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Lia doesn't believe in fate. She is a simple and hard working girl and manages her life well living on her own. On a certain day she accidentally meets the university hunk on her way to a blind date but fails to discover his high end identity. The hunk asks for compensation and asks her to bring him along. Slowly they get close and feelings of affection blossom. Does Lia believe in fate after meeting him??

Romance / Humor
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The Accidental meeting

It was really cold in Dehradun during the early October. Although the weather was quite chilling but still the warmth of the evening market in Dehradun could bring a certain appeasing combination to the people around. Lia was really in a hurry for her blind date. The appointment was of 6 p.m but she only managed to get up at 5:50. Rushing to not be late, she dressed up with the speed of light and only washing her face and letting her small bangs on the forehead, with a sweet pinkish lip colour she set off to her date hurriedly.
Lia thought to herself while running faster " How could I sleep like a pig, I clearly remember I put the alarm half an hour early to have enough time for dressing up, I hope I don't look too bad. It's a date after all, finally would I be loosing my 20 years of single ship?"

With these thoughts in mind and her pace getting faster to not miss her appointment, she didn't care about the others looking at her or even if there were risks that she could trip and fall, she only cared to reach the date and give a sincere apology for being late on her first blind date.
It was really hard to find a date. She didn't like the ones picked up earlier, some were dumb, some impolite and ill-mannered, some extra cheesy and one of them even threatened to give up his life if she didn't marry him,,,,, (gosh isn't it too much!! She is just 20, how could she marry at such a young age,,!)
As she was making her way tearing through the air, she only took a glance at her watch to look at the time and unbelievably within the very moment a guy came out of the blue and dhaaaaapppppp!!!!!
The collision was grave.
Lia had no idea just whom she collided with and fell upon on top of!!!
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