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Let Me Show You.

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Miss Sheen finds herself quickly being entranced by the flirty attitude of Reign. She finds it difficult to compose herself around him, regardless of her being his teacher. Alex, Belle's 'friend' wants to take things further with her, which strikes a fire within her soul, something she's been fighting to keep calm.

Romance / Erotica
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Should I Take It Back... Belle?

A/N: I'll be putting songs for each chapter, which some might be exclusively for exact scenes, so i'll put '[' ']' when that happens :) Also, feel free to comment if my spelling is wrong! it'd help a lot :)

song: YKWIM?- Yot Club

Belle Sheen

I woke up early today, due to the fact that it'll be my first day working as a teacher— ever. I'm scared to say the least. I wanted to work for small children, something easy, but my tutors had other plans. They said that they didn't want my knowledge to go to waist with small children, so they sent me to teach seniors at a prestigious school— so much for my leaned back years. I'm only 20, turning 21 this year. Yes i know, a little early to be a teacher, let me explain.

When i was 16, the teachers thought that I was far too smart for my class, so they bumped me up to junior year. I had all A's, so they recommended I apply to some free college classes to get a head start. I said yes, so I had a head start of 2 years, college wise. When I was actually attending college after i graduated, I was already a junior there. I, like the rest of my peers, had no idea how my brained worked so fast. It's like everything I heard immediately stored in my brain.

I'm teaching History, since it accommodated my talent perfectly. I simply had to read or listen to the information once and it would click in my head. Don't get me wrong, I am not crazy about being a teacher, it just paid better than doing nothing.

Most of the time, people decide to not approach me when in public. They said that I look unapproachable, hence the resting b*tch face I always have. I cant help it, that's just my favs but whatever.

As i packed my things, ready to leave, my phone dinged with a message.

What are u doing later today?

My boyfriend Alex. Well... my friend with benefits. We met at college, and clicked immediately. I didn't really want a relationship, so I settled with ocasional sex.

First day teaching, so I might not be able to hand. Idk, i'll lyk

I closed my phone and closed the door behind me.

The sky was still a little dark and filled with clouds. It had rained durning the night, so the ground was wet and the air felt chilly. I didn't chose the right outfit today, ugh.

I'm wearing a white tank top, embedded stripes all along the fabric. Above it, i'm wearing a black jacket that will not come off during lessons, despise the temperature of my classroom— school rules. I'm simply wearing black, loose trousers and some black converse. I watched my outfit with silver jewelry, some chains and necklaces, and a lot of rings. My fingers are slim and long, which i always decorate with black acrylic nails of black nail polish. I have a tattoo along my arm which i have to always hide durning school hours, hence the fact that i'm wearing a jacket during summer. I really hope my classroom is cold enough.

As I drive down the street, I already see students in groups walking towards the school. They all look similar in their identical attire. Our whole school's theme is black and white, with an ocasional hint of burgundy. The girls wear black and white plaid skirts that lay a little above their thighs, accompanied by either black knee high socks with white strips at the top, or vise versa. A black or white button up shirt, and a burgundy tie. The boys wear the pattern of the girls skirts on their ties and the color of the girls ties on their pants. The same applies with their shirts. All students and teachers are to wear black shoes, whatever type, just black. Aside from these rules, the teachers are allowed to wear whatever they wish, but it must only be in those 3 colors. And they cannot be over exposed.

I park my black Malibu in my assigned parking space, retrieve my belongings, and head inside of the building. Close to the building, I see some male teachers close to the door, chatting their life away. They all look to be in their 20's, which it doesn't miss my attention the way they stare at me as I walk down.

My presence isn't hard to miss, due to the way I look. My parents were from Latin America, and my body shows just that. I have wide hips, which is a the worst to find jeans that fit properly, so I settle with loose clothing. My waist is tiny, which could be caused by the years of corsets my mother forced me to wear in my teenage years, now I thank her for it. My chest is medium, which I thank god everyday for. I could not live with back problems. But out of my whole body, the thing that calls most attention is my rear. Accompanied by my wife hips, i have a large behind and thick thighs, which wherever I go, someone has to turn their heads. When I was growing up, I hated my body. Not because I didn't like how I looked, but because everyone would point it out and make it to where I was nothing without my figure. But, throughout the years, I learned to love my body.

As I approach them I make out their faces thanks to the bright light they were standing next to. The one on the right had dark brown hair that covers his forehead with light blue eyes, freckles resting on his face. He has a more lenient built then the rest, but remains taller than them. He's wearing a white button up and simple black trousers. The one in the middle has dirty bling hair gelled back, but not forced, it looked nice. He has simple brown eyes and a dimple on his left cheek. His build is a little more muscular but remains the shortest of the three— nevertheless, none were short. They remained around the (6'-6'5) height, not sure. And the last had black hair with strikes of blond in the front, black eyes and the prettiest smile ever. His eyes reminded me of a lost puppy. His build was in between muscular and toned, but also not too much. He was a little shorter than the tallest one.

