Operation D-Virus

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Chapter 6

Finally, after a long ride, my bum is feeling numb now while Ava is still energetic she told me her whole past in a ride like how she grew up in the village and then her father taught her cooking and they had a family restaurant her orange sequined dress was gleaming under sunlight filtering from the glass window making orange bulbs lighting on the seat in front We get off the bus I saw Aiden and Jade sleeping on each other's shoulder which was enough to make my blood boil and her snores are too loud.

"Hey! Wake up you sleeping beauties!" I slapped their heads Aiden stretched his limbs while Jade wiping drool from her face but she can't wipe that devilishness sticking on her face.

"We are here?" Aiden said while Jade was still in shock.

"Jade! My dear, do you want to sleep some more you can sleep but at least get your ass off so that Dork can get out."

"Huh?!" Jade stared at me with her half-open eyes.

"Nevermind!" I pulled their hands and kicked them out of the bus and then flipped my hair after completing mission-impossible.

"Ow! What's wrong with you!" The Disney fairy behind my back shouted while the other one was silent regretting life decisions.

"Aw... Are you hurt? I can't see any scratches maybe my eyes have a fault"


"And you! Get your ass over here and unload the bus, and help that chopstick she is not stabilised yet her brain is not functioning." I left them behind I have to enter the park after It was too big with so many rides and a sports court but the department will pay it means free rides free food.
I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned my back and saw the blue orbs flickering.
"Hello, Ian."
"I heard about you and I felt sorry so I came here If you need any help as a doctor. I am here... I don't believe in ghosts but I will help you If you want." He sighed

"What the hell are saying, Doctor?"

"Umm... Your obsession with Ouija boards and then you got possessed and your father was an exorcist....."

"Are you out of your mind?"

"So, you're not possessed"

"Do you want to die?"

"No, I will fuck off... Sorry" he ran away at the speed of a bullet train I can see the chopstick clinging to his arm while he is carrying bags that suits him.

We entered the amusement park Aiden was right they had a basketball court in the corner I am not going to sit in any of this ride I swear if that Dork forced me...



"I got tickets!! You and me on a roller coaster."

"No way!"

"You are coming! "

"I am scared..."

"Hahaha... Are you by any chance scared of rides? No way! Aiden you should not force her she might piss on her pants."

"Pft! You should not sit on rides you might fly away because of your underweight"

"Let's go Aiden." I grabbed his hand regretting my decisions but she triggered me and competitiveness won't allow that.
I climbed up to ride drenching in sweat my hands shaking Aiden and I sat together If anything happens to me I swear my ghost will haunt these two.

"Yah! Why are you scared?"

"You know the reason Idiot stop asking I am nervous"

"Follow my steps Breath in and Breath out and close your eyes..."

"Do I fucking look like in mood of meditation to you? Just shut up and If you utter a single word I will break your all bones and fed them to stray dogs." He actioned zipping his mouth while I was clenching his hand tight.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" The ride started with that chopstick sitting behind our seats with a 7-year-old kid beside him both of them making disgusted faces shoving their fingers in their ears while Aiden making an emotionless blank face.

"It's not even started, sister stop violating my ear." The 7-year-old barked made Jade burst out laughing. While Aiden not even blinking just froze like a statue.

I slowly opened my eyes feeling my back on a hard surface with a huge horse-like face above my head glaring at me while my hands are in someone's warm hold and one palm on my checking me and someone removing my shoes my vision cleared so person glaring at me was a chopstick after seeing her face from that close I am getting nightmares tonight. I am sure. Ava's hands are warm and comforting but her ring is disturbing me. Aiden was checking my temperature and hard to believe Ryan was removing my shoes since when he is so caring and gentle he removed my shoes and placed a mini electric fan facing me, now that's comforting!

"Are you okay sweetheart" I know this honey-coated tone no other than Ava.

"She puked on the roller coaster and ruined my branded heels only two in the entire world how will you pay me!" Her high pitched voice screeched in my ear. When did I puke I can't remember?

"Would you shut up for a second, please?" Yay Aiden kick this bitch I am so proud of you!

"Her back must be aching we should lay her somewhere comfortable." Ryan since when you are so considerate but whatever he is right my backbone hurts. I sit up Aiden helped me while sitting my clothes are changed who changed them? It was a white free-flowing loose dress with a gold ribbon belt.

"You okay?" They all lurched at my sudden action except chopstick.

"Yeah! I am okay... Just a headache I will be fine you guys carry on!"

"Yeah, she is fine to let's carry on guys!!" Jade exclaimed receiving glares in return.

"She is in your team! What's the reason for teambuilding then?" Ian scoffed at her

"And your heels were fake designer so stop bragging about it" A girl rolled her eyes.


"Shut up! Since when Gucci has triple c's" her statement made everyone look at the heels the logo was hanging on the straps with a black belt.
Everyone burst out laughing I didn't laugh I feel bad for her she shouldn't expose her like that while jade stormed out with her bare feet. I can see her eyes glossed up eyes tears about to brim out of her eyes. I will apologize although the heels were not branded I was the one who ruined them.

Boys joined us after a basketball match so many unfamiliar faces.
Ian and Ava were busy grilling meat I scanned my eyes around the park it was a public place but not many people were here because of this early in the morning. I was sitting on an empty bench I saw Aiden headed to the restroom beads of sweats drizzling down his forehead his chocolate hairs were fully drenched in sweat become pointed like sharp needles and unconsciously I was staring at him like a lost puppy. Until Ryan snapped his fingers in front of me.
"You like him that much?"

"Yes...I mean no...what are you talking about."

"You are guilty. Why you look guilty Claire?"

"I am not."

"You think you can save yourself from detective's eyes. You feel bad for Jade?"

"How do you..."

"You are a nice girl the world is cruel, you are the same as Daniel you will feel guilt until you don't apologise to her because you witnessed her crying..."

"How do you know Daniel that much?"

"We were best friends he doesn't deserve this world he was so pure for this world. I still regret I couldn't save his life." I tried to control my tears I bit my lower lip and took a deep breath.

"You know how he died? They say it was an accident I don't believe it. It's a lie..."

"Your brother's death was not an accident Claire, It was a murder."

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