Operation D-Virus

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Chapter 15

Chapter 15

"Now what's this?" I touched the glass cylinder and Jade went to check controls.
"I think they are the criminals wasted in experiments..."

"Jade, what's going on? What about the others? Should we unlock their cells or what?"

"I scared because they are criminal might hurt others but the situation is only dangerous...I don't know what to do with them." Suddenly Jade's pocket vibrated she took out her phone.

"Jade! The other team is in danger!" INOVO said


"Where they are?"

"In the Lab...They have been attacked by zombies they need backup."

"Okay, we will come!" We rushed to the elevators and reached to the top floor labs glass walls with Ivory marble counters so many vessels filled with chemicals and testing tubes white tiles stained with crimson blood and shotted dead bodies a metallic smell mixed with antiseptic hit my nose we reached to the glass door with see through the glass I can see big monitors and it looks like a control room on the left side of lab the stairs go straight to Mario's residence I entered the control room.

"There is no one here!"

"Look there is a new door!" Jade pointed to the wooden door with a key card monitor.

"We don't have a key card for this door." Jade sighed and I kneeled to the dead body with three bullets on the head and a badge with Dr Hayden on a metallic plate he doesn't look like a zombie he is too handsome to be a zombie. I checked his pockets and found a purple key card on his pant's pocket.

"I found it!" I stood up and swiped the card on the door "Access Granted!" A robotic voice chimed from the door a huge hallway appears. Where are the few zombies confronted but Jade took care of them shooting them right on their heads?

"Claire stay close to me!"

"We have to open the door one by one." I gulped as I heard growls and knocks from the other side of the door.

"Don't Jade! They are too many!"

"Do you think those nasty blind creatures can fight with a fighter! You are mistaken. Just hold your gun tightly and stay behind." Jade kicked open the door 5 of them came outside slightly limping blood dripping from their mouths staining their torn outfits The five bangs of bullets right on their heads and now all of them licked the floor. We opened the other door and found Ian lying on the bed and Ryan beside him. While Ava was loading her gun a frown plastered on her face.

"Ian! W-what..." Blood trickling down his neck his eyes were slightly glossy tears about to brim his hands were shaking a big bite mark visible crimson and blacked.

"What happened?" Ryan and Ava reached us.

"He...He is bitten." Ryan said a tear rolled down his eyes. Ian closed his eyes and took a deep breath letting his tears fall down his cheeks mixing with blood and then he hissed both palms on his head clenching a bunch of his hair.

"No...no...It can't be..." I was stunned he was always a cheerful person I saw him cry the first time.

"Claire! Kill me." Ian said his eyes reddened his blue orbs carrying a sorrow.

"No! Everything will be okay Ian you will be alright...we will do something...we can't lose you!" A tear rolled down my cheek.

"I don't want to turn into one of them! Just kill me and... end all of this here. I don't want to turn into the monster just kill me! Before I hurt...It's better to die that's a fate." His cheeks drenched in tears his loud sobs echoed in the closed room.

"Please Ian...don't say that" Ryan stroked his hair hint of sadness shown in his eyes and then he wiped his tears with his thumb and Ian pushed his hand away. And all of the way Ava was silent.

"Ian look! Don't give up right now! We are still in the Lab just let us try we will find something everything will be..."

"It's not gonna be fine!" Ava barked.

"Just kill him before he kills you!" Ava's statement stunned me.

"What did you said, Ava! I don't believe it how can you be so cold-hearted!" I shouted.

"She is right, kill me," Ian said in a faint voice.

"Listen here, Claire! He is infected and there is no way we could find the treatment this early he will turn in one day... Just kill him Claire we don't have enough time."

"I can't!"I wiped my tears.

" Okay! I will do it then." Ava said pointing the gun at Ian. Ryan closed his eyes and looked back.

"Forgive me, Ian! I couldn't save you..." Ryan said before facing his back in front of Ian.

"Stop this! Do you know what are you doing! Can't you remember he saved your life once! How can you be so cruel Ava I can't believe this!" Jade barked at Ava and she rolled her eyes.

"You want others to die because of him!" Ava scoffed

"Ian please don't leave us..." I begged him with pleading eyes he just sighed and closed his eyes let the last drop of tear caress his cheek.
Jade was about to stop Ava but the bullet was faster the bullet pierced right through Ian's heart. Ripping his flesh He hissed and then his body numbed and froze he died on the spot with blood oozing from his chest I trembled to see his dead body lying in front of my eyes the deep sorrow still viable in his blue lifeless eyes ones used to be the most lively eyes.

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