Operation D-Virus

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Chapter 9

"W-we searched the forest but couldn't find anything."

"What happened to you?"

"We saw a snake and we ran then we fall from the hill Ava twisted her ankle and my knees are bruised." I gestured them to sit they were slightly limping Ian examined their wounds.

"Thank god! It's not a fracture Ava, you might have slight pain for two days but it will be okay."

"And Jade you need stitches your cut is deep." Jade hissed in pain when Ian touched her wound he took out the first aid box and cleaned her wound her carefully applied ointment and wrapped it from bandages.

"Anyways! We have winners Clayden!" Crystal grabbed our hands and raised them in the air Everyone clapped but Jade rolled her eyes. Aiden took out the golden key from his pocket and unlocked the treasure and It has beautiful silver bracelets.

"It's so beautiful!"

"Yeah, Aiden put it on her wrist."

"What?! Me? She can put it on herself."

"Huh! I am not asking you I am ordering you and what's the objection? She has pretty hands if you don't want then maybe Ian or Ryan will put it on her."

"No! I will put it on her" Aiden snatched my hand and gently locked the silver bracelet on my wrist and then kissed my knuckles which made me shock and everyone's eyes wide open.

"Your hands are beautiful Claire." He smiled. While I was still under shock. Until everyone starts Clapping.

"Cheers to Clayden!" They tossed their wine glasses in the air.

"Now Claire it's your turn!" Ava was enjoying the moment I glared at her and she winked. I put a bracelet on his wrist it suits him.

We enjoyed the view of the sky turning into shades of orange and pinks the ball of light hiding into mountains the most beautiful view I glanced at my wrist and then my silver bracelet it glinted in sparks.

We get on the bus and before I could go on the back seats Aiden pulled my hand and I landed on the seat beside him.

"Sit here!"

"So? You can ask politely."

"Sorry I will do it again."

"Your majesty! Would you like to rest your buttocks beside my seat I will make sure you are comfortable with our services if you are sleepy this broad shoulder will be in your service? So, your highness, will you accept my invitation It will be an honour " He pointed his shoulders and chuckled.
"You are a big drama Aiden!"

"You like dramas right? Then I am fine being a drama."

"I am hungry..." He took out a bag of chips from his backpack and handed me.

"I knew you will be hungry."

"Thank you!"

"Claire, are you okay?"

"Why are you asking Aiden? I am Okay and happy."

"You passed out...on the ride I should not have forced you."

"Hey! Chill since when you are this nice."

"I was always this nice!"

"Don't let me start on this Aiden."

"What!? I am always nice to you."

"Yeah! You ate my all chocolates when James the nerd gave me on school."

"So? He was flirting with you. So I ate them all in front of him."

"He was so nice and you ate all chocolates he bought for me didn't leave the single one."

"That nerd! He was crying after I ate his chocolates saying " I will tell my mummy she will beat you." He mimicked him while wiping his fake tears.

"You are a bad guy Aiden! You made him cry."

"It's been 7 years why are you discussing James."

"Fine!" I opened the bag and start crunching chips. The cool breeze rushing from the window. The sky was turned purple and black canvas with glitters of whites a full moon like a lantern with blue light I never remembered when I dozed off after seeing such a breathtaking view.

"Wake up!" I felt a finger tracing my forehead.

"We are here." I slowly opened my eyes It was already dark in the night and the bus was emptied in front of the building. We get out of the bus how long I have been sleeping. Aiden holds my hand because I was still sleepy slightly slouching.
My eyes wide opened when I realized I am on a creepy anti-gravity lift I clenched into Aiden's Arm.

"Hey! Don't panic."

"I am scared." He hugged me tight his scent comforted me and finally I was in the penthouse.

"I will be back go inside." He gestured to me and get back to the elevator. I went into my room and saw Ava sitting on my bed.

"Hello, Leah can we talk?"

"Sure!" I was first shocked at the name and then I realized it's the nickname she gave me. I took a seat beside her.

"Leah you know the Raven thing?"

"No, you all keeping things from me."

"They are our enemies and their spies are in the department we couldn't trust anyone here."

"Who is behind it?"

"You will never know, and you better don't know it."

"Why? Your life will be in danger."

"That's why we need security?"

"Yes! I just wanted to warn you so you could stay safe,"

"Do you suspect someone?"

"I do, but I won't tell you the name, I am currently collecting clues and his behaviour is suspicious."

"So it's a male."

"Leah you shouldn't look into it okay."

"I am not scared can you tell me what kind of behaviour."

"Umm...I Spotted him in the records room late at night he was sneaking into files."

"Why would he do that? It's suspicious Avie."

"I don't know but I will tell you once the right time comes."

"Okay, Avie just tell me when you are ready." Ava nodded and went back to her room and right after Zozo entered carrying a tray in his hands with hamburgers.

"Eat it Claire you must be hungry." I grabbed the burger and start munching it without wasting time I was hungry.

"Thanks, Zozo."

"No, thanks to Aiden he sent the food for you he said you were sleeping on the bus when they served lunch you were in deep sleep so he didn't wake you up."

"Sit with me." I gestured to Zozo and he sat beside my showing me his warm smile.

"You knew Daniel?"

"Yes! He was my best friend and you know we robots are more emotional I was emotionally attached to him when he died my control system malfunctioned for three days."


"Claire, you remind me of him you look like him." I spotted Zozo's light turned yellow. I hugged his steel body.

"I also miss him Zozo. But don't be sad you are a strong robot." I pulled out a hug and his light turned green.

"Hehe...you are the first one to hug me." His light turned pink and back to green.

"Are you uncomfortable?"

"No, I have never experienced it but I like it."

"Aw...Zozo if you ever want a hug just come here okay. I am always available for free hugs."

"Thanks, Claire, I will get going now I have night duty." Zozo waved his hand and then walked out of the room.
I am still wondering about the Raven in the department who could it be I have to find out and why Mr Rowan hadn't shown up yet is he the Raven? No, I shouldn't judge him right now. I will meet him tomorrow I finished my burger and took out my favourite book from the mini shelf and start reading it but thoughts of the raven are not leaving my mind.

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