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A princess discovers that her grandmother was brought back to life, but the use of dark magic is forbidden in all of the land. Upon searching for answers, all she receives is dead ends. Her guard made a mistake that he may not be able to take back which leads to secrets, romance, manipulation, and the Princess' life falling apart. She must fight her way through it before it's too late....but maybe it already is too late?

Romance / Mystery
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The bright light grew irritating through my closed eyelids. I clung on desperately to any last ounce of sleep I could preserve. The rather lovely dream I had being long gone and seemingly unable to return as my mind awoke. A small groan left my lips as I turned over a bit, trying to hide my face from the light. Useless. My body was sore and uncomfortable, the surface I was laying on was rather hard. This is not my bed...although that should have been obvious. Yet, I still couldn't remember or decipher where I was. I recognized sweet whistling from the birds, was that always there? Then the soft breeze of the wind sending goosebumps all around my body. For heavens sake, I wish I had a blanket.

My eyes fluttered open and I immediately began to squint, the light was far harsher than I thought. It took a few moments before I was fully able to open my eyes and properly see. The vibrant green grass was the first thing to catch my eye, then the baby blue sky, littered with light clouds. As I looked around, I saw the old grey gravestones around me, all perfectly aligned and well kept. Some of the stones were cracked, some were mossy, some looked to be glowing with their shine....however there were a few that were broke, shattered, vandalized. The guards worked hard to keep the villagers out of royal grounds, especially since some still hold a grudge against the previous royals.

None of them caught my eye, aside from the one I'm laying in front of. I sat up slowly, feeling the soft and thin blanket under me scrunch up as I moved.

" Rest in the Heavens
Rosemary Evans
May the light guide you
As you have guided us
4941-5011. "

The stone was in almost perfect condition, but then again it was rather new as well. Today is April 14th, 5012....exactly a year since she has been dead. Grandmother was the one who took care of me when mother and father were busy with the kingdom, which was most of the time. She was a kind woman, but...she was professional and strict, always scolded me, teaching me how to be a "Proper Princess" and "Lady Of The Kingdom." Seeing her as my second mother, her death affected me greatly. But the healing process has been rather quick....although I wouldn't exactly call it healing, much rather forcing it down to keep up my position in the kingdom. I still miss her, but admittedly I prefer it this way. I've been able to go out on my own, slack off, and just relax.

Admittedly though, my grandmother wasn't even buried here, her body lied in a temple that was forbidden to go in. I still remain clueless about where it is located. So her grave is the closest I can be to her. Through the year I planted flowers that lead from the castle to her grave as a memorial...also a last ditch attempt to make her proud for the last time as the Remipop was her favorite. They were white roses, but towards the beginning of the peddle, there were splashes of colors of the rainbow.

"Princess Victoria, your mother is calling for you." A rather deep and gruff male's voice stated. His voice was rather unique, a lot deeper than most in the kingdom and often sounded as though he just woke up, a growl like undertone to it. I didn't need to turn in order to know who it was, a sigh simply escaped my lips as I stood up, stretching and wincing, my body still sore from sleeping on the ground. I gathered up my blanket and scrunched it in my arms.

"She is always calling for me, any insight on what it is now?" I asked, hints of irritation in my tone, and yet I'm not surprised. It either is to scold me or inform me of more duties, nothing much else unless it involves the kingdom.

I turned to look at him, having to tilt my head up. He was tall, a mask and a cloak covering him at all times. You couldn't even make out what his body type was with how baggy the cloak was. Sorin was my guard, he was taken in by my grandmother as a kid. He was a few years older than I....I think. While I was being raised to one day rule the throne, he was being trained to protect me. He rarely talks unless he is teasing or giving information...but anything else is awfully vague or direct, never giving me enough information about him. I can feel his annoyed glare, even without seeing his eyes. He is used to me putting up a fight against attending family meetings.

"Nothing that I am allowed to inform you with. You will have to see for yourself. Now come....unless you want to lay with the bugs awhile longer? Maybe then they will crawl all over you." The order and tease left his lips, I could feel him smirking under the damn mask. "It wouldn't kill you to help me out even a little bit." I grumbled, receiving no response as he began to walk back towards the castle, me following in tow without much resistance.
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