Operation D-Virus

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Chapter 19

As I entered the department building and sudden tight hug welcomed me at the gate crushing my bones.

"Hey, Aiden I can't breath!" I shouted at him he pulled off the hug and cupped my cheek moving it side to side.

"Are you hurt? Did you have bruises? What's this scratch on your arm?" I took his hands off my cheeks and give him a light slap on his cheek.

"I am fine, idiot!"

"What happened to Ian?" A frown crept on his face.

"Let's not discuss him...whenever his name has heard the scene of his death repeat in my mind."

"Ok let's not...We have to go somewhere." We walked to the car Hyacinth was all destroyed. Sky scrappers burned in flames humans eating humans no one imagined it.

"Where are we going?"

"To save lives...and yeah your Dad called me to tell you he is okay and staying at his farmhouse...He had sufficient food so don't worry about him." I sighed in relief He turned his car to the residential area complete with the chaos of cars causing traffic because of accident zombies roaming. Blood splattered on the road grocery stores were almost emptied with no grocer on the counter.

We got off the car loading bullets on the revolver. Aiden pulled me behind him being my armour He shooted bullets that pierced right through their skulls.
We entered the clothing store.

"Is anyone here!" Aiden shouted.
The small girl with a blonde pigtail and petite figure wearing a striped shirt and skirt came behind the shelf slowly walking in the front her bare legs covered with crimson marks. A small cut on his cheek was patched with a blood clot.

"Hello, sweetheart." I crouched in front of her wiping the blood off her cheek she hissed.

"Yes, I am fine! Who are you?" The girl said sounding a bit off? She looked like seven years old.

"We're from the Crime branch."

"Ah! You punks! Look at your pace you saved so many lives." She rolled her eyes.

"Where are your parents."

"I don't even know my parents they died."

"You come with us! We have a safe shelter."

"Do you have food?"


"Looks like I don't have a choice." She held my hands Aiden pinched the red cheeks.

"You want to die!" She glared at him. That made him startled.

"Let's look if there is someone normal."

"All are turned there is no use."

"How are you so sure?"

"I killed half of my neighbours...The normal ones already escaped no one took me with them because of the food insufficiency see the grocery store here...Its all empty."

"You killed..."

"So? You think I can't "

"How old are you?"

"I am ten." She looked so young for her age.

"I am hungry! Let's go" we settled in the car and Aiden turned on the radio.
" Hyacinth will be demolished by an explosive in 24 hours the peoples are requested to leave the city "

"What the hell!" I shouted

"They just can't do that! They will demolish the city! What about the people who live here and can't manage to escape they all will die."

"Do we have any other option, Miss Claire?" The girl rolled her eyes.

"Please little girl whoever you are just don't interrupt me..."

"It's Emily..."

"Yeah, so miss Emily don't mind in my business and stop rolling your eyes or they with stuck like this." She rolled her eyes again and Aiden chuckled.

"We have to leave before we die in explosions." Aiden's phone ringed with Caller ID Ryan illuminating from the screen. He picked up the call.

"Hello, Aiden have you heard the news."

"Hmm...we have to escape."

"I have already set the aeroplane to shift the normal ones to the Rihano Island but the Plane is already full few doctors are already tending the plane along with cabin crew we only have two for the whole ass plan and the team of scientist...I don't think they can make it...should I stop the project they also need to transfer to a safe place so what do you think"

"No choices left I guess."

"What should we do now."

"Any helicopters left?"

"No...I am also leaving with Jade, Rowan, James and Crystal we are leaving for Lavinth 5 hours drive from here."

"Okay, I'll meet you there." He disconnected the call turn on his GPS.

"Where are we going?" Emily asked.

"To the Lavinth...we have to escape from here."

"Aiden! You have to tell me everything right now!"


"Things you are hiding! There is no use in hiding now."

"Yes I know...but"

"No buts!"

"Fine! Listen attentively...25 years ago when Hyacinth has the war we lost so many resources the country was facing issues with money the budget went all off so many industries razed...But then the president Of Hyacinth took the loan from Porsienne we signed the 19-year contract with them the time they gave us to pay all the debt with 30% interest."

"That's too much!"

"I know it was all a mistake...Porsienne is a small state but its government is rich we needed money too much that we didn't even focus their conditions on the contact and one of their condition was if we didn't pay the amount of cash within 19 years they will get the ownership of their state within their peoples."

"It means...I AM OWNED BY THEM!!!!."

"Yes! Until you live here you owned by them."

"What! It means the government lied to us all 19 years...they lied in their social studies books! My whole life was a lie!"

"Yeah and Ravens are their spies all over the state and once they know you find out the Raven either they kill themselves or are either killed or either kill those three died I know who they are the first girl was engaged to the Raven once she found out about him he abused her and killed her before she opened her mouth. The Doctor was a Raven his husband found out about her but she loved him too much to kill him the leader forced her but she was killed and the last one was an innocent girl she was only used to spread the virus."

"You knew all of that! And didn't even care to tell me."

"It will only risk your life...If you knew about them They would kill you and I don't want you to die."

"It's too much to digest!"

"I know but it's the truth...when government refuse to hand over the state they used our weapons on us."

"Let's leave the Hyacinth... we're always prepared because we knew it will happen." Everything moved by at a speed we took a safe way goes from the jungle and river bridge I still can't get over the fact that all my life was a lie and a single mistake ruined so many lives.

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