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Bring me with you

Lia was shocked to hear him say that.
Lia- Did you actually say you want me to bring you with my??? Are you crazy man,,, I'm going on a blind date?
Guy- If you don't wanna bring me,,, then just pay me Rs.50,000 as a compensation.
Lia- Bro!!! Just tell me did you hit your head while you fell,,,, Do I look like a thief or a gold digger?? Where will I get that much money to compensate? And on what grounds are you even asking me to pay you that much!!?
Guy- It's not my problem from where you get the money and as far as grounds are concerned,, you hit me and there's a bruise on my elbow. My clothes!! They cannot me worn anymore, you ruined the fabric,,, they cost at least 20,389! My smart phone! I will have to get a new one, it has been damaged by a certain someone's 'accidentally' falling upon me. My smartphone cost me 18,799. And the rest of the amount are the internal injuries which may have caused due to sudden falling and mental disturbances!!!
Lia- Hey,,,, do you take me for a fool or what huh!??? Who would believe you have mental injuries,,, you can talk smart,,, huh?? And wait,,,, what kind of freaking narcissism you come to talk me off?? Your clothes are totally fine, just little bit soiled. They can be perfectly worn after a dry cleaning. And about your cell phone, just changing the glass cover is enough, it would be completely new like before?? Do you think money grows on trees?? If you have that much money to waste then just do it,,, waste your own money but why do you ask me to pay so much,,,, do you think everything is as rich as you?? People have to work really hard to make a living!! Everyone is not a rich freak like you!!
Lia became a little aggressive because she was having a hard life, she was working 3 part time jobs in a day to make a living,,, she already knew how hard it is to make money and she got raged when he hit her soft spot!!!
Guy- Then,,,, bring me with you instead,,,, you have two options! Choose either one. Pay or bring me with you.
Lia - ( sighing)Okay fine,,,,! I'll bring you but don't ruin my date. Don't intervene in my personal affairs alright!!?
Guy nodded and both of them set off.
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