Operation D-Virus

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Chapter 18

Rowan and Crystal prepared the team of scientists underground Dr Mario's lab. Aiden dialled Claire's number 17th time already she is not picking up which made him panic.

Where are you, Claire? Please be safe.
"Mr Hughes I am scared to say that the cure will take much more time to prepare it might take months or even years." The Lead scientist folded his arm a frown and seriousness plastered on his face.

"Just do your best, We will leave for the department this lab is on safety lock so that creepy monster can't get in please contact me if you need any types of equipment okay."

"Sure! Hughes" Aiden turned to left along with Crystal and Rowan by his side only four of them left. Sierra died she was completely eaten by multiple zombies she was an intern and James was waiting for them outside in the car.

"Wait, Hughes!" The Scientist said

"What is it, doctor? Do you need anything?"

"Umm... I wanted to tell you something...I worked with Mario's for about 3 months and then I was fired...I was not allowed to go to some places they were restricted but when I sneaked in it was a big jail cell undergrounds which were too suspicious a jail under a research centre I was caught and also threatened to death...I wanted to complain to HDSI but my daughter was used as bait they went to her school offered her poisoned candy she was poisoned but thankfully we saved her in time...The research centre is dangerous I haven't looked into other areas but it's too suspicious."

"You should have reported to the department! We would have protected you and your daughter."

"Oh please, Hughes! You think I don't know your department is full of Ravens...What was your forensic technician? Yeah, I remember Ava Hernandez she visited the research centre frequently."

"What!? Ava is the Raven!" No way Claire is in danger I have to go.
"Sorry I have to leave." I rushed outside the lab leaving Rowan and Crystal in the confusion they followed me I rushed down the stairs.

"Aiden! What are you doing?"

"Claire...She is in danger!" Crystal and Rowan followed me.

"Calm down Aiden! Ava can't do anything to her Ian, Jade and Ryan are also there.

" She is not picking my calls! What if she is hurt...I have to save her." I jumped in the car I sat in the passenger seat while Rowan and Crystal on the back seat.

"Drive fast to the research centre." Silence of Cries and Screaming people echoed in my head. Burned cars smoking engines Sirens and Shatter of the glass made the unpleasant music the only thing I want is to save them from Ava. I can't believe I let the Raven live in my house.
James drove at full speed the only thing we could see was the glass tower crumbled into pieces a tear slipped down my cheek I stood frozen. What happened here? Are they okay or not? The phone chimed in my pocket I grab it out and caller ID made me sighed in relief. Ryan calling.

"Hello Aiden, what's the situation on your side?"

"Ryan, how's Claire? She is not picking up her calls"

"She is fine, you want to talk to her?"


"Hello Aiden, Are you okay..."

"Thankgod! You are okay why aren't you picking up calls you made me worried."

"My phone broke...I am sorry."

"Hey don't be sorry! Just be safe I heard about Ava...She is Raven."

"I know...She tried to kill me, but. Ryan was fast enough she died."

"So now you know everything?"



"Yes, Claire."

"Ian...Ian died." A sudden silence from the other side.

"H-How?" Sadness was visible in his heavy voice."

"He...got bit."

"I couldn't save my friend...I don't have words."

"We're heading to the department I will see you there."

"Bye Claire..."

"Take care."
The call disconnected I still can't consume the news of Ian's death I disclosed the news to Crystal and James both were newbies not much friend of Ian but still, they mourned his death while Rowan was sad he even cried. The whole city was collapsing the silence was louder than screams dead bodies on the road some turned some died some lost their loved ones some ate their loved ones.
The two hours of drive was silent.
Emotions we're mixed with sadness, fear, guilt and anger.

The department was still preparing cars and helicopters. Some people were transferred to safe hideouts underground.
I was in front of the glassed departments where we kept the first infected people. the child was crazily banging the glass walls blood smeared on his face and teeth covered in red the teenager hurt himself spiking his skin with a nail. The old man was slightly limping e already turned his mouth was pooling crimson blood and the bony skeleton of the lady was in the middle full eaten by her child and the old man.

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