My Different Verse Of Love

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Ready to date

Lia finally reached. Not in time obviously but unexpectedly her blind date partner waited for her quite long, it was already half past 7 but still he had waited.
As soon as Lia saw everyone chatting, eating and talking about her not coming as yet, Lia pulled that guy to a corner before going to meet her friends and whispered closely to him.
Lia( whispering)- Listen!!! As I said I will bring you and I did what I promised so you must keep your promise as well. Don't pester me or call for me. Pretend that you don't know me. To say, don't just ruin my date.

Guy( coldly)- I don't remember promising you anything. And don't be too full of yourself, I have absolutely no interest in your stupid date. Just go if you want to go or you want to stay with me some more ??

Lia( fumingly)- You're a big freaking narcissist!!! Huh,,,, I'm going, who wants to stay with you. I will feel nauseous if I stand with you any more minute.

Lia stomped off fuming and the guy looked at her back and snickered.
He thought to himself what a strange yet interesting girl she is.

Lia went to greet her friends and apologized for coming late. Her friends were a little shocked and as expected a little mad at her asking if she still know to come to the gathering arranged,,,, she is meant to stay single all her life they said.

Maitryee( one of her friends)- Bruhhh!!! Have you been into a war with a pig, what's wrong with your appearance.

Lia only just noticed her appearance was really messy and she looked like she just woke up from a bad sleep,,,, how is she supposed to meet her blind date with this look,,,, he will run away getting scared if she went and stood in front of him.
At the same time she also thought to herself!!
Lia( in her mind)- My appearance is this bad,,, still that clean freak managed to come along with me, walking right next to me and that too he didn't say anything wrong about my appearance, he didn't despise me even. I feel a little happy at it. But wait,,,,, why am I even thinking about him!!!!
Goshh,,,,, It's all that narcissist's fault, he should have told me sooner and I could have fixed my hair and dress, I didn't have had to face such embarrassment as I'm going through now........Ahhhhhh,,,, damn narcissist!!!!

On the other side;
The guy was enjoying the party and eating his fill,,,, he took another slice of cake of buttscotch flavoured with crispy chocolate toppings.
He sneezed and thought someone must be cursing him. He went to look for a seat and enjoy his feast ignoring everything.

Lia begs her friends to help her as she cannot face her blind date with this ugly look. Her style specialist friend Jessica got up and stood I front.
She dragged Lia with her to the ladies room. Jessica got Lia a spare dress and some heels from her car to get changed and did her makeup brilliantly. After the final touch up, as Lia opened her eyes and to look at herself in the mirror, she almost couldn't believe the person in the mirror was her. Lia excitedly jumped off her chair and hugged Jessica.
Lia( relivingly)- I love you soooooo much Jesss!!!! It's such a relief that you're here. Or else I would be doomed tonight. And just look at your skills, they are not just admiring but they are awesome,,,, you always rock Jesss.... You turned me from looking like a maid to a mermaid. Awwww,,,, I'm so happy now I can go for the date, finally.
Jesss- Okay!!! okay!!! Now get off me,,,, you're gonna ruin my hard work.
Now let's go and rock,,,, make sure you make this date come to work and not remain single anymore,,,, got it!!? Now hurry off,,,, you've already made your date wait for too long. I didn't expect he would be so patient as to wait for you for this long.

Lia- Ahhhh,,,, yeah,,,, I feel so guilty about it. I will sincerely apologise and buy him dinner, Let's go then!!!

They both walked out of the ladies room,,,, everyone was stunned seeing Lia.

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