Operation D-Virus

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Chapter 5

After the announcement, the whole staff was called on to the meeting room. I wonder what they are up to Detective Rowan is still in the hospital he didn't even attend the meeting. Mr Simon started his speech while I settled down beside Ava she was silent the whole time.
"Hello Everyone. As you all know every anniversary of HDSI we prepare a team-building exercise and tomorrow is your teambuilding exercise. The last time we went on boating and bonfire this time we will go to an amusement park along with a treasure hunt planned I hope you will show great teamwork Thank you"
Ava got busy with her phone while I can hear mutters and gossips from the meeting hall.
"What's happening?"
"I don't want to go, Claire," Ava whined.
"Why It will be fun!"
"Yeah! I know that but I don't have enough friends here. Ryan is not into whole shit and I can stand Ian's silly jokes Aiden will be busy with Jade and I will be left alone as usual."

"Who's Jade?"

"She is front line fighter who can kill a human with one move don't even argue with her she is a bitch"

"Then why Aiden..."

"They are good friends you know Aiden is friendly and all."

"I will be with you"

"Okay, I will think about it then"

"Yup no excuses you are coming and I have a phobia with rides so I have nothing to do there we will hang out. "

"You have a phobia with rides?"

"Yes, kind of... I had an accident once so since then I avoid it"

"Oh! Let's start packing then"

"I don't have enough clothes and don't have enough time to buy"

"We can share"


"I mean we are like the same size you can wear my clothes."

"No! I can't we are not close enough."

"We are close friends and I don't want to hear excuses you are wearing my clothes."


"No buts! Let's go." We went back to the Penthouse Ava discussed the doctor's corpse the doctor's name is Jerry Lewis and her organs are under observation along with her blood samples and about stab she was sure that it was the cause of death since no other marks and she was not abused in any way but still they are waiting until full observation.
It was late night Ava cooked pasta for me which was way too delicious. Aiden didn't come back to the penthouse he didn't get me the burger I will murder him and that Ryan guy he doesn't come out of his room what a simp! And Ian he is still busy with the corpse so he will work until late.
I was so sleepy and we have to get up early I thrashed my body to the bed the room smell like paint and new furniture with a hint of rose-scented surface cleaner. I fell into a deep slumber.
The alarm went off I was a deep sleeper with ignoring ten alarms I was sleeping peacefully snoring until some banged open my door I saw Ava with my blurry eyes she was wearing a unicorn hoodie and butterfly hairband.
"Claire wake up! We are late!" She screamed and now my vision was clear. After a quick cold shower
Ava dragged me to her room which is way too girly pink and peach with posters on the wall a piano keyboard a walk-in closet even her bed was pink and round like straight from barbie house. Suits her because she looks like a barbie.

We walked into her closet and she had uncountable clothes hanging on the hangers all pink and purple and glitters with sequins which are giving me nausea I was the total opposite I used to wear dark and matte colours hoodies and loose outfits and here I don't know what I will do now.

She grabbed a hanger with an orange off-shoulder dress with a pink floral pattern.

"What about this?"

"Umm... Ava, it's a bit too girly for me do you have maybe a black or grey outfit or a simple hoodie will work."

"Hell no! You will not wear those boring colours wait I have something good for you" she took out a bright yellow sleeveless shirt with pink and white horizontal stripes with a denim skirt on the bottom.

"Look it will compliment your black hair and green eyes try it on." I gulped and then carried the hanger from her hands I don't want to wear it but I don't want to hurt Ava's feelings I changed it on and now I look like a mango ice cream with pink sprinkles I look at my reflection in the bathroom's mirror and I am looking like a girl which I never looked like.
I came out of the bathroom and she clapped in excitement.

"You look so good but just one thing..." What she is up to I don't want to be a doll, please save me.

She took the cherry coloured tint out of her bag and applied it to my lips and cheeks she turned me into a Disney princess and now my cheek looked like someone slapped me and nose as I cried with sniffles and about lips, it's like a sucked someone's blood.
I tried to smile so she doesn't get hurt I don't want to lose a friend.

"You are ready to go! I will pack two more dresses in case we need to change." I want to cry right now.
"Go and wait for me on the bus I will just pack a few more things," Ava shouted from the closet I went down from the elevator my eyes caught on Ian who was loading Ice Box on the bus. Ryan reading a book inside the bus I can see him from the window. Few more unrecognizable faces. And a pretty girl with brown hair and Grey eyes clinging onto Aiden's arm while Aiden doesn't seem to bother busy on his phone sitting on the bench and then she rested her head on his shoulder Am I jealous No I am not! Maybe a little bit. Should I go to him? No! He should come to me, Why should I go. Or should I go? No way! I am going inside the bus I walked back and about to get on the bus.
"Claire!" I turned back on the very familiar voice I can recognize everywhere it was Aiden.
"I wanted to come but you seemed busy with your girlfriend so..." Jade was still clutching his arm which made my blood boil.

