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Operation D-Virus

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2
"You okay sweetheart?" A girl with blackish noodly-doodly hairs and a chocolaty skin tone her eyes were icy blue can frost million hearts and diamond shape face ran towards me.

"I am okay, that guy is so rude"

"Believe me or not, he is a nice guy" She tapped my shoulder giving heartwarming smile she was way too attractive with her dark skin.

"I don't think so." I scoffed

"By the way, I am Ava a forensic technician and kick asses of baddies and you?" She tried to cheer me up.

"Claire, I am the investigator I joined today." We shook hands

"Claire Hilton by any chance?" She rubbed her chin as her gaze piercing right through my green eyes.

"Why the hell everyone knows me here?" I asked in frustration.

"Oh C'mon your father and brother were related to this department everyone knows you here." I sighed in relief so it's normal here to know the personal info of employees in this department including their family members.

"Ava, can you show me around?"

"Hmm... Where is your robotic assistance?"

"Zozo is charging itself"

"Ah! Zozo, poor robot"

"Sure! I am free anyway"

"But we have to tell Zozo that I am going with you or It will be worried"

"I will send a message so don't worry, Let's go"

We exited the press room Ava showed me around we saw the Emergency Care unit, Cafeteria, The creepy torture cell, Forensic Department, Meeting room, InvestigationDepartment, Weapon Station, RoboticsDepartment, Ice Room, Underground Hideouts in case of emergency, Emergency Doors, Training Grounds, Creepy Gadgets and Creatures, Head Office, Underground Car Parking and many times I have to go through this creepy anti-gravity elevator and all the times I hugged Ava tight she is friendly she didn't mind.
"Ava, can I ask you something?"

"Sure Sweetie, you are like my little sister." She smiled showing me her pearly white teeth.

"What's the red door?"

"Honey, you should stay far away from it"

"But why?"

"HDSI has its secrets, things are not easy like it seems"

"Ava, d-do you know H-how Daniel died?" I stuttered holding my tears. And she embraced me in a hug.

"Don't hold tears... It's okay to cry" I cried wetting Ava's shoulder. Why I feel so connected to her?

"Your brother was a nice guy, he might not be here with us but he will always be in our hearts"

"Thank you, Ava can we be friends"

"Besties from now!" I chuckled at her cuteness wiping my tears.

"And now last but not least our penthouse!!!!"

"Yep! Aiden's penthouse we live here"

"You live with Aiden?"

"Yep with Ryan and Ian and now you will be the addition"

"We are friends and C'mon Zozo told me that Aiden likes you" my cheeks turned in a tint of pink when she winked teasingly.

"Nice Catch, Claire."

"Stop!" I covered my flushed face in embarrassment.

"You like him right?"
"It's been five years since I saw him last, where is he?" I scanned around the floor. I couldn't find him anywhere

"He is working on the gang named RAVEN they are impossible to catch you know."

"Any clues yet?"

"No, not yet, have you met Ian he is also a forensic technician like me"

"Nope! Let's go to the penthouse"

"Oh! Don't tell me we have to float again"

"We have to... There is no way we could go up there"

"Fine hold me tightly" Ava grabbed my hand then dragged me to the elevator. more like 5 minutes in hell.

My eyes caught with the pool the clear water glinting in the sunshine the penthouse with see-through glass it was so big and a double story.

"Your new home" she clapped in excitement

We entered the penthouse velvet black L-shaped seat on the centre a 55 inched LCD screen with game consoles connected and Movie disks on the rack an open kitchen with wooden cabinets eggshell coloured curtains, grey carpeted floor, spiral stairs go up two doors and one has do not disturb sign hanging on the doorknob.

"Whose room is this?"

It's Ryan's the guy who you got bumped with remember?"

"That guy was Ryan?!"

"Yes! He is Ryan he is cold sometimes, but believe me, he is a cutie squishy plushie"

"I don't think so" I rolled my eyes

"Hey, Claire! Give him a chance. Don't judge too early" Ava pinched my cheeks.