"Hey miss, the door for students is that way. This is a teachers enterance." The shorter one spoke. The others giggled slightly.

I pouted my lips which quickly turned into a small smirk.

"I'm not a student." I said, stepping up into the stairs they were on, being at their level. I remained the shortest one there, though I am tall for a woman, 5'11 to be exact. "I work here." I said, walking in between the three, brushing past the one left, the cute one. I looked at him out of the corner of my eyes and caught a gleam of lust in his dark black eyes. I used my body the best-responsible way I knew how. I used the years of training my mother gave me and walked swaying my hips, placing a leg in front of the other, causing my whole behind to jiggle at the motion. I knew they were looking, I could feel their stare through my back.

Calmly, I walked into my new classroom. I took the elevator for easier access and so I wouldn't sweat. All classrooms looked the same. The institution was newly built, maybe 2 years ago? Oh well. The walls 4 walls were grey and the floors were black and white— checkered. There was a window next to my desk and 3 others alone that same side of the wall. They were large, but remained closed as of now. Everything else in the classroom was left for us to decide. The only rule was nothing inappropriate and to take it down if it would help the students cheat on tests. I hung up various posters of things i liked. Anime, Rock, Marvel, Stranger Things, The Office, Harry Potter, and nintendo 64.

Yes, I am a geek.

The desks were all facing me, in rows and columns of 4. I teach Advanced History, so I would not have a lot of kids in my classrooms... well not as much as other teachers.

Class started at 8, and It was 7:20, so I decided to go about and meet my colleagues. Normally, I would've already got a chance to meet them, but I was transferred to this school last moment, since they thought I could use my talent better here.

The school had 4 floors. The first floor: Contained the lobby, cafeteria, gymnasium and fine arts. The second floor: Contained the library, science and math. The third floor: Contained The theater, language, and technical classes. The fourth floor: contained History, english, and health/agriculture classes (they had a garden on the roof of the school so it could be more accessible.)

I walked to the classroom next door, since all history classes were out in the same hallways; same for every other subject. I knocked at the door, waiting for the sign to enter.

"Yes?" Said a soft feminine voice. I stepped inside calmly and immediately was welcomed by a gasp.

"Oh my you must be Mrs. Sheen! Very nice to meet you honey." An older lady grasped my hand tightly and rubbed my shoulder welcomingly.

"Yes, very nice to meet you as well. I hope we can get along just fine." I said shaking her hand slightly and smiling softly. We exchanged a few more words before I departed from her classroom to go onto the next. She told me her names was Alicia Henry, she looked to be around 50-60, but she seemed very sweet.

I am a very serious woman and take pride in the things that I do, even if I do not want to do those things. I tend to like to appear mysterious, so I don't say much when first meeting someone. The person who knew me best and to every extent, my mother. But she passed away a few years back. I don't fried over her death anymore, i know she shouldn't want me to be stuck on her death for such a long time.

I knocked on the next room's door, awaiting a response.

"Come in." I opened the door and stepped inside.

"Ah! Hello. Mrs. Sheen, yes?" An attractive man stuck his hand out to me. He looked to be in his late twenties, early thirties— still attractive.

"Uh yes, Miss." I corrected him and shook his hand firmly. He had a ring in his marriage finger.

Remain professional. He has a wife.

"Very nice to finally meet you. Ive heard great things about you." He said, a smiling forming in his face. He has glasses, but not the dorky type, more of the attractive type of glasses... if that makes sense. He has black hair and a closed beard, very well kept. No sign of elder ness, but maintaining his adulthood.

"I hope so, It's great to meet you as well. I'm sure we'll get along just fine." I said. "I didn't catch your name, who do I have the pleasure of meeting?" I said giggling a little, remaining professional.

"Ah forgive me for my rudeness, I don't tend to be so rude to beautiful women."

God... is he really married? Keep a straight face Belle, hold in the giggle.

"My name is Christian Pierce." He said, smirking and leading me to the door.

"Well Mr. Pierce, very nice to meet you." I said and exited the room.

I repeated the same to the remaining teachers, which in total, they were 7, 8 with me.

While I was speaking to the last teacher, the class bell rang, indicating that class has begun. I walked to my classroom door, taking in a deep breath before opening the door.

Here we go...

I opened the door and found all 16 seats of my classroom filled. All students turned their faces toward me, which I replied to with a smile.

"Hey guys, Good morning. My name is Belle Sheen, and i'm going to be your Advanced History teacher." I said in one breath while walking over to my desk and writing my name. When I turned back around, I saw the faces of my students all in complete shock. I was confused at first but then I remembered.

