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Compensate Me

It took her a bit to come to her senses. Lia opened her eyes vaguely and realized the didn't feel too much pain. She thought how did the ground become soft out of nowhere.
She subconsciously looked below and doomed to see a guy below her.
Lia- My gosh!!! I'm doomed,,, firstly I was late for the date and now I fell on top of a man among crowd full of people and that too in the middle of the road, but looking closely this guy is quite handsome! His eyes sharp as Jade and lips seem to be soft with pinkish glow. His jawline is much sharper than mine, my one is probably a round bun !!!!
Running all these thoughts in her mind, Lia didn't realize it that the guy below was looking straight at her and it seemed that he wasn't too much pleased with the way they were right now.
Guy- How long do you plan to be in this position?
His voice was just mesmerizing, completely suiting his cold and minty personality.
Lia couldn't think straight (( she was a single for 20 years after all, how could she resist the temptation of such a godly creation,,, a charming hunk!!? Please don't misunderstand her readers :) ))
Lia realized what he was talking about and embarrassingly got up as fast as she could and avoided looking straight into his eyes.
The guy continued laying on the road. When Lia realized he still hasn't gotten up, she looked down and saw he was asking for her to help him get up(( extended his hand towards her to pull him up)).
Lia gripped his hand and pulled with all her strength. As soon as he got up he started brushing off the dirt and soil from his cloths and Lia kept avoiding eye contact. She was blushing and her ears and cheeks became bright red,,,,like a tomato. The guy saw this and smirked a little.
Guy- Hey, Why is your face so red? Are you alright, did you catch a fever?
Lia felt more embarrassed with this, she wanted to avoid this being brought up.
Lia-( blushing more brightly) No, I'm absolutely alright!!
Guy- If you're alright then let's talk about this thing!
The guy showed her his injury and the glass of his cellphone was broken into shreds.
Lia was dumbfounded and her face showed the expression of ' I am doomed!!!'
Lia- I'm really very very sorry! I didn't mean to run into you and knock you down,,, it was just an accident!!! I was rushing to catch up to my business, I thought I would be late. I'm really sorry,,,,!
Guy- Sorry won't make things like before, I need a compensation.
Lia- Alright, I'll compensate!!! How much money should I give you?
Guy- What? Money? You want to give 'me' money???
Lia- Yes,,, you asked to compensate so I thought you'd ask for money, isn't it always this way that you have to compensate giving money after an accident!!?
Guy- So you're frequent in getting into accidents and making people injured yeah!?
Lia- No,,, that's not true, i never got into any accident before.
Well,,,, if you don't want money then how do you want me to compensate?
The guy looked into her eyes and smirked (( omg,,,, how can he look so handsome°^°))
He took a step towards her, slowly kept approaching close to her and she started taking back her steps without looking behind her.
Then after a few steps the guy stopped and Lia was relieved, as she was scared and unsure of what he was about to do to her.
Guy- Bring me to where you are going!!! That's your compensation.
Lia- What!!!?????

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