Operation D-Virus

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Chapter 11

"What happened Claire? Why are you trembling?"

"Where is Dr Mario?"

"He is a famous scientist he has gone for a 3-month vacation on Porsienne's Islands."

"He escaped!"

"I have to go!" I rushed out of the room to Aiden's Office my hands were still shaking.

"Claire?" He stood up in a hurry his both hands on my shoulder.

"What happened Claire talk to me."

"Search...for Dr Mario's interview on biological war...hurry." We settle on the chair and he typed keywords on the internet. Then he faced the laptop screen in front of me showing a blog with an interview.

"Dr Mario! Proud Of Hyacinth." I read the title and then scrolled down and start reading the highlighted paragraph.

"I have always wanted to make my country proud and wanted to take part in Hyacinth's security. When we had wars back then Hyacinth was so much destroyed and our rights were exploited I don't want to repeat the history of Hyacinth's security as our priority! So I made this Virus it will be our biological weapon against enemies I named it D-Virus it works in two days it affects the brain of the consumer and turns them into zombies within two days the early symptoms are dizziness and heavy breaths after a day the consumer will not be in his right mind and after that he will turn I to a monster, that eat the flesh of others and turn them into one of them. This Virus will be kept secured in the lab and used to kill enemies I want to give my wife Janelle half of the credit she helped me in all this Virus thing and we made it in one year just because of her help. Thank you."

"They used our virus on us! I am sure..."

"Claire, calm down we have to think calmly we can't panic."

I got Ian's phone call I picked it up immediately.

"Ian! What happened?"

"Claire I tested the mouse and it turned into the scary thing he starts chewing glass."

"But it was supposed to work on two days it was Dr Mario's virus."

"What Dr Marios Virus, you mean D-Virus."


"It's shocking, I think it works faster on minors."

"Kill the mouse Ian burn the body I don't know just get rid of everything that contains this Virus don't investigate anymore just prepare the front liners."

"I-I think you are right! It's no use to investigate the body."

"I will just burn the body so that it won't affect anyone else."

"Okay! Bye." Aiden came closed and cupped my cheeks

"Don't worry Claire we will get through this."

"I just don't know Aiden, who is behind it, who wants to destroy us."

"Aiden! C-can...I ask you something?"

"I want to tell you before it's too late."

"W-what it is?"

"I like you Aiden, Do you feel the same..." Aiden stunned for a second then he cupped my cheeks tighter tracing his thumb to wipe my tears he leaned closer I closed my eyes and felt his lips brushed in mine it was a small peck.

"I love you too Claire." I smiled at him while my cheeks heating up he poked into my dimples.

"Hey don't do that!" I lightly punched her chest.

"You are cute!" He ruffled my hairs and I glared at him. His wide grin plastered on his face.

"You don't know how happy I am right now! But Claire! I wanted to ask first this it's not fair."

"Should we focus on the case right now."

"Yep! The witness showed up and the victim's friend is also here."

"Should I call them here?"

"Yes please hurry!" Aiden called Zozo to court them in his office. After five minutes a petite girl with wheatish skin tone and black eyes showed up she was continuously sobbing while an old woman with blank expressions was not bothered only gazing office.

"Please take a seat."

"Hello, miss should I question you first." The old woman nodded while smiling wide her behaviour was questionable.

"What you saw?"

"I was just passing by and saw her she was pinned on the wall and a man was forcing her he was wearing a mask I didn't see his face... The man glared at me and I ran away. He has a golden tooth." The old woman smirked.

"I don't believe her Aiden she is making up the story..." I whispered to Aiden.

"You are right now she is supposed to see the tooth when the man was masked."

"Thank you for your corporation Ma'am you may go now." She went out and I glanced at the girl who was still sobbing I settled beside her and then brushed her hairs with my fingers.

"Honey, you can take your time."

"No, I want to help please ask questions."

"Your friend Amy, any stress she had?"

"No, in fact, she was so happy she recently got engaged."

"Her Fiance, do you know where he is?"

"No, I don't know."

"His name?"

"Ken...Ken Yards.."

"Was he a nice guy?"

"Yes, Amy was so happy with him they were dating for 3 years."

"Do he know about her death..."

"I don't know."

"Any enemies or has she threatened, anything suspicious you remember?"

"No, I can't remember anything."

"It's okay, take your time and if you remember anything please contact me."

"O-okay." She left the room I was feeling bad for her. But before I could talk the details with Aiden someone barged into the room.


"Claire Ava is calling you."

"Okay, I will go and see her bye Aiden." I went to the penthouse and unlocked Ava's room she looked sad a frown crept on her face.

"Avie? What's wrong?"

"I told you about the Raven right? I want to tell you the name before it's too late."

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