"Oh! She is my friend Jade and Jade she is my best friend Claire. See this pendant..." He took out his pendant which was hidden inside his plain white shirt. He still has our soulmate pendant I glanced at my pendant gracefully dangling on my neck it's always here I never took it off.

"It's our soulmate pendant." I can see Jade's faking her smile she took out her hand for a handshake.

"Hello, Claire nice to meet you!" We shook hands. I can see Jade was about to say something.

"Can we sit together Claire?" Aiden offered which made Jade looked pissed.

"Do you have to ask?" We get on the bus I can see Jade's trying her best to hide his expression while a smile crept on my face and Aiden poked in my dimple.


"You want to die? Stop poking my dimples for God sake!"

"So you're nice only in front of others." I punched his chest and he hissed in pain.

"It hurts!"

"Stop over-reacting! You are not a freaking plastic doll!"

"You are the one looking like a doll right now!"

"Stop commenting on this okay! I was forced to wear this"

"It looks good on you at least you looking like a girl now."

"Shut up! Change the topic."

"What's up with the case?"

"Rowan is missing I can't find details about the case Ava thinks that stab was the cause of death but Ian said that a survival knife can't kill a human in one attack but they both died in a single attack without damaging vital organs, its a wild guess but I think the knife was poisoned."

"Hmm... It's possible"

"Can I ask you something?"

"That bitch clinging on your arm is she interested in you?"

"You mean that possessed doll? No freaking way! Even If she likes me I am not interested in her."

"Dad said there will be games and challenges and you know the basketball skills I am pro like Lebron James"

"Hahaha... More like Jebron Lames"

"Are you judging my skills?"

"Yes totally! You think you are smart?"

"I got the straight A's in primary classes 1st positions"

"You serious? You homeschooled your primary."

"And what about your grades?"

"I got student of the year three times in a row"

"Hahaha, good joke Claire you named in the list most troublesome students of the year in the student magazine."

"I don't believe that magazine. And I was no trouble okay!"

"Accept it, Claire, you caught red-handed leaking papers a week before exams."

"You made me do it!"

"Seriously? I told you to copy it for us only not to pin it on the school's notice board."

"Look who is talking! The person in front of me who hacked schools databases to change his score you think I am foolish Mr Hughes?"

"So? At least I don't seduce teachers."

"I didn't do that,"

"Haha... Keep talking to my hand"

"I am not talking to you!"

"Who told you to talk to me?" Ava gets on the bus and reached me.

"Hm... Claire, I think you two are fighting so If you want you can sit with me."

"Sure! Thanks for saving my life from this Donkey Faced person"

"What did you say?"

"Oh Sorry, A deaf donkey faced person" I grabbed Ava's hand and we settled together on the back seat A part of me regret it because I know I am going to be a boring whole ride.

Aiden's POV

"Why she is like that?" Now she is gone and who will entertain my bored ass another girl Ian is flirting with this guy needs a good smacking.
"Hey bro! Wassup!"


"You looked pissed! Anyways that girl new one what's her name...yeah Claire do you know her she has a unique aura a bit bossy you know...do you know her number, of course, she is your friend living in a penthouse and she said she is single so should I try?"

"Do whatever you want and fuck off!"

"Chill dude! Just give me her number then I will fuck off far away from you"

"Ask herself I can't give it to you without her permission."


"Hmm... Her father is strict"

"Is he a gangster?"

"No, he is an exorcist"

"For real?"

"Don't you think she is possessed, just look at her face I can see the witchy smile look at her eyes normal humans don't have this shade of green can you see something."

"What? She looks normal what are you saying, dude?"

"Let me tell you her story when she was young she used to joke around with Ouija boards and then she got possessed with the biggest spirit Zozo her father tried to save her but he failed rumours says that Zozo is still inside her head."

"You mean she is possessed?"

"Yes brother, stay far away or she will suck your blood."

"Is she a vampire?"

"It's complicated buddy, You should find a different girl."

"Ah! My bad luck, I should get going then." Right after Ian's gone Jade took a seat beside me and now I can see what's going to happen to me.

"Aiden! Can we be teammates for a treasure hunt"

"We can't decide by ourselves what's the reason for teambuilding then It will be selected by draw."

"But I want to be in your team"

"I can't do anything about it."

"Aiden! This pendant doesn't match your outfit take it off it looks weird."

"No! It's perfect."

"Okay it's up to you if you want to keep wearing it"

"Aiden! Can we sit together on the rides at least?"

"Please please, please!"

"Fine! Just be quiet please I want to take a nap"

"Okay, I am also sleepy" she rested her head on my shoulder.
How much I want to kill her but I can't. Should I just take her head off my shoulder? No Aiden! You are a gentleman you have to behave. Her head is pretty big
Though what you eat for dinner brains? Are you a zombie? Her hair is tickling my neck why ladies have long hairs. I will kill you Claire just you wait.

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