Luzena the Mercenary

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Chapter 10 - Queen

After calling in the lawyers and discussing the finer details, we unanimously agreed to the joint rule, and the lawyers began to draw up a contract. We all signed and planned the ceremony for our coronations.

“Sabina,” the king went over to her after the meeting. “I wanted to apologize for trying to cast you away. You were right when you said it wasn’t your fault that the queen had an affair. I shouldn’t punish you for it.”

“Thank you. This means a lot,” Sabina smiled at him.

“Also, I’d like to adopt you as my daughter,” the king said. “If you agree, that is.”

“Definitely,” Sabina said. She stepped forward and hugged him.


Later, when I found Sabina alone, my heart led me to talk with her.

“Sabina, I’d like to know about my sister,” I told her.

“Come with me,” Sabina said, taking my arm. We took the horses outside to the village, went down a winding path, and reached a small patch of trees with crosses in the dirt.

“Your sister was an indentured servant in a wealthy household. I met her at the market and we became fast friends. I wanted to free her, but it was out of my hands. She got sick and passed away a few years ago. She’s buried right there.” Sabina pointed. “I always felt a connection to her, since we were the same age. She never stopped talking about you. I’m so sorry about your loss.” She gave me a sad look, hugged me for a few minutes, and then left me alone.

I fell to my knees, at first feeling numb, and stared at the darkness that seemed to gather around me.


When I returned to the castle hours later, I still had tears running down my face. I made it to the suite and sat down, despondent.

“Did you find your sister?” Jazer looked up from where he was reading on the settee.

“She passed away,” I said, staring at the floor. The tears began to flow anew. I wiped at them with my hands.

“I’m so sorry to hear that,” Jazer said. He came over and wrapped his arms around me. I sniffled.

“So what will you do now?” he said. “Now that you know the truth about your sister.”

“Well, I don’t need that money you promised me anymore,” I said.

“Really?” he asked. “Is there something else you wish for?”

“I just want to be at peace,” I said. My tears had stopped as I realized that I belonged somewhere now. Though I didn’t have a sister anymore, I did have someone to call my own. I looked at Jazer. “I’m perhaps beginning to fall in love with you,” I confessed.

Jazer smiled. “I’ve already fallen in love with you,” he said.

I smiled and hugged him back.

“We’re planning the coronation for all three of us on the same day,” he said. “You’ll make a great queen.”

“Really?” I laughed. “You think a mercenary is fit to be queen?”

“You’ve convinced me,” he laughed.

“And just so you know, I’m not going to dress like a stereotypical queen,” I told him. “I’ll still dress like a mercenary. Except for the crown, maybe. I think it would suit me well.” We both laughed.


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