FOREVER LOVE: Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 2

** 12 years after Soo-mi's father died.

"Look at her, she thinks she's all that" some of the girls were saying while they passed by me at the school garden. "Exactly that's why she has no friends"

After some time you get use to this, to them saying that kind of stuff about you. It's not like I really care what they say about me but sometimes it just gets annoying "They don't even know me" they just talk without knowing the facts.

Every day is the same at school, we get here in the morning, go to our classes, go eat and then walk around until we go back to classes and wait for the day to end. It gets boring sometimes to just walk around. As I turned around to go to class something caught my attention "Is it true that there is a new student in school?" "Yeah it is and I heard it's a guy" "really? Omg I hope he's handsome" two girls were chatting about a new guy in school "nothing new" I whispered as I entered the classroom.

As I sat in my seat a thought came to my mind. I hope that at least he thinks of me different but I knew it wasn't going to happen. "Everyone sit please" said the teacher as she came into the classroom "I have an announcement to make so be quiet and be respectful" she turned to Ji-hoon who was always talking in class.

"We have a new student" she said with a smile in her face. At this everyone stoped talking and paid full attention. "You can come in" she said as she opened the door. A boy came in, he was tall, with brown hair, his skin looked a bit tanned, and his eyes were a shiny light brown color that could have you staring at them. He was definitely the type of boy girls from this school would go for.

"Can you introduce yourself please" the teacher said while looking at him. "Hello my name is Daniel Kim, am 17 years old and I hope we can all get along" he said as he bowed his head to greet us. "He's really handsome" girls were saying all round the class.

As he was looking around the class he stoped where I was and made eye contact with me. When he saw me looking at him, he smiled and turned to say something to the teacher. "Guys I hope you can all help Daniel settled in" she turned to him and told him where his seat was. He walked to the desk right next to mine and as he sat I wondered to myself what kind of guy he was and if he knew me given the way he looked at me.

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