FOREVER LOVE: Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 4

"Welcome" the hostess greeted us as soon as we stepped into the restaurant. "Do you have a reservation?" she asked while looking at my mom with a smile "yes we do, it's a reservation for Emely Walker" she said and turned around to face me "remember what I told you" she whispered in my ear and turned to face the hostess again.

The hostess scanned the list of reservations and found ours "ah yes I got it, this way please" she said as she started leading us to our table in a private room. "A waitress will be here to take your orders soon, I hope you have a nice dinner" she said and left. There was no one in the table so I guessed my mom had decided to come before the person we're meeting. I wanted to ask who it was but I knew she wasn't going to tell me. As I was thinking about how tired I was today I heard a voice and instantly recognized it. It was Mr. Lee Jeong-hoon the CEO of the company that managed this restaurant. I stood up to greet him and behind him I saw Ha-Yoon someone who I had known since little because Mr.Lee used to be close with my dad.

"Oh my I guess we're late" he said as he greeted us with a smile "not at all, we're the ones who got here early" my mom said while she motioned for him to seat beside her. "Ohh look who it is, I almost didn't recognize you" my mom exclaimed when she saw Ha-Yoon "why don't you sit next to Soo-mi" she told him with a smile so big that it almost looked fake. "Yes" he answered and took the seat next to me. "Is that Soo-mi?" Mr.Lee asked with a surprised expression that was obviously fake because he had just seen me a few months ago "she grew up so much since the last time I saw her" he said and waived at me, I waived back and said nothing. My mom looked at me and I knew I had to say something "how have you been Mr.Lee?" I asked with the sweetest voice ever "I have been good thank you for asking" he said with a smile and turned to face my mom. They started talking about business, the waitress arrived a few minutes after and got our orders.

While we were waiting Ha-Yoon turned to me "it's been a long time since we last saw each other" he said with a bored voice. "Yh I guess it's been a long time" I replied without looking at him, Ha-Yoon and I knew each other since we were about 3 but we weren't really close since he left to the U.S.A when he was 7 and we didn't saw each other for the last few years. "When did you get back?" I asked with a hint of curiosity "two months ago" it seemed like he had a lot to tell me but I didn't want to hear it luckily our food arrived and I was so thankful for that. We finished eating talked a little more and then Mr.Lee and Ha-Yoon left saying that they had a meeting with a business partner. After they left the smile in my mom's face dissapeared as she turned to look at me "be nice to Ha-Yoon, he's going to your school starting tomorrow" she said and got up from the table. My mom went to pay and we left the restaurant.

After we got home I took a shower, changed and got in bed. As I was trying to sleep I thought of everything that happened today "what a crazy day" I whispered as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

****The next day
"Msr.Emely is not here today either" the housekeeper informed me as soon as I came down to have breakfast. I was the only one who had breakfast because my mom never had breakfast. After I finished eating I headed to my room and started getting ready for school, I prayed that today would be a good day. As I was fixing my hair my phone vibrated in my bed with a message from Seong-Min who had been my only friend since we were 12.
I have a surprise for you.
I quickly texted back.
What is it? I asked feeling curious.
You'll know later.
Okay. I texted back knowing that I couldn't win against her then I grabbed my bag and keys ready to leave.

The driver parked in front of the school and as I got out of the car I could see most of the students from my grade going into the main building. I stood there for a moment and then I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around to see a familiar face. It was Seong-Min but how was she here? She was supposed to be in New York. "What are you doing here" I asked while she laughed "surprise" she said as she waived her hands "am going to study here, I didn't tell you but I convinced my dad to let me change school" she said covering her mouth and giggling. "Really?" I asked as if it was no big deal but inside I was screaming of happiness. "Geez you can at least try to act a little surprised you know" she said as she glared at me. "What class are you in?" I wanted to know If she was in the same class as me. "The second one" she said with an annoyed tone while looking at the school"anyways let's go, I have to get my schedule" she said as she grabbed my arm and dragged me inside the building.

As we went into the building the bell started ringing letting us know that we had four minutes to get to class. Seong-Min went to the main office to get her schedule while I went to my locker to get my things. When I got to class I saw Ha-Yoon sitting two seats behind me and then I saw the other new student sitting in the desk beside me. I went to my seat and waited for all the other students to come in running and making a lot of noise like they always did. Everyone else got in their seats as the teacher came in. He scanned the classroom until he found Ha-Yoon "we have another new student today" he said while he motioned for him to stand up "can you introduce yourself please" he asked with a smile. Ha-Yoon got up and greeted us "Hello, my name is Lee Ha-Yoon and I hope we get along" he said as he sat back down. After that the class started.

Right now it was 12:05 and we had five minutes until lunch. I was so hungry that I was literally counting the minutes. At last the bell started ringing and I sighed in relief. I got up, grabbed my phone and made my way to the snack store where I bought a sandwich and a water bottle, then went to sit in one of the empty benches in the garden. The bench I was sitting on was far away from all of the other benches and I liked that because it meant I could be completely alone. I finished eating and then decided to go for a walk to the little garden of flowers behind the school. As I was admiring the flowers I heard someone coming behind me, thinking that it was Seong-Min I turned around and as I did I was surprised to see who it was. The person standing in front of me asked "can I be your friend" while he offered me a flower.

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