FOREVER LOVE: Until We Meet Again

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Living a life where she doesn't gets to make her own decisions especially when it comes to what she wants to do in life her world is turned upsidedown when she meets him. He wasn't famous or rich but he was the only person that could make her smile. A school romance that makes your heart flutter begins. As they face struggles and hurt they get stronger but eventually get pulled apart from each other. She believes that the only way to protect him is by leaving him and hurting his feelings, and he believes that she played with him just for fun. As time goes by they realize they can't forget each other, what will they do when they coincidentally meet again? Will their love bloom again or will they walk away with tears in their eyes. This is a book that will have you immersed in their amazing love.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

As I landed I felt a sense of happiness to be back where I had the most precious memories. At the same time I felt happiness I also felt sadness, and this questions came to my mind. Where is he now? Is he happy? Does he have someone to be by his side? And the most painful of them all, Did he forget me?.
Deep inside I wish I hadn't left back then, that I had stayed by his side but I wanted to protect him, and that protection would mean that I had to really hurt him.
But at the end there was just one conclusion and that was that he was safe, and that made me happy, even if he wasn't by my side.

19 years ago in New york U.S.

*crying sounds*
"Mom where is dad?" She cleared her throat and answered "Listen to me we're going to go in and say bye to dad okay"
"But why do we have to say bye?"
"You'll know later"
"Dad are you sick?"
"Listen to very carefully Soo-mi dad is very sick and can't stay with you any longer, so I need you to be a good girl and stay by mommy's side okay?"..."Do you promise me?"
"I promise you"
"Okay good girl"
* cough , cough *
"I love you never forget that, you will always be my beloved daughter"
* cough, cough * gasping for air*
"Someone help please my husband is dying" she screamed but I couldn't hear anything besides the beep of the machine next to dad.
*Distant conversations *
* Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep....*

....... A few days later.
"I can't believe you're dad just left like that. He could at least had told me about that-...."
"Soo-mi listen.. your dad had another kid with another woman" she looked angry "I guess he really cared about them to not even reveal that on his death bed. Well that's not important anymore, what's important is that now you have to take over your dad's company" My dad was the CEO of a very wealthy company in Korea.

"So from now on you will do everything I tell you okay?"
"Yes mom" she turned around and started walking to her room.
"We're going back to Korea so we have to pack. Don't take anything you don't need"

......A moth later.
They landed in Seould Korea, they got settled in and began their life. A life where the only goal for Soo-mi's mom was to get her to be the CEO of her father's company not caring about what Soo-mi wanted.

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