"Okay, and the room beside it who owns it?" I pointed to the dark black door with a big skull ornament glued to the centre. It looks creepy

"It's Ian's don't even enter its Vampire's coffin, you know side effects of watching horror films he is turned into a one of horror creature." I smiled at her and she poked my dimples I am used to it people poking my dimples is a normal thing now.

"Aww... Your smile is so cute."

"Let's go upstairs" Ava clenched my hand and we walked upstairs
Finally, a normal way to go up.
I saw a treadmill and some dumbells maybe a mini gym they made and then my eyes caught the furry white rug with patterned pillows in the corner.

"Aww... That's cute"

"This is our Chatting corner and you see these doors this glass door is the dining room and the one beside it is Aiden's room and these doors on the sidewall this room on the left is mine and one beside it is yours"

"I thought you all are sharing rooms"

"Umm... No, the penthouse is big enough"

"Just take your clothes from your house the room is furnished plus decorated"

"I have not taken any clothes with me I will have to buy them maybe we can go shopping together?"

"Yeah sure, there is a good clothing store nearby we can go there when we are free, okay?"

"Thanks! Can I call you Avie?" I tapped her shoulders

"You are so sweet Claire, you can call me whatever you want?"

"The room is all good but you can change the carpet it's pretty dull coloured" Ava pointed to the offwhite coloured carpet covering the floor of the room a single white bed, pastel blue walls with flower patterns, light curtains hanging on the glass wall showing city view a dressing table with a mirror and mini shelve above the bed decorated with frames and fairy lights a small wardrobe attached to the wall this room is perfect.
"Who designed it? It's perfect"

"Aiden designed it according to your taste but you can make changes here."

"No, it's perfect thank you for letting me live here now tell me the rent"

"No rent actually, your uncle doesn't want us to take rent from you, just enjoy and Aiden loves so many people living in his house he doesn't take any rent from us but sometimes we treat him with free food you can do that as well"
Ava handed me a rectangular box she took out from her handbag.

"What's this?"

"It's your new phone"

"But I already have a phone"

"That's not a normal phone idiot!"

"Nothing is normal here!" I rolled my eyes

"It's an advanced phone" she opened the box and took out the phone with a white case and INOVO in bold written on it she opened the phone and the screen illuminated. I saw some unfamiliar Icons.

"Look this app it's protecting bot, it protects your phone against hackers and this app besides it, it's car assigner you can only use department's car with bulletproof windows and trusted driver"


"You know nothing sweetie, It's for your safety"

"I can protect myself, I can also kick butts like you"

"You know nothing Claire."

"Why everyone is hiding things...."She cut me off

"Back to the phone, this app is location tracer and you know what it is, and this is robotic assistance remember I told you that I will message Zozo this is how we can contact robots and the cool thing is this phone took only one hour of charge and works the whole freaking week without charge"

"Woah! That's cool"

"You can talk with this phone like a friend"

"Hey, Inovo!" Ava said

"Hey, Bitch!" The raspy voice came out of the device.
"Isn't it a bit too friendly" I laughed awkwardly

"It is"
"Hey, Inovo where is Aiden?"

"He is eating burgers in McDonald's and now he stood up headed to the washroom that bastard left me on the table. What the fuck! do he want me to get snatched I can feel someone is eye-fucking me no... no... don't snatch me it's not good I will pull off your beard's hair if you come closer, Stay away from me Thankgod! Aiden is back, you sick bastard! I will deal with you later! "

"What's happening?" Ava gave me a questionable look

"Nothing Ryan got shot with a bullet on his leg and mission. " Sneak Into Raven's mansion" didn't work so he is taking out his rage on burgers."

"But I know that!"

"Oh, you know that? Then why you bothered me bitch!"

"Is that creepy phone keeping an eye on Aiden" my curiosity can't wait any longer

"Hey don't call me creepy"

"Yes he has an eye on every person who is carrying it but only if the owner allows it" Ava replied

"Okay..." I stood frozen for a second

"Hey, Inovo! You are not and never allowed to invade my privacy okay!" I shouted at the device.

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