I look like one of them... fuck.

A few hands shot up and I pointed at the first students hand who I saw go up.


"You look too young to be a teacher, how old are you?" He asked, shock plastered on his thin face,

I giggled a little then answered. "Turning 21 in November." Some gasps were sounded all along the classroom.

This is going to be annoying. I’ll have to do this 6 more times.

"Let me introduce myself first, yes?" I said, pulling a still in front of the white board and sitting. "Like I said, i'm 20 as of right now. I took college classes while being a junior, therefor i had a head start on college. I know I look like you guys, and i will do my best to be chill, but just don't get on my bad side. Now, about me. My parents were from Mexico and Colombia, so i'm Mexican and Colombian. I do speak Spanish. I like rock, my favorite band being arctic monkeys. And... Ah! I have a small black cat." I finished with a smile.

More hands shot up, but words came before.

"Are you married?"
"Do you have a boyfriend?"
"You're really hot."
and much more.

I laughed and went back to my desk. "No, im not married." Is all I said. Then i started my lesson.

Whew... At least I didn’t say i was having sex with a friend of mine... I tend to..... over share.

The same thing happened for all of my classes, same questions, same reactions. It got annoying after a while. But there was a student in particular who peaked my interest. My last class of the day.

"...My favorite band being the Arctic Monkeys."

"What's your favorite song?" A boy in the back of the class blurted out. He had long messy black hair and his uniform was untidy. His white button up had the first few buttons undone, revealing his pale skin along with a tattoo on his chest. His hair was covering his eyes but I caught a glimpse of eyeliner among the strands of hair. He had his bottom lip pierced and a cross earring hung from his left ear. He was unquestionably attractive. His lean figure was slumped on the chairs the school provided, giving him a more masculine look, despise the makeup he clearly wore. It didn't bother me at all.

"Mm. I'd say 505 or Old Yellow Bricks." I answered and felt the need to stand up, giving my back to the classroom. I began to jot down my name for the 7th time today on the white board. I dont know why I kept re-writing it every time.

Some whistles were heard from behind me, all coming from the male students. I paid no attention to it and promptly turned around to face them again. I moved my gaze to the boy in the back.

What’s his name...?

He was already looking at me. His right hand pulled out from his pocket, revealing black nail polish and rings dressing his fingers. His hands were much more masculine and attractive than i'd like to admit. He led his hand to his bottom lip and played with his lip ring while smiling, keeping his eyes connected with mine.

Stop smiling!

His tongue grazed his top teeth, revealing his attractive smile. I felt a slight heat on my face and looked away, but I was urged to look back once I sat on my seat. His eyes remained glued on me, taking me onto a sort of trance that I had to escape.

He’s your student damnit.

Then the bell rang and everyone hurriedly left the class. After every class, I had gotten a repeatedly amount of numbers from different students, love notes, and even condoms. So inappropriate and disturbing. I identified those students and reported them to the principal, a clear uncomfort sitting in the air. I didn't want to be a snitch, but I was not going to permit my students to disrespect me in that way. I am here to teach.

But he stays behind. He pushed his hair with his hands, revealing his grey-blue eyes. His skin has no sign of imperfection. Instead, he appears clean and taken care of. Despise his attire and hair, he seems to take good care of himself. He stands up and walks up to me, but my eyes remain on the papers on my hand. I don't want to make it seem like I want him to do this.

His hand lands above the paper, holding a green folded paper in between two of his fingers. I look up and see him standing above me. His bag is handing on one of his shoulders, and his tattoo becomes completely visible in this angle.

I’m in love with your physique.

That's what the tattoo reads. Seems like it was dedicated towards someone, but I ignore it. I take the piece of paper and unfold it. "What's this?" I ask.

"Check for yourself." He says, lowering himself to my size, since I am still sitting.

I open the paper and find his number, along with his name. Reign.


"Why would I want your number." I say it as a statement rather than a question. I turn my head to face him, making our faces painfully close. I can feel his breath on my nose... minty. I move away but he just moves closer, closing the distance I made between us. I look up at his eyes and find it difficult to look away. He seems like an angel from this angle. His pale skin, accompanied by his blue eyes... ouch.

"Should I take it back... Belle?”He said, smirking. I keep my eyes glued onto his not wanting to back out or letting my terrain be ran over. I do not answer, so he takes this as his response and backs up. He turns to walk away before stopping in the middle of the class.

"You look like you want to keep it." He said, leaving behind his glorious scent as he walked away.

I should not be feeling this flustered with my students.

I blow my cheeks out and decide to text Alex to distract my mind from... Reign.

Can u make it to my house around 7?

I turn my phone off only to have it turn on again revealing a response. Damn already?

I'll be there.

He only uses dots when he’s serious... shit.


whew... that was a long chapter, I hope you enjoyed!
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