Abducted by Love

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Alice is a woman who works at a law firm, she is blackmailed into celebrating her birthday with the three of her best friends at a club, gets abducted by a guy named Alex who is extremely irresistible and extremely hot, she falls for him while being in this "situation" and Alex falls for her, then she leaves Alex and the new guy at her job is extremely tempting, Can they work together without getting involved or will they become something more?

Romance / Drama
Princess Thompson
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Chapter 1: Anomaly

The the sound of my heart thudding against my chest is the only sound I could hear, it sent chills down my neck and back they were good chills though....extremely good chills.

This was the only thing that was proving I had not died and gone to heaven or had I, who will know.

Let's skip this part because this comes a little later on.


But for now my name is Alice Goodman

I'm a lawyer, I work at Duchér Law Firm, my schedule is 40 hours on weekends and everyday throughout the week all day long.

Even when I'm not working, I really don't see how I have the time to keep up with my personal life and my personal needs. I hadn't had sex in seven months that's five months away from being a year.

I really had to do better, that is what my body said, but it's not what my mind wanted.

My mind wanted to be completely focused on my work. My job is important to me. It will always be important, granted it shouldn't have been my life, but it was my life, and as far as I can tell that isn't changing anytime soon.

Right now I'm in the office at 11:45 pm working on the Winter Blooms account.


It is however a good thing I hired my assistant named Logan over 6 months ago to help me. If not I would have been bordering on having a major meltdown. I needed to be on my "A" game.

I am the best of the best I graduated from Yale top of my class. So I cannot afford to lose this job over some minuscule breakdown.

But, I'm babbling about me..

Let's move on anyway he's the best assistant I can ask for.

As I am analyzing and re-analyzing the work that's already done on the Bloom's case to make sure it is absolutely positively perfect — my best friends in the world Anna, Christie, and Jessica call me reminding me of how it's my birthday.

Now before you ask no I did not forget it was my own birthday — OK, maybe I did, but so what who doesn't forget their birthday?

As they sing Happy Birthday to me they tell me that we're going to a club, that I need to stop what I'm doing so I could get ready. I told them I still had work to do.

Christie then told me that she would embarrass me by bringing my ex-boyfriend with us the night that we had planned to go out, which was on Saturday....two days from now.

Ladies let's stop right there for a moment wouldn't you rather run over your own toe with a car, than to have an "unwanted ex" roaming around with YOU and your Special Friends who watch and record in their heads EVERYTHING you do?? Or just having the "ex" there in general.

Knowing that I didn't want my ex anywhere near me or my friends, I say yes.

I would go, but I would need more than an hour and half to get ready not counting the fifteen minutes it takes to get to my condo.

Hanging up the phone they said okay. So, I put the folder with the Winter Bloom's case in my desk drawer which locks, thank God. I picked up my purse, turned off my light and left my office and closed my door behind me.

As I was walking to the elevator I realized I wasn't the only one there Logan was there to, it looked as if he was working on something. Perhaps our next case that needed to be looked at, or he's working on a project...

Either way I asked him if he needed help and when he said no I left and went home to get ready.

I got home and when I went through the door, the mail was waiting on the table by the door, as always I pick it up place it on the counter along with my keys and purse.

Then I went to take a shower a long shower, I shaved everything that need some revisions, which wasn't really anything I just wanted to shave because it's something I do every other day. Some parts didn't need to be shaved, I'm happy to say.

When I finished I washed my hair with coconut and raspberry infused shampoo it smelled delicious which is why I use it...I then of course clean the rest of my body very carefully and slowly with Dove soap that was infused with strawberries and the smell of cherries...After — my body not only looked clean but felt clean I left the shower, wrapped a towel around my cold naked body and stepped on the mat in front of my mirror and wiped the fog from it and dried my hair with a T-shirt then blow dried it with my blow dryer and I candy curled it.

When I was done I then went to my enormous closet that was filled with every designer clothing, purse, shoes, formal wear and everything you could think of, I then looked for what I would wear.

I had decided on a baby blue dress with my white Dolce and Gabbana pumps and my laced white underwear from Victoria's​ Secret... After that I decide on my white Dolce and Gabbana purse and then I laid my outfit on my bed and went to do my makeup.

I didn't use a lot if it just enough to bring out some features, when I was done I went back to my bed and grabbed my dress it had a very low V cut in the front and my back out in the back, the dress came up to my mid-thigh an inch or two above that, I slipped it on, then I grabbed my laced underwear and slipped those on and went to see how it looked, I looked great showing every inch of my perfect figure, tone but slim and still had a few curves especially my butt, and not to get too cocky but my perfectly sized breast.

I went and put on my shoes I had selected and put my necessities such as my phone, my wallet, my blackberry for work emergencies...(it happens and my favorite raspberry lip gloss in the entire universe) and put it into my white purse... After that I looked into the mirror directly on my door and admired and grabbed my keys and left, got to my car which by the way is a fast car, then I saw Logan he said he had come to drop off the assignment he was working on and as he did he admired my work and he couldn't stop staring at me I could feel that heat rising to my face and before it could get more awkward.

I said "My Birthday, I'm going to a club with my girls." —

" Happy Birthday!! " Logan said

"Thanks." I said

"First time I've seen you out of the office like this, you look amazing Alice...what man left you unattended?" Logan said.

"Thank you....and no guy.. I've been single for 7 months...and it's tough but I think I needed time anyway."

" Well I'll let you get back to your plans Alice...see you soon."

"Bye Logan, have a great night." I said

"You too Alice." He said with a smile and left.

I got in my car and just when I did my friends texted me the address I map quested it and I got there in 20 minutes it was called "Anomaly" I drove into the larking and immediately my friends we're waiting outside my door ready for me to open it, when I did they just stared and smiled...I knew then I had it coming.

Allow me to describe each of my friends for you.

Anna: is the smart, reserved, caring, casual and considers reading a book with her dog next to her fun.

Christie: is the smart, extrovert, funny, fashionista, and considers dancing and making out with random guys as fun.

Jessica: is the sexy deviant, major fashionista, party freak, is always going to have a good time, and she considers taking men home that she just met and then never calling them again.. Fun...


Those are my friends and that is what I deal with almost every day that I'm not extremely busy or have my hip attached to my phone.

As I got out of the car hearing all the ooo's and the ahh's...

"Ok if I was a guy I'd take you home right now." Jessica said.

"She needs to be careful most of these people in there have STD's." Anna said.

"Oh shut up Anna! Alice is trying to get laid tonight, so chill, maybe you should have went to her house and you would have probably gotten laid, with that even I wouldn't sleep with you." Christie said

All the while smiling and looking at me.

Yes I'll admit sometimes Anna didn't try but she's all of our friend so all of us helped her out, took the the shirt that covered all her goods and we cutt a low "V" in it also putting holes in the both sides of the skirt that was longer than her knees so we could cut up to her high thigh then we made her take off her mama's bra and that was it our work was done.

"Omg what did you guys do to me?" Anna

"We revised your horrid looking outfit." Jessica

"It wasn't horrid it just was just going to be the death of her social life once again...ok yeah it was horrid." Christie said.

"Guys stop let's go on in and get my birthday started!" I said.

And with that we all went in.
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