Operation D-Virus

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

"Pft! You are no fun, Claire." Inovo spoke in an annoyed tone.
I shut the phone off this Inovo seems like a big problem.
Someone's footsteps echoed on the maple wood floor. He tossed his jacket on the couch and looked damn angry he limped and sat on the couch covering his head with both hands his wound was dressed up in white bandages.

"Ryan, Is everything okay?" Ava filled the glass of water from the bottle and handed him.

"Bloody Bastards!" He shouted clenching his hair in his fist. I stood frozen in a corner don't know how to react.

"They knew our plan! They attacked us before we could do."

"It will be alright Ryan don't stress out please"

"It was my mission! And I failed!" His voice was deep and intimidating sending shivers to my spine.

"We will look into it, okay now calm down." Ava tried to calm him.

"What do you mean calm down? There is a fucking Raven among us, it's not the first time it keeps happening"

"I don't trust anyone, I will personally look into the case I don't need any help" He stood up in anger and stepped downstairs slightly limping I can hear a huge bang on the door down the floor.

"Is he always like this?"

"No, no... He is not like that. He just needs some time."

"Who is the Raven?"

"I don't know but there are imposters in Department leaking our info."

"Who is behind it?"

"I don't know Claire, I think I should check on him"


"You can just wait here or maybe explore around" She quickly answered and stepped downstairs.

Everything is weird here. What should I do?
Hmm... Can I sneak into Aiden's room
I slowly walked to Aiden's door opened the lock with a hairpin his room was painted in navy blue.
I went inside the king-sized bed caught my eyes with plain white sheets and so many white pillows the glass wall with a city view sun gleaming on the bright blue sky. Painted frames of his childhood photos with some pictures include me as well, a walk-in closet and a full-length mirror stood across the bed pine wood flooring, an old guitar the same guitar he used to play when he was 15 and I remembered how he used to play and I used to sing.
The fake cough behind caught my attention. I turned around and saw a tall figurine with pale skin and Hazel eyes his chocolate locks covering his forehead studs in his ears and thin rosy lips.
He caught me staring for too long
"Umm...I was.."
"Hey! You sneaky rat no wonder you are a good investigator how did you get in, my room was locked?"

"You used hairpin, didn't you?" He smirked.

"Where is my burger!" I changed the topic.

"That bastard Inovo" he slapped his forehead and I chuckled

"I will get you one after you're done with your job" he came closer I can smell his scent a mixture of musky with a hint of jasmine. It gives me nostalgia.

"I am free there is no work to do here" I snapped out of my thoughts

"Oh really?! I am taking you with me we have to investigate some dead body."

"Me? On my first day"

"Yes, Claire, we have to use that 148 IQ of yours. Ryan is our head." He poked his finger on my forehead.

"I am not going to work under Ryan" I pouted and he pinched my cheek

"He is not a bad guy and the thing is his mission failed that made him pissed."

"Fine, but if he will act rude I am telling you I will smash your guitar in his face"

"Hey! I have memories with this guitar" He whined and I cooed at his cuteness

"Let's go now, Shall we?"
Aiden dragged me to the elevator thank God they have normal elevators to go down

"What's the matter with Elevators"

"We are saving power I guess?"

"You will get used to it"

We reached the lab it was big enough.
Aiden took out his black key card and swiped it on the scanner.
"Welcome Aiden"
The robotic voice chimed from the door.

"Why do you have a black card and I have purple?"

"I am Boss's son this card gives me extra access you don't have"

"That's not fair" I tapped my feet on the floor and we walked inside I saw a girl's dissected corpse lying on the bed. with a masked man with scalpels analysing it.
"Hello, Aiden" the masked man greeted him without casting a glance on him, his full focus was on the corpse.
"Meet Claire our new Investigator, what did you found out yet?"

He glanced at me. He had vibrant blue eyes more similar to Ava and a wheatish skin tone.
He pulled down his mask revealing his crooked nose and heart-shaped lips a wide smile crept on his face.
"Hi Claire, Woah!.... You are pretty"

"Thanks!" I was used to compliments.

"Don't joke around Ian and focus on the corpse" Aiden glared at him.

Hey, Aiden It was not a joke I am pretty okay. I wanted to say that on his face but I zipped my mouth.

"Ok, Aiden, and don't worry about the corpse."

"Good! I will leave now, Claire get the details and when you are done come to my office."

His silhouette becomes shorter as he exited the lab.

"So Claire, are you single?"


"Sorry I didn't want to scare you" he giggled at my stuttering

"About the corpse....." I distracted his attention he is a creep we just met and he is asking about my marital status.

"Yeah let's check the corpse, they took the dagger but guess what I know which dagger was used in the murder, It was a Survival Knife probably a level 2 it can't kill a human in one attack and in this case she died in one attack it's suspicious"

"Hmm... How can you make a wild guess that it was a survival knife?"

"Well I am good with knives and daggers and it's a long story"

I noticed a ring mark on her hands.

"Look! Someone removed a ring from her finger."

"Woah! Claire, you are a genius why didn't I noticed this"

"She is abused, her whole body is bruised up with burn marks and scratches" Ian pointed at the red and purple marks on her body.

"And these scratches are made from a razor's blade my sixth sense says that abuser is male probably"

"Razor's blade, Interesting"

"What's the matter with CCTV"
I asked in a serious tone because this guy looks way too goofy and unprofessional maybe I am judging him.

"They went off right on the duration."

"Any family she had? Where they found the corpse any details you can tell me."

"Sure! Her name is Hayley She was kidnapped a year ago the case was closed since her parent don't want to look further, unfortunately, her mother died in a plane crash and her father is missing or maybe he left the town we are looking for him and yesterday some people found her corpse near the outskirts they didn't even hide it she was dead placed on the middle of the road during midnight can you believe it?"

"Do you think Ravens are behind it?"

"Nope! They can't get any advantage over an 18-year-old girl"

"Any recent murder?"

"Yeah! A Doctor found dead in the staff room of Private Hospital look the corpse over here it's hers." I walked up to the Doctor's corpse she looked in her mid-twenties her beautiful face was paled up with bluish lips and dark rims around her eyes.

"Who examined it?"

"Ava." He gave me the short answer again focusing on the corpse.

"Have you looked into her corpse?"

"No, I am busy with Hayley"

I looked into her ring finger a deep mark of missing ring same as Hayley's

"Her ring is also missing, Ian"


"It means..."Ian froze maybe collecting words but can't say anything.
"The killer is the same person both of them are pretty and young girls it means the target was pretty and young girls and if I am not wrong they both are stabbed with the same knife am I wrong? The marks look the same"

I traced my finger at her dried wound.

"A single mark and she is dead no other mark, are you sure doctor that survival knife can't kill a person in one attack?"

"I am sure Claire, and none of them had injured any vital organs they both were at the safe distance."

"Is this corpse fully examined?"

"It's under observation"

"It means the cause of death was not the stab it's something else can you tell me if you find out any new things"


"Who is studying doctor's case?"

"Rowan Petris he is not in the building right now."

"Who told you that?"

"Location tracer on my mobile."

"Okay, I will see you later, get this body fully examined get Ava with you she might be helpful."

"Okay..." I exited the lab after looking stunned expression on Ian's face I wonder what happened. Now the mission is to find Rowan who is he and why the hell he is out of the building during working hours but before that, I have to find Aiden.

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