Operation D-Virus

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Chapter 17

The sharp whiz of a bullet sounded I trembled but I was perfectly fine I opened my eyes and saw the corpse of Ava bathing in a pool of blood on the cold metal floor.

"You okay? Claire...I should have killed her way earlier." A string of tears dripped down my cheek it was way too much to consume all things she told me were way too much I stood frozen in my place glanced at her lifeless body and then at Ryan he reached me and embraced me in a tight hug.

"She told you right?" He combed my hairs with his abrasive hands I closed my eyes let all the tears fall.

"Why no one told me that! I hate you! I hate everyone!" I pushed him off and he gave me the pleading look.

"No one told you because they care for you! Your brother died because of Ava's blackmailing she forced him to hide her identity or she will kill you, Claire! You were a bait he suicided because he wanted to protect you!"

"Why!? I can protect myself! Why did he do that!?..." I sobbed

"Let's leave here Claire it's dangerous here." He holds my hands and dragged me outside.
I saw a cut hand of someone outside the door.

"You used someone's hand to get inside."

"I didn't have a choice."

"Sorry for getting angry with you it's not your fault and you saved my life."

"It was a promise...I promised to protect you Claire from Ava she knew all of that. I was spying on her and searched records of her job application."

"I doubted you..."

"It's okay Claire...can we sit for a while."

"Sure!" We sat on the metal chairs in the hallway.

"Where is Jade?"

"She is just checking for clues on the right hallway and don't worry we have already cleared the zombies and I knew you would be in trouble so I followed you."


"You want to know my story?"

"You want to tell then it's fine by me."

"When my mother was pregnant with me my dad kicked her out of the house she was homeless and desperate she did multiple jobs and overworked herself and that caused weakness in her and I born into a weak immature baby...We lived in the streets I grew up eating wastes from the trash can when mom saved enough money to rent an apartment she worked overnight and rested for only a few hours she worked as a maid, as a cashier, as a babysitter, she worked hard to afford my school fees I became a detective because of my intelligence and my mom's hard work and I meet Daniel he always told me your stories...and then I fall in love with someone I didn't know, someone I heard about someone, I imagined but I never saw someone who came into my dreams but when she came, in reality, she was far more beautiful than all the dreams all the imagination it was you, Claire. I don't want you to feel the same way for me I don't want you to love me back and I know you have someone else in your life but I just wanted you to know that I liked you before I saw you. Your favourites your dislikes I know everything about you...I just wanted you to know I...am in love with you." I froze and numbed for a second and gulped a lump in my throat.

"I...I don't like you."

"I am not sad because I already know that."

"I just wanted you to be happy with whoever you live...just let me know if he hurts you I will kill him."

"Okay...I am sorry."

"You don't have to...But I wanted you to know that there is someone always behind your back."

"Thank you, Ryan. I wish you will find a partner that will love you and take care of you, you are a nice guy."

"Hmm..." Jade rushed to us and then cupped my cheek moving it in directions.

"You Okay? I was worried for you."

"I am fine, you chopstick!"

"Never underestimate the power of chopstick!" She pointed her finger upwards made me chuckle I can't believe she is the same chopstick I hated maybe I was too rude to her I misjudged her.

"I found nothing! It was a total waste to come here the residence is also locked with a key card only Mr and Mrs Mario has access only we should leave and go to the department now!"

"The research centre is undergone to self-destruction mode everyone is requested to leave the building within 20 minutes." The robotic voice echoed from the speakers.

"Run!" Said Ryan and we all rushed to the elevators killed some zombies in the way we made it in fifteen minutes the car drove away as I saw the glass tower crumbling into pieces so many things happened in one day.

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