Operation D-Virus

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

We walked to the forest same forest where I used to come. the smell of wet soil and scented plumps riped hanging on trees. Scented flowers and cool breeze rustling pale dry leaves on the land. Aiden's big hand was clutching my small one we walked to search for clues but I would rather lose and enjoy this view.
"Look at the piece of paper on the tree!" Aiden pointed at the oak tree with a piece of paper stuck on his branches. The tree looked about 13 feet tall.

"We have to climb up here!"

"No way! Are you insane We can't climb that high?"

"Shut it! Hughes"

"Cl..." Before he could say anything I start climbing the tree with my skills.

"You will fall are you insane get down here right now!"

"I won't fall I practised it."

I climbed up high and sat on the branch carefully took the paper and maintaining my balance.

"You got it! Now get down."

"Umm...Aiden I only climb I don't know how to get down."

"You are kidding right?"

"Do I look like I will joke in this situation?"

"Jump I will catch you"


"I said jump! Do you want to stay stuck over there?"

"Aiden I am scared"

"I am here with you don't get scared It's not that high... Just close your eyes and jump"

I closed my eyes and gulped the lump in my throat clenched the paper tightly in my hands and jumped.
I opened my eyes fell on top of Aiden my green eyes met his hazel ones they were shining his nose was perfectly sculpted his skin was spotless and only a tiny mole under his rosy lips my eyes was wide open and then he smirked.
"I told you I will catch you." I realized I was checking him out I stood up giving him my hand I unfolded the paper.

"After finding your first clue you must be happy
I know this game is crappy
But still, look where tales lies
Shore of lake lights of fireflies."

"Whoever writes this shit don't know how to write poetry."

"I know this place! It's a love-lake we have myths and tales related to this lake remember childhood fairytales, Marigold and Prince Archie."

"Yeah, you are right! Let's go!" We ran holding hands. My eyes caught the crystal clear blue water with pebbles and white marbles visible small orange and white fishes swimming the waterfall forming the lathers in the water the scent of gardenia and marigold mixed up the earthy smell of moist soil I looked at the bed with yellow bulbs of marigold and shrubs of gardenia this place is breathtaking. While I was busy enjoying the view Aiden found out the next clue.

"I am sleepy my poetic mind is not working
The throne of the king
The crown of the queen
Horse and Knights
On black and whites."

"That person is fucking sick! What he is trying to say?"

"You call yourself detective Aiden? I doubt that"

"What?! Do you know the answer?"

"It's a chess game it's so obvious. remember the place where the annual chess game competition arranged I took participated once"

"Yeah and you failed badly"

"We are not discussing that! Let's go now to the chess fest." We ran to the chess fest it was empty now only plain ground with the sweet smell of fresh-cut grass and rain. We looked for the paper but now Aiden looks way too unmotivated.

"Aiden Pay attention!"

"I am too old for this shit!"

"Cut the crap and look for it!" I found a bush with a note stuck on it. I pulled it off.

"I found it!" Aiden ran towards me he ruffled my hairs.

"Good job bubbles!"

"Do I look like fucking power puff girls to you?"
"Always screaming and shouting." I unfolded the paper ignoring his statement

"This company makes me do things I never Imagined.
Being a boss's assistant I am writing fucking poems here whatever I should concentrate on the clue.
Decayed soil of loved ones.
Mix in the wilds
Heart with burns
Fading smiles"

"This man! I pity him now but his poetry is still crap and now he is sad don't know what he is writing"

"His poetry is not that bad. I am sure this clue points to death and death means grave and grave is in the graveyard. Let's go to the graveyard." We rushed towards the graveyard my legs are sore now sudden happiness changed into sadness when I saw graves of my Mom and Daniel beside each other a tear slipped down my cheek and after Ryan's statement I want to Avenge Daniel's death blood for blood life for life.
Before I could cry I found myself in a warm embrace with a comforting musky smell his mild heartbeat comforted me.
"Hey don't cry you are making them sad!"
I wiped my tears Aiden started looking for chit he knows I want some time alone and he sounds like an envelope attached to the grave's stone.

"Look! We did it, Claire"
Aiden opened the envelope and found the golden key inside. A weak smile plastered on my face.
"Let's go back!" We went back to the park not so far from the forest and we were the first one to reach here. Crystal hugged both of us.
"Congrats! I like your bonding."

"Thanks! We are soulmate power"

"Come join us for the drinks we will open the box when everyone will be here." We joined them and tossed our wine glasses.


"Cheers to Claiden" Crystal exclaimed made us shocked.

"What? Why are you guys looking at me like this I am just a shipper." I sipped my wine but got shocked after hearing panting ladies behind my back I looked back and stunned to see the view of Ava and Jade panting hard with twigs attached on their hair half-turned dresses sweat drizzling from their forehead with a stink their feet were muddy while scratches I wonder what happened.

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