Operation D-Virus

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Chapter 4

I knocked on Aiden's office door he looked busy digging his head on the files before I could concentrate on anything my eyes caught at the metal Hawk carrying a girl up in the sky she was screaming distracting everyone on the floor Zozo was not wrong about that creepy creature.
"Come in!" I heard Aiden's voice and swiped open the door with my key card. He was looking handsome busy on his work He was still looking at his files without sparing me a glance.
"How did you find me?" He said without looking at me. How did he know that I am standing without sparing a single glance maybe he is good at guessing a person by hearing footsteps.
"I asked everyone. That Inovo bitch when I asked it where are you it said you are in the building and when I said where in the building it said move your lazy ass and find yourself." Aiden chuckled while I pouted

"I am still inside your pocket dumbhead!" a voice with vibration ringed in my pocket.

"Ah! I will kill you!" I clenched my fist holding my rage while Aiden's smile is not wiping from his face I walked to the floor stomping my feet and seated in front of his desk.
"Wipe that smile off your face!" I glared at him.

"Why? Am I not allowed to smile?" He squinted his eyes.

"I want to talk about important details and your not paying attention. Aiden Hughes!"

"Okay... Spill the tea" he sipped his coffee while being serious.

"The Doctor's and Hayley's murder are connected"

"No! Rowan said she has no connection with Hayley" he sipped while raising one eyebrow.

"Both of them has rings missing from their fingers and both of them are stabbed both of them are beautiful and young I believe they are connected."

"It makes sense, do you want to look into the case details?"


"Rowan might help you with details his office is on the 5th floor first door from the left"

"Ian said he is out of the building."

"What? On working hours he never told me he is going out." He raised his eyebrows in suspicion

"I will try to trace his location" Aiden took out his phone and started typing after few seconds he sighed in a relief

"He is in hospital, maybe he is searching for clues he will be back then you can talk with him."

"Let's talk about something else."
I closed his file hoping he could talk with me.

"Fine let's talk" He gave me his full attention by leaning his head on his palm while his elbows resting on the desk.

"Why you named it Zozo?"

"You're talking about a robot? Oh, I just liked your puppy he was a fluff ball cutie pie so I named it why is there a problem?"

"It's a weird name"

"Then why you named your puppy?"

"Ah! It was just a weird teenage obsession with Ouija boards." I whined recalling my silly addictions.

"You are weird!"

"What! you can't remember you're weird habits? should I recall? " I growled at him

"I was not weird I was intelligent and responsible since a young age," He said while flipping his hair back with his fingers.

"Oh really? You pissed on your pants when you were 15"

"No, I didn't"

"Yes, you did! I saw it with my innocent eyes" I pointed at my eyes opening them wide

"You are not innocent at all! You tore Jane's prom dress out of jealousy remember?"

"I was not jealous and you think you were a disciplined child you are mistaken Aiden you stole Daisy's thongs from clothesline and slingshot on her face"

"But it was your plan!"

"Oh really? And what about those class bunks and your excuses don't let me open up about this once you said your Dad has blood cancer so you have to go to the hospital."

"So? Once you bit the stray dog on the street you cruel girl!"

"I was only seven at that time!"

"That's not normal behaviour for seven-year-old grownup ass child"

"Ahm!" A fake cough caused the sudden silence between us.


"Uncle?" Both of our eyes popped out of the socket after seeing uncle Simon giving us weird looks.

"You both have so many things to explain" he took a seat beside me glaring at us.

"First of all, Aiden when I did have blood cancer?" He shot daggers with his glare.

"Umm... About that", he swallowed a lump on his throat.

" Ah, uncle! It was a long time ago and you also bunked schools with dad when you were young don't you?"

"I didn't"

"Yeah! You used to bunk to go on a date with your girlfriend. Aunt Selene. And Dad used to be your backup."

"Your Dad needs a good beating, that brat can't keep secrets."

"But wait a minute, you bit the stray dog? Claire when did it happen?" He asked curiosity visible in his eyes.

"Oh! About that..." I gulped.

"Let me spill the details" Aiden smirked

"No! If you utter a single word from your mouth you are dead" I glared at him and he burst out laughing watching my facial expression.

"Don't worry I am a loyal friend"

"I will get going now I just wanted to check on Claire, and by the way, you're getting prettier day by day"

"Thanks, I will come to your office soon"

"Yeah! You are always welcomed" he exited the door.

"Thanks for saving my ass!" Aiden pinched my cheeks with his thumbs.

"Ow! I am not saving you again if you did this again" I rubbed my cheeks.

"Okay Chubs!"

"Don't call me that!"

"Can I ask you something?" I asked.


"Why do I need safety Ava said I need safety"

"Why do you think Hyacinth needs safety? Our crime rates are lesser than Porsienne and Lavinth why do we need safety when everything is peaceful why front liners are always ready to fight Claire? Do you have any answer?"

"Umm no, why we need safety"

"It's a big blunder Claire, no one is safe that's why we need safety Hyacinth is the least safe place If I tell you the truth" I got stunned at his statement.

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