FOREVER LOVE: Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 3

As I entered the front door of the house I saw my mom sitting in the garden. She was talking on the phone "yes we will be there, thank you" she said as she got up from the bench she was sitting on. She hung up and turned to look at me "go and get ready we're going to have dinner with someone " she looked happy but certainly not because I was home.

"Yes mom" was what I always answer whenever she told me to do something. She turned and started walking, then paused and turned to look at me "wear something appropriate and fashionable, this is an important meeting" she said this with a strict voice and headed inside.

Did I had any other option other than do what she said? No. I have lived my whole life doing what she tells me that I don't know what else to do.

I started walking inside and headed for my room. "I guess I have to get ready then" I looked for a "Poppy Velvet" dress that I had bought last week and got ready. As soon as I was done getting ready I headed downstairs to wait for my mom.

I got my phone out and scrolled through Instagram. I had a lot of followers since I was the daughter of the famous American actress Emely Walker. My mom had been an actress and model who got very popular right at the start of her career and still had some influence.

I heard the door of her room open and close. She was wearing a red long dress that looked good with her brown hair and eyes. She stoped where I was and looked at me in the eyes "behave yourself, smile, and be nice" she looked as if she knew I didn't want any of this. "Remember we have to get allies so you can win against that woman and gain the CEOs position, don't forget who's daughter you are" even though she knew that it was her who wanted this she still said it as if it was me who wanted it. "Yes mom" was always going to be my answer even if I wanted to say something else. "Let's go then" she said and headed outside.

Will I ever be free to make my own decisions and be whoever I wanna be in life? Maybe I will never know because I won't have the chance to try and be the one who leads my life.

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