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Satan's redemption

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Everyone deserves a second chance. Even Satan himself... Warning 🔞🔞🔞 As you can see in the title, this story is about Lucifer, the devil himself, and his redemption but it's not meant to offend any religion or beliefs. Read it only for fun and with an open mind if you want to keep going with it. There's going to be very heavy sexual content and some violence. Do not read if you're under 18 years old. And guys...? Help me continue... Comments likes and share🥰🥰🥰🥰

Romance / Fantasy
Golden pixy
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Chapter 1

Chapter 01

“Yellow eyes, Evie... Yellow eyes!
All I can see is a pair of yellow eyes in front of me, staring into my eyes in pure darkness with the creepy sound of the wind murmuring around me. Then I feel a pair of protective arms around me before I hear someone whisper something with a velvety, deep voice in my ear, then I’m awake, trying to catch my breath.”

Knowing my friend’s active imagination, I knew she was picturing my nightmare in her head when she arched an eyebrow and pressed her lips together.

“Every night?!”

“Every damn night as soon as I close my eyes since I started working at the children’s hospital! And it’s not just that... I feel a presence in my bedroom most of the nights but there’s no one there when I turn on the light.”

“Well, that’s scary... No wonder you have those dark circles under your eyes!”

“It’s not that scary. I mean, yeah, it is scary, but it’s somehow... Comforting and... and heartwarming at the same time when I feel that arms around me! If only I could remember what he whispers in my ear every night!

Oh, God! Something must be wrong with me! You can’t enjoy a nightmare, can you?! I think I need help!”

She stood up with a sigh and started watering the plants and flowers in her beautifully designed flower shop.

“It must be because of what you see and feel during your shifts... Shouldn’t have changed your hospital, Lilly. We told you... You’re too soft to work at the children’s hospital.

Remember when Dan said it will destroy your life? Now that’s exactly what’s happening. It’s not easy to see those little angels in pain almost every day. You were doing fine at CCU. I wish you would have stayed there.”

Dan, her dominant asshole boyfriend, who I never liked. Yes, they did beg me not to apply for the job at the children’s hospital because It’ll destroy my sensitive soul, but I did it anyway. Not just to annoy the shit out of Dan, but because I love to spend time with children.

I don’t know why, but something in me just wants to do exactly the opposite of what he wants!

“I know... But this is what I love to do. It’s like something is calling me toward them. To help them, to hold them in my arms, and comfort them when they need me to. It really is hard to see them like that, but it also feels good to put a smile on their sweet faces. Or at least try to!”

She walked back toward me and opened her mouth to say something but we were interrupted by my phone ringing with the hospital’s number on it.

I’m not a doctor, just a nurse, but I told them to call me whenever they need me even if it wasn’t my shift, that’s why I knew something was not right, so I answered the call as soon as I saw the number.

“Hello? Lilly?”

“Rosaly? Is everything ok?”

“It’s Alex... He’s in a lot of pain but refuses the help unless it’s from you.”

“Who on duty tonight?”

“Doctor Albert.”

“Will you pass the phone to Alex?”


I said a quick goodbye to Evie as I heard my colleague whispered something to Alex before passing the phone to him. My heart ached when I heard him sniff as soon as he got the phone, but I smiled and tried to sound as cheerful as possible.

“Hey, pumpkin... How are you doing, buddy?

“It hurts, Lilly... Where are you?”

“I’m on my way, sweetie.”

I said as I sat in my car and closed the door.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes, but I need you to let Dr. Albert help you in the meanwhile, ok?”

“No! I want you to help me...”

I closed my eyes and sighed when he said with a shaky voice. Nobody deserves sickness and pain. Nobody deserves cancer, especially children.

“Once upon a time, there was a little prince who lived far far away on a house-sized planet with his beautiful red rose.”

“What did he look like?”

“He was a charming boy with beautiful blond hair just like yours.”

“Was he an alien?”

“Tell you what... I’m going to tell you the rest of the story once I’m there, but I need you to corporate with Dr. Albert and boost my energy with my favorite toothy smile from my favorite handsome buddy, so I can remember the story exactly as it was. ok?”

I hung up as soon as he accepted and started the engine to drive straight to the hospital.

Once in my destination, I nodded toward my colleagues as I went to his room with a smile but stood in the doorway once I saw him sleeping in Dr. Albert’s arms while hugging his teddy in the dimly lit room.

The devilishly handsome doctor looked at me with a genuine smile and nodded before he put Alex in his bed and covered him with a blanket. I stepped back as he walked toward me with the same smile.
He stood in front of me and bent down to whisper so he doesn’t wake up Alex.

“Miss Walker, Right?”


I bit my lip and looked at the floor as a shiver ran down my spine when his warm breath tickled the soft flesh under my earlobe. Not just because it was sexy and panty-dropping but because it rang a bell in my head too.

He pulled back a bit and stared into my stormy gray eyes with his crystal blue ones with a smirk for a second, then looked at Alex on his bed when the sweet boy giggled and murmured something in his sleep.

He pushed back his lab coat with a sigh and put his left hand on his hip and rubbed the palm of his right one from his forehead toward where he tied up his sandy blond hair in a killer messy man bun, then pointed toward the corridor for us to get out of the room.

“He wanted to wait for you, but he was in so much pain, so I gave him some melatonin to help him fall asleep.”

I nodded with a sigh and started walking toward the staff resting room with Dr. Albert by my side.

“This is the third time I see you here out of your duty hours in the past two weeks you have been working with us.”

I took place on one of the stools by the table as he poured coffee for both of us.

“My duty is not bound by hours, plus I love to spend time with children.”

He frowned a bit, and his jaw clenched as he put the mugs on the table without looking at me.

Did I say something wrong?

Thinking that I must have somehow offended him with my words, I lowered my head and made myself busy with my coffee.

Dr. Lucius Albert. I practically knew nothing about the man. We hadn’t even worked during the same shift yet. All I knew was that how good he is at what he does and how kind and gentle he is toward the children but rude and harsh toward the others at the same time.

The rude part didn’t seem much true to me, until he drank the hot coffee in one go, then went out of the room without a word.


Black... Everywhere is pitch black.

The distant sounds of painful moaning and screaming around me were hurting my ears. Taking slow short steps, I raised my hands to feel if there’s something in front of me as I started walking into the darkness but I stop moving when I felt a hard but smooth and warm surface under the pad of my fingers as a pair of big yellow eyes, slowly opened right in front of my face and stared deep into my soul.

My heart was pounding furiously against my ribcage and I started shaking as my breath was getting shorter when a pair of strong but gentle arms wrapped around my body and stoped another horrible panic attack before it consumes me.

Closing my eyes I felt a pair of warm lips put a soft kiss behind my earlobe then there was the whisper into my ear that washed away all my fears.

“Midnight, by the Red sea...”

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