Operation D-Virus

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

"Really? Are you sure? About the Raven."

"Yes Claire, I will show you the proofs."She switched on her mobile and showed me the clip. I got shocked by Ryan sneaking into the records room late in the night.

"Avie? Ryan is the Raven?"

"Claire he is following me he will kill me he found out about me suspecting him."

"A-Are you sure? He is following you."

"He is following me...He will kill me I am scared, Claire."

"No! I will not let him touch you I am here and no one can touch my best friend." I embraced her in a tight hug.

"Claire stay away from him Okay. I don't want him to hurt you." I got a call it was Ian my heart start racing fast please don't give me the bad news.

"Hello Claire, See the news! Real fast!." The call went off I switched on the TV.

"Breaking news! The mad dog bit three citizens near Lily Street The injured citizen includes a five-year-old kid a teenager and a man they have taken to a nearby hospital the dog was later killed with a bullet."

"No! It's not happening this dog has the Virus it transmitted it to people."

"What's happening?"

"The dog has the Virus Avie there is no way! We have to kill those three before they turn...into zombies."

"We can't kill! That's cruel."

"We can't risk others as well it's also cruel."

"Let's meet in the meeting room! We can plan it." We both went to the meeting room where Aiden, Ian and Ryan were already settled with Rowan and Jade also some unfamiliar faces. I can see Ryan glaring at Ava about what's going on with them.

"Please settle down Claire." I took a seat beside Aiden and Aiden grabbed my hand under the round table giving my hand a light squeeze.

"We have to divide into two teams, Ryan, Ian, Jade, Claire, and Ava you are in one team.
And I, Rowan, Crystal, Sierra and James are in another team. Team A will investigate Dr Mario's research centre it's two hours drive from here you all have to look there for clues and Team B will investigate a hidden laboratory in a private hospital After searching the research centre Team A will head back to the department and wait for the cue and Team B will prepare the Team of scientist to make the anti-tode of this Virus after that we all will gather in the department the front liners will secure the people and lead them to secure hidden dorms in the basement of the department. That's the plan for now in the case of an emergency."

"We could stop this by keeping infected people away...or maybe we should just lock those three we can save millions. We don't have to face this situation." I suggested

"Maybe we can talk to their families they might cooperate until we prepare anti tode." Ava added

"They won't! And making anti tode can take months it's not easy." Ian commented

"Th...then just kill them." I stuttered

"No! We can't kill them maybe their parents cooperate." Ava added

"Okay let's head to the hospital first." Aiden said

"But before that, please just try to contact Dr Mario if he made the virus he might have made the anti-tode." Said Sierra

"I will try!." Crystal said

We head to the hospital and my eyes caught on the pregnant woman peeking through the glass gate of the room.

"Hello? Ma'am is he your son."

"Yes, he got bitten."

"Umm...please calm down I am going to say something that you might not like to hear but your child is infected."

"What are you saying? My son will be fine...he just a bit injured he will be okay. And who are you?"

"I am Claire Hilton from the crime branch I took out my key car and showed her."

"Sorry miss Claire what are you trying to say here?"

"Can we seat somewhere I will not take your much time?"


"So You might not know that our biological weapon was used against us. The dog that bit your son was infected with the Virus I am sorry to say Mrs..."


"I am sorry to say Mrs Yang but there is a possibility that your son may turn...i"

"Lies. lies. lies."

"I don't believe you whoever you are!"

"My son is completely fine! AND STOP SAYING WEIRD STORIES I AM NOT BELIEVING YOU." She yelled


"I want to save your son and everyone else! Please cooperate! Or I might have to force you." I tried to calm her.



"What do you want?" She sobbed

"I want your son for observation. I promise you I will not harm him, please just let me do it." I tapped her shoulders.

"No! How do I believe you?" She wiped her tears a fear

"I am not letting you do that I am telling you my son is perfectly fine."

"Do you want your son to infect others..."

"What are you saying he is only five and he is clean, please stop saying it..."

"Miss I understand, please don't cry you can accompany your son and you can stay with him in the observation room."

"O-okay." I cleared the kids due. the rest of the treatment will begin in the department I feel bad for her Mom but I like her she is cooperative. I went to see the child which was conscious.

"Sweetheart how are you feeling."

"I am fine Aunty but my head hurts...I feel dizzy aunt."

"You will be okay Honey what's your name."


"Momma why are you crying."

"I...I am not crying, baby...should I take you somewhere interesting."

"Yes, Momma Noah doesn't like hospitals it smells..."

"Honey we are going to HDSI do you know what it is."

"Yes! Momma told me they are our superheroes. I want to meet them you know aunt I want to become the fighter."

"That's the spirit! Should we go now?"

"Yes!" I gave the child a peck on his forehead and he hugged me back I feel the warmth and smell of baby shampoo from his hair. I want to save him so bad what he did to deserve this.

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