Operation D-Virus

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Three-person were kept in a glass room the kid and the old man already starting to show symptoms of the first stage. Maybe the teenager's immune system is well built But they started to rage the next day I don't think we can save them anymore. I was standing outside the glass room.
"I...I want to meet my son." The mother followed me from the waiting room

"Sorry I can't let you in have you seen his condition He already hurt our staff members and tried to break the walls please I don't want to hurt you."

"I am going in! No one can stop me!"I tried to hold her but she gets out of my grip and tried to unlock the door.

"You can't unlock it! You don't have access so stop trying!"

"Please I beg you! I want to meet my son... Just let me hug him last time Please."

"O-okay but just don't stay in here for too long." I unlocked the door with my key and she ran inside her son's compartment and hugged him tightly. I got a call from Ian for some test results I had to collect. I went to the laboratory


"Momma! Noah can't see anything."

"My head hurts Momma! It hurts I am angry! I-it pains...It pains so much." He starts slapping his forehead again and again.

"No..no no don't hurt yourself." She pecked his forehead tears slipping down her cheek.

"Please forgive your Momma, She can't protect you...I am a bad mother!"

"No! You are not bad!" The boy hugged her mother and then digging his nail on her neck

"Noah! It hurts!" Her neck started bleeding crimson liquid tracing down her neck she tried to pull herself but before that, his son carved his teeth in her bloody neck leaving bite marks and sucking her blood she screamed I went inside with anaesthesia shots and attack his sons arm the liquid injected in his veins and he fell in a deep slumber.

"Are you okay?" I released him for his son but it was too late she was bitten.

"I told you! I told you to not get inside! Why you didn't understand! You will end up like him sooner or later you both will turn into a flesh-eating monster would you like that!" I shouted at her tears streaming down her cheek her white dress was stained with patches of blood.

"Kill me!" She sobbed

"What?!"I stunned

"I said kill me!" She said louder this time.

"No! Don't say that please." I feel bad for her now

"I SAID KILL ME!" She started running and I chased her I immediately informed the guards to close all exits she was running I took a shot from my pocket grab her shoulder and injected it into her arm she soon fell into my embrace.

"Claire are you okay?" Aiden ran towards me and saw a woman lying on my embrace with dried tears and blood stained on her neckline

"S-she is....bitten, I...I could not save her." I tried to swallow my tears.

"Guards! Take the body and lock her up! She might infect others." One of the guards took her body to the glass compartment while Aiden kneeled our eyes met. He circled me in a hug.

"You have to be strong Claire,"

"I have to tell you something."

"It spread already...from mouses so many others start showing the symptoms some of them might ignore it we will never know."

"What should we do now?"

"We have to carry out our mission now. Follow me." He holds my hands and I followed him. We head to the weapon station where everyone else already standing. Ian collecting knives and daggers.

"Ian Knives and daggers won't work!"

"I told you I am good with blades my father was a bladesmith He taught me this I know where to hit and where to shoot believe me here." Ian smiled brightly
Everyone else picked pistols and bullets While Ryan was picking advanced weapons like electric guns and fire flares. We distributed in teams and about to take off. Aiden pulled my hand and now we were in a dark storage room he looked deep into my eyes and he pecked my forehead.
"Take care of yourself."

"I will!"

"One of them might be the Raven you have to be careful."

"I know who is the Raven."

"You know? Okay then stay safe."

"I will."

"Love you, Claire."

"Love you too."

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