Operation D-Virus

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Chapter 16

I called Aiden but he didn't pick up. I was worried about his still feeling depressed about Ian Things happened I never imagined I don't even know if my dad is safe.

"We have to divide," Jade said as sadness visible in her voice.

"Claire will you go with me!" Ava hold my hands I want to go with her even though I know she killed Ian but she had a reason she wanted to protect others. And I know that Ryan is a Raven it will be dangerous to go with him.

"I am going with Ryan then..." Jade said holding Ryan's hands she was still angry at Ava.

"You both go to the left hallway we will go to the right," Ryan said

"Okay..." Ava said as she dragged me to the left.

"Don't be sad Leah your tears are burning my heart like acid you are like my sister I don't like to see you cry."

"Where are we going?" I said wiping my tears.

"To Dr Mario's office, he might have left some info about his virus maybe." She said landing her hands on my shoulder.

We reached the strange room not even close to what the office looks like strange screens illustrating on the wall showing CCTV footage of all floor I can see Jade and Ryan discussing something in front of the control room. A dead-end comes with a wall with a palm shape printed on it Ava stuck her palm to the scanner.
The robotic voice said "Access Granted"
It was a long iron bridge I can see a tunnel from down here the there is no way what place is this. the bridge had a station on its terminal with steel railings.

"Ava! How do you have access here?"

"Let's discuss your brother's death." She smirked and her dangerous smile once used to be comforting send the shiver down my spine.


"Poor boy...fell in love with me. Never knew what's happening to his life."

"You!....you kill...killed him?"

"What he was? Yeah, I remember undercover spy. Undercover spy my foot!"

"What did you do to my brother!"

"Forced him to suicide! And he did it. you are a good bait Claire once I showed him your photos he agreed, I didn't kill him...He killed himself."

"What photos?!"

"You ask so many questions! He died anyway maybe he was depressed I rejected his proposal you wanted to know about the red door it's the place where your brother died...he electrified himself I still have the recording it's pleasure to see death."


"Please don't kill me! Leah, I did it all to save you."

"You know I tell death stories to everyone I kill so let them know how their loved one dies in your brother's case I told him about your mother's death and his reaction was satisfying like yours, should I give you details."


"You loved your brother and I love my sister she is my only family believe me you look like her...but still I have to kill you to save Leah...once you all die Leah will be freed and then no one will blackmail me."


"One Leah has to go to save the other Leah...should I count it's interesting that way."

"You Brat!"

"Don't even try! Your gun has no bullets I exchanged it."


"Let's begin the count!...1"









"...10, goodbye Leah have a good trip to heaven."

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