My Different Verse Of Love

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Protect you

Lia didn't realize sooner but tiny drops of crystally white tears fell from her eyes down to the ground. She didn't want to cry. She never had the intension, especially cry in front of someone who said such hurtful things to her. She would be thought as weak and fragile. All these years she had lived on her own, she was never this heartbroken by any things, she never come across such humiliating words and obviously she never thought about herself like that.
How could she choose the man right in front of her who was not even defending her but standing and watching the play as her someone she would love and go to all heights for. All the sweet imaginations she had feel thinking while coming, were shattered in one blow.

But there's a saying that, she sun shines brighter after the rain.
She couldn't realize when but the guy from before who delayed her date and asked to be a tag along came out of the blue and covered her eyes.
She was dazed to react and remove his hand. The guy held into her cold hands. His hands were warm and big, it gave her some sense of calmnness.
The guy looks at Anshita and Kunal, his gaze scary. They might have gotten goosebumps when he looked with his icy cold gaze at them.

The Guy- Hey!!! You know how strongly she faught with me to come and attend the blind date, she got hurt, but still insisted to come so that you don't feel hurt being stood up. Don't you think you are already so close to the woman next to you!!? Anyone would misunderstand for you to be a two timer having a girlfriend but hooking up onto some other girl. How do you think you should protect a woman,,, and that too who is your blind date. Are you even legit to call yourself a man? You absolutely don't know how to behave with a lady. How can she date you,,,, even I can't stand you too despicable gimmicks. Sheh,,,, makes me vomit even looking at your faces!!!

Kunal gets agitated at his insult and starts to argue...
While Anshita looks at him and thinks to herself " This man is no ordinary, he looks like a rich kid and above all his looks are so appealing,,,, this Kunal is foolish and I have already had enough time with him and spent much of his money,,,, his hunk is my next target. I will conquer him. Let's make a try"

Anshita- Mister!!! You don't know she is real bi*ch. She was dumped 29 times already. But she still goes after men, just the flies that come back to the sweets even after getting shooed away. She only has good looks, but she is a shameless wrecker.
Mister, you don't know her that's why you're protecting her.

The guy gives her a death stare and says " I really respect women. But that doesn't mean it would stop me to take actions if you don't control your filthy mouth. Have some dignity and think twice before spouting nonsense. I'm the one who brought her here."

Anshita gets frozen and Kunal also looks raged.
The Guy takes Lia from the scene. And Lia obediently follows him. She had too much in her mind to think of anything. She was feeling numb from inside after all.

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