Operation D-Virus

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Chapter 14

Chapter 14

We were about to head to Dr Mario's research centre 2 hours drive from here Ian was driving the car while Ava was in the passenger seat fiddling her finger Ryan was still staring at her. The car suddenly paced as the road was on fire the cars burning up the traffic signal about to fall on the car Ian paced the car the people are running some of them turned into zombies In one day? It's impossible! The huge traffic signal collapsed on some peoples

"Shit!" Ian Barked

"They turned in one day? It's impossible!" The car was now pacing at full speed we buckled our seat belts a glass tower collapsed in the blink of an eye blade slapping of helicopters above cars a crash of shattering glass screeched in my ear.

"Dammit!" Ian shouted crashed the car over few zombies now splattering in blood we jerked with the sudden brakes. Ian took control again and smashed their bodies under tires. Police sirens can be heard far away. the metallic smell of blood and burning smoke raised in the air.
The GPS of the mobile chimed in my ear my heartbeat was still racing in inhumane speed.
Where are you Aiden? Why can't you take me with you? Why are you hiding things from me? Why this is all happening? So many questions in my mind.

"We are almost here!" Ryan loaded her guns and Ava grabbed her first aid kit the car braked in front of a tall tower I never imagined a research centre this big. Flesh-eating human roaming around.

"Claire, don't make noise just sneak in they can't see us but they have sensitive ears," Ryan whispered I lightly walked trying to sneak into the building we entered in the building holding guns tightly my eyes stunned to see so many zombies walking around reaching for us they are more than twenty.

"There is no way we can kill all of them!"

"Claire we have to kill." Ryan start shooting zombies and their heads holed with bullets Jade gave me the cover one reached for her neck but she was fast enough to punch him right into eyes I was scared to shoot but when my eyes caught two zombies reaching for Ava and she is loading gun I shot the zombies one bullet in each of their heads enough to make them crumble to the ground. We ran to the hallway then reached for the elevator.

"We have to divide!" Ian took a deep sigh.

"I and Claire will head to the underground tunnels and you three go to the top floor!" Jade said
A part of me doesn't want to leave Ava with Ryan but she was right Top floor has a Highly specialised Lab and Dr Mario's residence only Doctors can collect better clues at Lab and Ryan is good at fighting he can protect both doctors while Jade is a fighter and underground tunnel has to be investigated I will be useful and Jade can give me cover.

The team divided all staff was already turned I can see zombies wearing lab coats drenching in blood slightly limping. The tunnel was dark I switched on the flashlight on the phone. And suddenly got a video call of Aiden.

"Aiden! It's too dark here I might not be clear but we are here in tunnels."

"Claire! Please on the security button on your phone allow INOVO to keep an eye on you it's for your safety I want your updates."

"Okay, Aiden! Are you guys okay?"

"We are fine...They are so many and you were right D-Virus 20 samples are missing out of 25..."

"It means... 20 of them were injected and we never knew!!!?"

"Yes...I am taking five samples and will back to the department after some research okay?"

"And yeah! Please take care of yourself tell Ryan or Jade to cover for you they are good fighters and love you...Bye." The call disconnected Jade was standing beside me a smile plastered on my face it was a relief that Aiden is okay, Jade sighed.

"You guys are dating?"

"Sort of...we never went out but we confessed."

"I am happy for y...CLAIRE WATCH OUT!!" The zombie grabbed me from behind and about to bit my shoulder but Jade took out her survival knife and attacked him multiple times the Zombie collapsed down. I trembled in fear a tear slipped down my cheek.

"Everything is fine don't cry" Jade engulfed me in a hug and draw circles in my back we pulled off the hug she smiled only her pearly teeth visible in the dark we hold hands and start searching.

"You see this tunnel...It was not on the blueprint should we go inside it." I nodded and we went inside the tunnel and stunned to see the jail cell with normal humans.

"What!? The jail cell in a research centre." We approached the guy with dark skin wearing a white vest and olive coloured shorts stood up after glancing at us limping in front of bars.

"Get me out of here!"

"What are you doing here and what is this cell."

"Look...these doctors were fraud I was a drug dealer and everyone here is a criminal they tested their samples on us even tortured us they promised us that they will free us after the experiment conduction but they lied! They are Ravens..."


"Yes, please let us go...I already lost one leg because of their stupid experiment." All the other criminal stood up waiting for their freedoms.

"Okay we will unlock your cells after we're done with the investigation we're are from the crime branch."
We exited the tunnel everyone here was giving pleading looks to us. we went the other way and shooked to see the big cylinders with green liquid and dead human inside. What was happening in there?

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