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The walk there was silent and unusual. The air felt tense and he was walking in a more urgent matter, he stood up straight and looked as though something was about to happen...it made me uneasy. I'm unable to see his face, but I've been able to study some of his body movement, its not much to work with, but it's something.

"What's wrong?" I asked as we entered the castle, yet again I received no reply, not even a sarcastic remark. I frowned at that and followed along, letting my eyes wonder. The grey stone tiles were perfectly aligned in diamond shaped along the main floors, the walls, standing tall, were filled, neatly with portraits of my family. We passed multiple rooms, watching the maids and workers pass by. One of them came up to me, asked to take the blanket, then took off to wash it. We passed the stairs, a beautiful and large chandelier hanging above it in the middle.

It wasn't long before we reached the throne room. My father was absent while my mother sat there, playing on a tablet. The blue letters hovered above the screen in a projection like way. "Mother, where is father?" I asked, as her piercing dark green eyes focused on me, though it quickly turned to a glare as she looked me up and down, seeing that I was in commonwear, clothes the villagers wore. She sat up, straightening her posture as she cleared her throat. Her dark blonde hair was pulled neatly back into a bun. She wore an emerald green dress that fit her figure well, showing off every beautiful curve. Her crown rested on her head, perfectly balanced and making her jewelery stand out that much more.

Sorin stood on the side, standing at attention and waiting for orders. "You already know, but today marks your grandmother's year of death..." She paused, studying me for a reaction. All at once, my emotions seemed to turn off, going into a professional standpoint. Emotions around my parents weren't an option, I learned that quickly as a child, it'll only result in scolding. "Yes mother." My voice reflected my lack of emotion, and yet, drops of confusion still lingered.

"Your father and I....managed to bring her back. He is out in the garden with her now and I suggest that you clean up before you meet her." She stated, not leaving room for argument. But of course I made room. "I'm sorry, what?" My voice raised, confusion and disbelief filling my tone. "Did I stutter? You heard me the first time. I suggest you lower your tone." My mother warned which earned a glare from me. "Tell me how. How did you bring her back? She is dead mother, is this some kind of psychotic delusion you guys are having?" I asked, scoffing. "I said. Lower your fucking tone!" Her voice boomed through the room and I took a step back, lowering my head.

"Good...now, it was just the use of magic and a few deals. Thats all you need to know." My mother explained vaugly. She tapped her tablet a few times and there was a projection in front of me, showing my grandmother and father outside, a smile was on her lips as she looked at the flowers I planted. The projection was 3 dimensional, but when I went to touch it, my hand went through. I knew it was real though...she was using a live video. My father had the same dark brown hair as I did, his beard and hair having streaks of white in it however, showing his aging. We have technology and magic to accommodate him but he took pride in it. His auburn eyes showed excitement and happiness as he spoke. He was on the chubbier side, and yet it seemed to fit him. He wore his royal clothing which consisted of fine clothes and a bit of armor, which made him look rather buff as well. I couldn't see my grandmother as well though as she was bent down looking at the flowers.

"Necromancy is forbidden-" I began to protest, her glare silenced me. "We did what needed to be done, this will not be spoke of again." She stated, motioning to the door. "Escort her out Sorin."

Before Sorin even moved, I turned on my heel and stormed out, overwhelmed by emotion. "Fuck...fuck" the seemingly endless whispers left my lips as I held onto my head, my eyes watering as my vision blurred. And yet I kept moving, stumbling through the halls until I got to my room. I slammed the door behind me, going to my bed as I tried to make sense of the situation. I held my knees into my arms as my head resting on them, gently rocking as I tried to calm my breathing and yet it wasn't working, my vision only seemed to black in and out.

I heard a voice trying to get my attention but I simply shook my head. "No no, please go away." I asked in a begging manner. I felt someone's arms around me and they felt suffocating, I began to struggle until I felt their grip break. There was a moment where I could her an angered mumbling, but the sentences didn't seem to make sense to me, nothing did. I could feel a hand gently grab mine, although it was slow and careful and it was clear I had room to pull back if needed. I let them have it, my mind flooded with thoughts and what ifs. I could feel a gentle rubbing on the back of my hand, slow and smooth. Then a finger starting to trace the palm of my hand, going up each finger and circling the palm. It took a few moments before I was able to comprehend what the person was saying.

"It's okay....I'm right here with you, we are going to be okay and we will work through this together....just try to focus on your breathing okay? In and out, in..and out." I could hear deep breathing from him, trying to help me. The deep voice sounded all to familiar, but it had more worry to it than usual. At first it was choked breathes, I was unable to do what he needed me to, but I kept trying. After a bit, I was still choked up, tears streaming down my cheeks, but I wasn't nearly as bad as before."I'm sorry.." I whispered, wiping my wet cheeks in frustration.

"Can I hug you or do you just want me to stay like this?" He asked and I shrugged a bit, keeping my gaze down in shame. "Come on, I need an answer..but if you don't give one i'll be happy to be here." I heard him say, I shook my head and moved to hug him, burying my face into his neck, a feeling of safety overcoming me. I could feel his hand gently rubbing my back as he whispered comforting words. His sweet and warm scent hitting my nose, and yet it was as entrancing as always.
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