Operation D-Virus

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3 years ago...

The flower bloomed in the garden the fresh-cut grass and sweet-smelling roses and jasmine decorated on the wedding Aisle along with green leaves dangling with ropes the three-floored pink cake on the glass table ornamented by fuchsia coloured tulips the white butterflies sitting on flower buds J love R calligraphy on the grass wall on the back. I dressed up on my light purple maid of honour dress with a silver belt on the waist the tail dropped moping the floral carpet and my bare shoulders gleamed under cool sunlight. I entered the private room where Jade dressed as a beautiful bride her hair tied in an updo with pearls decorated she looked beautiful.
"Are you nervous?" I asked holding her hands.

"Maybe a bit...but I am more excited I know Ryan will be a good husband."

"Aww...I am so happy for you."

"Where are Sean and Sofia?"

"With their Dad of course." She flashed a smile then glanced at her reflection in the mirror her brown locks dangling on her forehead.

"Poor Aiden he has to babysit them...give him a rest Claire, he is the best man of Ryan."

"So I am your maid of honour I also need rest." Jade's mother came in the room smiling widely she spread her arms and embraced her in a tight hug.

"My princess is getting married!...you are looking so pretty Jade."

"Thanks, Mom." She pulled off from the hug.

"And look at you Claire, pretty as always."

"Thanks, Aunt! And look at you graceful as always."

"Ah stop it!" She gave me a shy smile.

"Let's go, Crystal and Casey are already outside you have to enter now Claire."

"Is Emily ready?"

"Yeah, she is...my beautiful flower girl."
We entered the venue I walked through the floral carpet along with the other two maids Emily showered rose petals we stood across the aisle where Ryan impatiently waiting for his beautiful wife. When Jade entered his jaw dropped and eyes wide open Aiden winked at me standing across the aisle my twins sleeping peacefully on the cribs with pink and blue bow ties on the handle of the crib.

"Jade Brontes do you take Ryan Tanner as your lawfully wedded husband and share every sorrow and happiness for the rest of your life."

"I do" Jade smiled and Aiden was staring at me continuously without blinking I glared at him.

"Ryan Tanner do you take Jade Brontes as your lawfully wedded wife and share every sorrow and happiness for your rest of the life."

"I do."

"I announce Jade Brontes and Ryan Tanner as husband and wife."

"You may now kiss the bride." Ryan and Jade kissed tears of happiness stroking their cheeks.
It was now the bouquet throwing ceremony Jade plunged the bouquet landed on Crystal's hand.

"I got the bouquet! Finally, I will find my partner." She smiled cheerfully jumping up and down.
Everyone was happy I checked on the twins they are just like their father they got his hazel eyes and nose and my hairs and dimples. Aiden pulled my wrist and dragged me to the private room locking the door behind he pinned me to the wall.

"What the hell you think you are doing."

"You outshined the bride baby who told you to look this pretty."

"Hey! Your kids are alone outside what kind of Dad you are."

"And what kind of wife you are glaring at your innocent husband."

"Let me go! Our babies are alone."

"Am I not your baby?" He pouted.

"Yeah, the most immature one!"

"When will you let me go I am worried."

"Just a kiss and then you can go." He leaned closer and I closed my eyes his warm breath brushed my lips He kissed gently and then we pulled off.

"Don't worry about kids they are with Dad and Mom believe me I am not an irresponsible Dad."

"I know you are not." I caressed his cheek and then gave him a light peck on his cheek which made him smile.

"We have a flight tomorrow."

"Where are we going?"

"The place we confessed."

"We are going to Hyacinth...I mean Porsienne." I frowned

"Yes! Tomorrow is our third wedding anniversary I want to make it special and there is a beautiful place I want to show you."

"Okay let's go now they must be waiting for us." Cheerful smiles and happy laughs echoing so many things changed in these years. So many people left us my Dad died two years ago he is buried beside her wife they both are together now. I suffered from depression but Aiden helped me I was just like before a bright cheerful girl, Aiden's girl
We stood in front of a big shopping mall stood where once used to be our department we finally got Lavinth's citizenship and not owned by Porsienne anymore. Sofia was clinging to his Dad she is finally 2 years old and Sean was as usual sleeping he was a sleepy kid stretching his limbs on his crib.

"You want to come to mama." I spread my arms to carry baby Sofia.

"N...no Dada." She clung to him tighter.

"Looks like she loves daddy more." I pouted.

"Don't be jealous...her daddy loves you more baby" I blushed crazily and he flashed a smile on me. We did some shopping and I was waiting for Aiden's surprise.
He drove me to the forest the same forest that gave me nostalgia every time I see it. Spring flower smelled so fresh a full moon shining on the purple sky along with sparkly salt of stars. Sofia slept in my arms and Sean was driving with his Dad in the driver's seat.

"Give him to me you should drive more carefully."

"No, he wants to learn drive from his Dad, right Sean?"

"Yeah..." Sean nodded laughed excitedly slapping car steering which made both of us chuckle.

The car stopped in front of love-lake with two chairs and a table set up the light of candle and fireflies illuminated orange light made the environment more romantic and warm.
The clear water flowing from the waterfall shone in the blue light of moon Gardenia's and marigold bloomed like always.
"Pwetty!!!" Sean clapped smiling cutely. I cooed at his cuteness.
"Mrs Hughes will you be my Marigold tonight and let me be your prince Archie." I blushed and nodded he hold my hand and lead me to pull the chair for me I placed Sean on my lap and Sofia's crib on the grass. Aiden took out the red rose.

"For you!" I took the rose and Sean smiled. We had roasted chicken for the dinner. And then we went to the wishing well he gave me a coin.

"Make a wish" I closed my eyes and thrown the coin in the well.

"I wish to live with you and our kids for the rest of my life."

"You said out loud it was supposed to be quiet."

"I wanted you to know my wish." He placed a peck on my cheek. We smiled and Sean was cupping his dad's cheeks.

"Dada is cute..." Aiden took his small hands and kissed it

"No you are cuter and your mom is cutest." I blushed we drove in the moonlight in the silent forest everything got better as I wanted it. I bid my goodbyes to my family's grave.

"Bury me here when I d..." He placed his palm on my mouth a frown on his face.

"Don't say like that let's live the longest together forever and die together then we can be buried here." I smiled and placed my hand on his hand his other hand was on the steering wheel Sean and Sofia sleeping in the back seat. I gave his hand a light squeeze. Nothing to talk when eyes tell the words mouth can't let's live forever and happily for the longest time life some time tests you but there will be a good time coming I am happy with Aiden and our two sweethearts Aunt Selene and Uncle always treat me like their daughter and I want to live with the rest of my life together forever.

----------------The End------------------

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