank! I need your help. Curfew the area where the murder happened and every building near this area tell everyone to stay at their homes and avoid going outside they may encounter the infected dog."

"Okay, Sir! I have already sent some police officers to restrict the area and you talked about the mouse thing we have sprayed mouse poison in the area if there will be any infected mouse I am sure it might have died by now."

"That's great! Just search for that dog."

"I am looking into it." Ryan cut the call and got another call it was Ian.

"Hello, Ian."

"Ryan! I have tested the samples and I am already shocked I have never seen something like this it's a completely different Virus the body was injected by the virus."

"I have expected this."

"I am going to test it on a mouse I will feed it the flesh I don't know what will happen."

"Okay do it!"

"Okay bye."

"I want to help tell me how should I help."

"Hmm...Sophia's ex-husband is in the investigating room Rowan is investigating him you should join him." I walked to Rowan's Office and they were about to start the talk.

"Sorry I interrupted Will you mind If I join you?"

"No, please take a seat." Rowan gestured me to the empty seat.

"Hello, Mr Joseph thanks for taking out the time for us in your busy schedule."

"No, I don't mind please hurry with the questions I have only 45 minutes of some work to finish."


"We heard that you used to beat your wife."

"Yes I did beat her but I had a reason I got to know that she was a spy."


"Yes, a Raven. She was a Raven, I loved her so much and she was betraying our country."

"How did you find out?"

"I overheard her call she was telling her leader that she had blueprints of the lab."

"What Lab?"

"Hidden specialised Lab under the private hospital they wanted some kind of samples of some Dr Mario if I remember right?"

"Dr Mario? Senior scientist? The one who said we are always prepared for biological war because we have a virus? He said that on the interview right?" Rowan stroked his chin trying to remember him

"No...It can't be."

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